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PSLMD Chapter 35


Chapter 35 – Third sister’s embroidery skills

Yan Shuyun stood up and took a couple of steps beside her bed before replying to Yan Xiaosi, “It still hurts a bit, but it’s much better than yesterday. Xiaosi, the medicine powder you made is really effective.”

Yan Xiaosi looked at her ankle and noticed that she had sewn up the tear in her pants from scraping against the rock yesterday. The stitches were very fine, and she had even embroidered a delicate little yellow flower on the patch.

“Third sister, did you sew the pants yourself and embroider that little yellow flower?”

Girls love beauty, and Yan Shuyun, being in the prime of her youth, was no exception. Their family was poor and couldn’t afford decent new clothes, so she embroidered flowers on patched clothes to make them more attractive.

“I sewed it myself, and I came up with the flower design as well. I just casually embroidered it. There’s not much skill involved. Xiaosi, why are you, a boy, asking about this?”

Yan Xiaosi looked at Yan Shuyun with an admiring gaze.

“Third sister, your embroidery is excellent.”

Yan Shuyun’s craftsmanship would be considered master-level if she lived in the 21st century.

Climbing out of bed, Yan Xiaosi washed her face with cold well water and rinsed her mouth. Her stomach was empty, and she saw Ms. Zhong standing behind the stove serving rice. She silently walked up to Ms. Zhong and saw the crispy rice crust at the bottom of the pot. She couldn’t help but reach her hand into the pot, wanting to pick a piece of the crust to taste.

Rice cooked in a clay stove with firewood produced the most fragrant and crispy rice crust.

In the 21st century, both urban and rural areas used electric rice cookers, and this magical thing called rice crust could only be found in remote and poor rural areas that still used firewood for cooking. Yan Xiaosi couldn’t resist the aroma of the rice crust.

Ms. Zhong gently slapped Yan Xiaosi’s hand, chiding her, “Hurry up and take this to Mr. Long.”

Yan Xiaosi didn’t get to taste the rice crust, and her hand was slapped by her mother, which made her a bit jealous.

“Mom, I’m your real son.”

“I know, hurry up and take this to Mr. Long.”


Yan Xiaosi reluctantly took the wooden bowl from Ms. Zhong.

It was the largest wooden bowl in their home, and Ms. Zhong had filled it with a heap of white rice, topped with eggs.

“Mr. Long, it’s time to eat.”

Because the bowl of rice Ms. Zhong had prepared for Long Hao seemed too lavish in Yan Xiaosi’s eyes, she couldn’t help but swallow as she handed the bowl to him.

Her swallowing action was quite noticeable and caught Long Hao’s attention.

Seeing Yan Xiaosi, who looked like a skinny monkey, staring at the eggs in the bowl, Long Hao asked gently, “Do you want an egg?”

Before Yan Xiaosi’s head could respond, her stomach answered first.


The loud and prolonged sound of her stomach churning signaled her hunger. And it happened right in front of a stranger.

Yan Xiaosi’s face was full of embarrassment.

Long Hao spoke again softly, “I’m fine with just one egg.”

There were three eggs in Long Hao’s bowl, and with him saying that, Yan Xiaosi’s gaze fixed on the other two eggs in the bowl.

“So, what do you mean?”

Long Hao said impatiently, “Skinny monkey, have you been starved stupid? Hurry up and get a bowl.”

“You mean you want to give me the other two eggs? Thank you.”

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