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PSLMD Chapter 43


Chapter 43 – The pitiable are bound to have detestable traits

Liu Qianqian’s most cherished hair was pulled out by Liu Mengmeng, but she didn’t dare to say a word, just silently shedding tears.

Liu Qianhe couldn’t bear it any longer and took out the mirror he had confiscated from Liu Qianqian. He presented it like a treasure to Zhao Lixia.

“Mengmeng’s mother, don’t be angry. Look at this mirror; it’s a treasure. Qianqian exchanged a bag of rice and a basket of eggs with Yan Xiaosi for it. And it’s worth it.”

Zhao Lixia took the mirror and looked at the reflection of her face. Her expression finally softened.

It was indeed a treasure.

She glanced at Liu Qianqian and directly put the mirror away.

“I’ll keep this mirror for you for now. When you get married, it will be added to your dowry.”

Once something fell into Zhao Lixia’s hands, it could never be taken back. Liu Qianqian watched Zhao Lixia put the mirror into her sleeve without saying a word, her anger making her clench her fists inside her sleeves.

After putting away the mirror, Zhao Lixia said to Liu Qianqian, “In a few days, the Li family from the neighboring Xinghua Village will come to our house to propose marriage to you. The Li family is wealthy and they only have one son. If you marry into their family, you’ll surely live a comfortable life. Make sure to dress up nicely.”

Liu Qianqian, who initially didn’t dare to resist, bristled upon hearing that Zhao planned to marry her off to the Li family in Xinghua Village.

“I don’t want to marry into Xinghua Village.”

Zhao Lixia was furious, “You damn girl, you don’t have a say in this. The fact that the Li family is willing to consider you is your good fortune. Don’t be ungrateful.”

Liu Qianqian argued loudly with Zhao.

“Everyone knows that Li Dongbao, the son of Landlord Li, the richest man of Xinghua Village, is a fool. If you, my stepmother, think it’s a good match, you can go marry him yourself. I won’t marry him. And if you push me too hard, I’ll hang myself to show you.”

After shouting at Zhao Lixia, Liu Qianqian turned and strode to her room.

Zhao Lixia’s face turned green with anger. She took off a shoe and threw it at Liu Qianqian but missed. Then she complained to Liu Qianhe, “Liu Qianhe, what a great daughter you’ve raised! She’s becoming more and more disrespectful to me, her stepmother.”

Though Liu Qianhe was domineering and arrogant with others, he didn’t dare to defy Zhao.

“Mengmeng’s mother, calm down, don’t bother with that wretched girl.”

As Yan Xiaosi watched the drama unfold, her lips curled into a smile.

The drama in Liu’s family was indeed fascinating.

She had some impression of the Li family in Xinghua Village. They were the wealthiest family, led by Li Wangcai, who had only one foolish son, Li Dongbao.

Zhao Lixia wanted to marry Liu Qianqian to the Li family in Xinghua Village, simply to receive a generous dowry for Liu Mengmeng’s future marriage. However, Yan Xiaosi didn’t feel a shred of sympathy for Liu Qianqian. There was a saying: the pitiable are bound to have detestable traits, which fit Liu Qianqian perfectly.

After listening by the corner of the Liu family house, Yan Xiaosi wandered around the village and didn’t find any trace of the three Rongdi spies. Feeling relieved, she walked back to the broken grass temple at the end of the village.

When she returned, Ms. Zhong, Yan Shuqin, and Yan Shuxue had just finished cooking lunch. From a distance, she smelled the strong odor of eggs.

“Mom, elder sister, second sister, third sister, I’m back.”

She sighed lightly and walked into the kitchen with a weary gait.

Eating eggs at every meal was quite monotonous, especially when there was no oil at home. Ms. Zhong made poached eggs in water. Poached eggs in water were really not appetizing at all.

As Ms. Zhong was serving rice, she glanced at Yan Xiaosi with a smile when she entered.

With the plain poached eggs, Yan Xiaosi barely managed to finish a bowl of rice, just enough to fill her stomach.

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