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PSLMD Chapter 41


Chapter 41 – Big Brother Long is afflicted with sow madness

The other two men nodded immediately. Without paying any attention to Yan Xiaosi or Yan Shuyun, they strode towards the dilapidated grass temple.

Yan Shuyun shouted anxiously, “What are you doing? Breaking in like this is called trespassing into a private residence.”

Yan Xiaosi whispered, “Third sister, it’s useless. These three people are after Big Brother Long Hao.”

Upon hearing this, Yan Shuyun became even more anxious.

“Then let’s hurry in and take a look.”

Yan Xiaosi nodded, “I’ll go in first, Third Sister. Your leg hasn’t healed, so take your time coming in.”

Long Hao was in the room, already prepared to strike upon hearing the commotion outside.

The three men entered the kitchen and, not finding the person they were looking for, continued towards Yan Xiaosi’s room.

Seeing the three men about to rush into her room, Yan Xiaosi became anxious and quickened her pace, rushing into the room ahead of the three men.

“Big Brother, don’t be afraid. These three brothers are not bad people.”

She had a sudden idea and sped up, agilely throwing herself onto the wooden bed where Long Hao was lying, grabbing his right hand.

Long Hao and she were face to face. Seeing her winking at him, he relaxed his fist.

“Kid, who is this man?”

The man holding the portrait glanced at Long Hao, then asked Yan Xiaosi.

Yan Xiaosi secretly pinched her thigh, blinked her eyes, and tried to force out glistening tears.

“This is my big brother. Not only does he suffer from sow madness, but he also has smallpox. Gentlemen, let me remind you, smallpox is contagious.”

As she spoke, Yan Xiaosi supported Long Hao’s arm. When neither Long Hao nor the three men were paying attention to her, she pinched Long Hao’s arm.

After being pinched by her, Long Hao suddenly started convulsing on the bed with his mouth twisted, really resembling someone having an episode of sow madness.

“Big Brother, Big Brother, what’s wrong? Are you having an episode again? Mom isn’t home. What should I do with you now that you’re having an episode? Please don’t scare me.”

Yan Xiaosi hugged Long Hao with both hands and half of her body pressing on him, crying and shouting as if mourning.

Long Hao’s mouth was already twisted. Seeing her hugging him and wailing, the corner of his mouth twitched even more.

Yan Shuyun limped in and saw Yan Xiaosi hugging Long Hao and wailing. The corner of her mouth also twitched.

This younger brother was really good at acting.

Hearing Yan Shuyun’s footsteps, Yan Xiaosi let out a howl, let go of Long Hao, and looked at Yan Shuyun with red eyes, “Third sister, Big Brother’s sow madness is acting up again. Hurry and call mom back.”

Yan Shuyun hesitated for a moment before responding, “…Oh, I’ll go right away.”

“Bad luck, this is really bad luck.”

The man holding the portrait glanced at Long Hao, whose face was covered in red rashes, and spat on the ground.

No wonder this family lived isolated at the edge of the village. It turned out that there was a half-dead guy afflicted with both smallpox and sow madness.

“Let’s go.”

Fearing they might catch smallpox, the three men hastily turned around and hurried out of the broken grass temple.

Hearing the footsteps of the three men fade away, Yan Xiaosi, Long Hao, and Yan Shuyun finally breathed a sigh of relief, but Long Hao was still convulsing.

“Yan Xiaosi, what did you do to me? Why can’t I stop convulsing?”

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