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PSLMD Chapter 31


Chapter 31 – Search (II)

Yan Xiaosi knew that if the Liu family found out that she had killed the dog, they wouldn’t let her off easily.

Yan Xiaosi smiled and glanced at her mother and three sisters, signaling them to relax.

“Miss Liu came to our door at such a late hour. I guess the mirror I exchanged with you is so useful that you’ve come to thank me.”

Yan Xiaosi’s words instantly changed Liu Qianqian’s expression.

She had exchanged rice and eggs for a mirror with Yan Xiaosi without her father’s knowledge.

“What mirror? Qianqian, what did you exchange with Yan Xiaosi?”

Liu Qianhe’s thoughts were suddenly diverted and his face darkened. He took his gaze off Yan Xiaosi and asked Liu Qianqian seriously.

Feeling nervous, Liu Qianqian glared at Yan Xiaosi and reluctantly took out the treasured mirror from her sleeve and handed it to Liu Qianhe, “Dad, it’s this mirror.”

Liu Qianhe took the mirror, looked at his reflection, and found it quite clear – a good item indeed.

“You naughty girl, I’ll deal with you later.”

He directly put the mirror in his sleeve, not returning it to Liu Qianqian.

Liu Qianqian dared not ask for it back and stared at Yan Xiaosi furiously.

If it weren’t for Yan Xiaosi’s fast mouth, the mirror wouldn’t have been confiscated by Liu Qianhe, and once it was confiscated, it would be difficult for her to get it back.

“Yan Xiaosi, did you hide our dog?”

Yan Xiaosi crossed her arms and smirked at Liu Qianqian, “To catch a thief, you need evidence. Miss Liu, do you have any proof that I hid your dog? If you don’t have any evidence, I can go to the county office and accuse you of false charges.”

Liu Qianqian puffed her cheeks in anger and challenged, “Yan Xiaosi, do you dare let us search your place?”

Zhong Shi, Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue, and Yan Shuyun were all worried and kept giving Yan Xiaosi meaningful looks.

Yan Xiaosi glanced at the four of them and reassured, “Mom, sisters, don’t worry. There’s nothing valuable in our house. If they want to search, let them search. We don’t want them to say we hid that dog.”

Still, Ms. Zhong, Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue, and Yan Shuyun remained uneasy. But Long Hao didn’t stop them this time. The Chen brothers had already rushed into the broken temple, followed by Liu Qianhe and Liu Qianqian.

The four women furrowed their brows in anxiety.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already hidden the dog skin.”

It was only when Liu Qianhe, Liu Qianqian, and the Chen brothers entered the broken temple that Yan Xiaosi whispered to Ms. Zhong and her sisters, who then finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Long Hao leaned against the mud wall, casually watching Yan Xiaosi with interest.

He was curious where Yan Xiaosi had hidden the dog skin in such a short time, considering the limited space in the broken grass temple.

Yan Xiaosi, with her arms crossed, followed Liu Qianhe and his daughter indifferently.

Chen Dahe found a bag of rice and a basket of eggs in the kitchen and quickly reported it to Liu Qianhe.

“Village Chief, there’s a large bag of rice and a basket of eggs here. How can they afford these when their family is so poor, these items must have been stolen by Yan Xiaosi.”


“Chen Dahe, which eye of yours saw me stealing? Be careful not to bite your tongue with your reckless words.”

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