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PSLMD Chapter 40


Chapter 40 – Maybe an idiot

Long Hao was meditating in the room and clearly heard the conversation between Yan Xiaosi and Yan Shuyun. He became annoyed and his breath was disrupted, almost causing him to fail in his meditation.

Ignorant country bumpkin! That set of clothes he was wearing was made by a famous embroiderer of the Great Chu Dynasty, worth a thousand taels of silver.

If Yan Xiaosi knew that Long Hao’s clothes were worth a thousand taels of silver, she certainly wouldn’t return them to Long Hao. Although the clothes were damaged, they should still be worth at least five hundred taels.

After applying medicine and rebandaging Yan Shuyun’s wound, Yan Xiaosi picked up the broom and cleaned up all the places that Yan Shuyun hadn’t cleaned.

She didn’t do much work, but she was sweating profusely, her whole body aching severely.

“I’m exhausted, Third Sister. I’ll go back to my room and rest for a while. Call me if you need anything.”

Feeling weaker than Lin Meimei (tl: weak woman), Yan Xiaosi threw the broom on the ground, went into the kitchen and gulped down a few mouthfuls of well water. Then, she returned to her room and laid down on the floor. After a while, she fell asleep without knowing.

When she woke up, it was already noon, but Ms. Zhong, Yan Shuqin, and Yan Shuxue hadn’t returned yet.

Yan Xiaosi felt a little hungry and got up from the floor, planning to go to the kitchen to cook lunch.

In the 21st century, people used natural gas, liquefied gas, or at worst, honeycomb briquettes for cooking. Although she grew up in an orphanage, she had never used firewood for cooking. She wasn’t sure if she could cook the rice with firewood, so she decided to ask Yan Shuyun for guidance.

“Young lady, have you seen this person?”

Yan Shuyun was outside and Yan Xiaosi was about to call her. As she reached the kitchen door, she heard a deep male voice in the courtyard.

This male voice was very deep and carried a hint of coldness.

Yan Xiaosi immediately sensed that something was wrong and dashed outside, heading to Yan Shuyun’s side.

Yan Shuyun was sitting on a stool, holding something she had been fixing. Three steps away from her stood three tall and sturdy men. Although they tried their best to disguise themselves as ordinary passers-by, Yan Xiaosi could tell at a glance that these three were not ordinary.

The three men’s facial features were very deep, with high nose bridges and somewhat dark skin. They didn’t look like people from the Great Chu Dynasty, but rather somewhat like Rongdi people.

One of the men held a portrait in his hand, which depicted a young man wearing a dark robe and looking quite handsome.

Although the portrait was somewhat abstract, Yan Xiaosi recognized Long Hao at a glance.

Yan Shuyun had already stopped her needlework and was staring at the portrait with wide eyes.

Fearing that she would inadvertently give something away, Yan Xiaosi hurriedly interrupted her thoughts, staring at the portrait and teasing, “The young man in this painting is so handsome.”

In front of the three men, Yan Xiaosi widened her eyes, trying to look as infatuated with the man in the painting as possible.

The three men were stunned by her behavior, thinking to themselves, “It’s really sick for a man to be infatuated with a portrait of another man.”

The man holding the portrait looked at Yan Xiaosi with disgust, “Hey kid, have you ever seen the man in this portrait?”

Since crossing over to the Great Chu Dynasty, Yan Xiaosi hated being called a kid. If she had the strength from her previous life, she would have taught these three idiots a lesson.

She didn’t have the strength, so she would endure it for now.

“Such a handsome young man, I might have seen him in my dreams.”

She stared at the portrait, swallowing her saliva, and made a lovesick expression on her face, which immediately disturbed the three men.

The man holding the portrait looked at her with disgust again and put the portrait away, saying coldly, “Forget it, don’t waste any more time talking to this idiot. Let’s just go in and search.”

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