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PSLMD Chapter 34


Chapter 34 – Lacking calcium

Girls in their teens are still developing, and their family’s living conditions are poor. Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue, or Yan Shuyun might be grinding their teeth at night because of a lack of calcium during their development.

It seems that in order to make her three older sisters grow up better, she needs to find a way to provide them with calcium supplements.

The sound of teeth grinding from the wooden bed next to her grew louder and louder, preventing Yan Xiaosi from falling asleep. She stared at the pitch-black ceiling for a long time but still couldn’t fall asleep. She decided to sit up cross-legged, put her hands on her knees, and silently recite the cultivation method for mental strength in her mind.

This time, she silently practiced the method in her mind for about half an hour before she was drenched in sweat and forced to open her eyes.

“Xiaosi, what are you doing?”

A shadow suddenly appeared in front of her, startling Yan Xiaosi.

“Second sister, you’re going to scare me to death! What are you doing walking around in the middle of the night instead of sleeping?”

Based on the figure and height, the shadow could vaguely be identified as Yan Shuxue.

Yan Shuxue said, “I felt thirsty and got up to find water to drink. I saw you not sleeping and sitting cross-legged on the bed, and I thought something had happened to you.”

Yan Xiaosi quickly laid down and wrapped herself in the stiff quilt.

“I’m fine, second sister. You should go back to sleep.”

As soon as Yan Shuxue woke up, the sound of teeth grinding stopped, which indicated that it was her who was grinding her teeth earlier.

After practicing the method for more than half an hour, Yan Xiaosi finally felt a bit tired. She curled up in the quilt, and even when Yan Shuxue went back to bed and started grinding her teeth again, she couldn’t hear it. She slept straight through until daylight.

Upon waking up and opening her eyes, the first thing Yan Xiaosi thought about was what to have for breakfast.

Ms. Zhong, Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue, and Yan Shuyun also got up. Ms. Zhong put on her coat and a patched apron.

Yan Xiaosi saw Ms. Zhong putting on her apron and quickly said, “Mom, let’s have rice for breakfast today, too. Mr. Long’s injury hasn’t healed yet.”

Long Hao, in the next room, heard her talking and the corner of his mouth twitched.

This little brat, wanting to eat rice every day, was using him as an excuse.

While putting on her apron, Ms. Zhong replied to Yan Xiaosi, “Since Mr. Long gave us so much silver, we should definitely cook rice for him.”

Yan Xiaosi smiled slyly, “Hehe, mom, fry some more eggs. When we run out of eggs, we can buy more at the market in Daxing Town tomorrow. I see that my eldest sister, second sister, and third sister are all pale and thin. They need to be nourished properly, so they can become beautiful and find good husbands.”

Her words made Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue, and Yan Shuyun blush.

Yan Shuqin stomped her foot shyly, “Little brother, don’t talk nonsense. You’re just a kid.”

But Yan Xiaosi wasn’t just talking. She vowed to nourish Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue, and Yan Shuyun until they were beautiful and glowing, so they wouldn’t have to be married off. She wanted them to find husbands who would join their family instead.

“Eldest sister, go help mom with cooking. I’m hungry.”

As soon as Ms. Zhong, Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue, and Yan Shuyun left, she shrank back into her quilt and went back to sleep.

It wasn’t that she was lazy, but she was genuinely exhausted, perhaps because her body was too weak.

Half an hour later, Ms. Zhong finished cooking breakfast and asked Yan Shuyun to call Yan Xiaosi for the meal.

Yan Xiaosi opened her drowsy eyes, rubbed them, and looked at Yan Shuyun squatting next to her bed, “Third sister, does your foot still hurt?”

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