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PSLMD Chapter 48


Chapter 48 – Freeloading

Tian Dazhuang reached out and grabbed her arm, “Xiaosi, have dinner before you go back.”

Hearing Tian Dazhuang’s words, Mrs. Wang kept blinking.

“Aunt Tian, is your eyelid twitching? Do you need my help to treat it too?”

Yan Xiaosi was about to leave, but she noticed Mrs. Wang giving Tian Dazhuang a signal, so she stopped again.

Seeing her stop, Mrs. Wang gritted her teeth in anger, “Xiaosi, it’s already dark. Hurry back, or you won’t be able to see the road later.”

Seeing Mrs. Wang’s stinginess, Yan Xiaosi walked to the dining table and sat down on a chair.

The ointment she had given Mrs. Wang earlier was worth quite a bit of money, so it wasn’t unreasonable for her to freeload a meaty meal at the Tian family’s home.

“Don’t worry, Aunt Tian, I’m like an owl, I can see in the dark.”

While talking to Mrs. Wang, she turned her head and made a funny face at Tian Dazhuang, “Big Brother Dazhuang, hurry up with the dishes, or I’ll faint from hunger.”

She didn’t feel too hungry when she arrived, but when she smelled the delicious aroma of the meat being cooked in Tian Dazhuang’s pot, she felt her hunger intensify.

Seeing Yan Xiaosi make a funny face at him, Tian Dazhuang noticed her playful appearance and suddenly felt his cheeks getting hot.

He realized that Yan Xiaosi seemed a bit different today, especially her eyes, which were particularly bright tonight, as if they could speak.

“… Oh, I’ll serve the rice and dishes right away.”

He answered Yan Xiaosi nervously and clumsily took the spatula to serve the rice.

Tian Dazhuang brought all the dishes to Yan Xiaosi. Although Mrs. Wang was unwilling, she didn’t say anything more.

Knowing that the Yan family’s third household was poor and couldn’t afford to eat meat all year round, Tian Dazhuang kept adding meat to Yan Xiaosi’s bowl during the meal.

Yan Xiaosi felt as if she hadn’t eaten meat in her entire life. The fatty pork she used to hate in her previous life now tasted delicious and left her mouth full of fragrant oil, “This meat is so delicious, thank you, Big Brother Dazhuang.”

When Mrs. Wang saw that Yan Xiaosi had eaten two whole bowls of rice before finally putting down her chopsticks, her face turned green with anger.

Yan Xiaosi, feeling satisfied, let out a contented burp, and got up with a smile. Her eyes swept over Ms. Zhong, “Aunt Tian, I’ll come get the ox cart tomorrow morning.”

Ms. Zhong was already annoyed that Yan Xiaosi had eaten a lot of meat tonight, and now she was even more irritated when Yan Xiaosi mentioned the ox cart, snorting angrily through her nostrils.

“What a glutton.”

“Mom, how could you say that about Xiaosi?”

Tian Dazhuang scolded Ms. Zhong and then quickly apologized to Yan Xiaosi, “Xiaosi, my mom hurt her arm and is in a bad mood. Don’t mind what she says.”

Yan Xiaosi waved her hand as she walked towards the kitchen exit, “It’s fine, menopausal women are like this.”

Back in the dilapidated temple, Ms. Zhong and Yan Shuqin had already prepared dinner and were waiting for Yan Xiaosi to return.

Apart from the faint light in the run-down kitchen, the rest of the place was pitch black.

“Mom, big sister, second sister, third sister, I’m back.”

Ms. Zhong, Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue, and Yan Shuyun all looked towards the entrance.

Seeing Yan Xiaosi come in, Ms. Zhong didn’t ask about the ox cart borrowing situation, and simply picked up a wooden bowl to serve rice.

“Come back, wash your hands, and have dinner.”

In her mind, there was no way Mrs. Wang would lend the cart to Yan Xiaosi.

Yan Xiaosi, with a beaming smile on her face, looked at the four of them and said, “Mom, sisters, Aunt Tian has agreed to lend the ox cart.”

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