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PSLMD Chapter 3


Chapter 3 – Dilapidated House

Yan Shuqin’s face was full of anger as she took Yan Xiaosi’s hand. “Let’s go. We’ll settle the score with those three.”

Yan Xiaosi yelled for her to stop. “Big sister, look carefully. Am I worse than the three brothers of the Chen family?”

Yan Shuqin finally noticed how the three Chen brothers were lying on the weir. Their faces were pale and their bodies were unable to move. Chen Sanhe was crying loudly as he shed both snot and tears, looking pitiful.

She was stunned.

Could her Xiaosi have done this to the bullies? That’s impossible. Xiaosi has always been kind and definitely doesn’t know how to fight.

“Xiaosi, what happened to them?”

Of course, Xiaosi wouldn’t tell Yan Shuqin that she had used a few rocks to hit their acupuncture points to paralyze them.

“Don’t the villagers say I’m a bad omen? Maybe they caught some bad energy from me. Sister, I’m really hungry. Let’s go back.”

Yan Shuqin let go of her anger. Holding Xiaosi’s hand, they turned toward the village.

“Bah, our Xiaosi is not a bad omen. Xiaosi, never talk about yourself like that again.”

“Yes, big sister.”

Yan Xiaosi didn’t really care about it. Her stomach had been rumbling the whole time. All she wanted was food. Hopefully some steaming rice and a few pieces of roasted pork.

Their mother was waiting outside with Yan Shuxue and Yan Shuyun outside the dilapidated temple. Seeing that Yan Shuqin had brought Yan Xiaosi back, the three of them relaxed.

“Mom, I think Xiaosi must have been hungry. He went to catch fish.”

Yan Shuqin was afraid of their mom getting angry at Xiaosi and quickly covered for her.

Yan Xiaosi was so hungry that her front and back felt as if they were stuck together. She didn’t have any energy to walk, so she laid her head on Yan Shuqin’s shoulder.

It’s a wonderful feeling to have the care of an older sister.

“Mom, second sister, third sister, I’m home.”

“Xiaosi, why is your face bruised?”

“Did someone hit you?

Yan Shuxue and Yan Shuyun approached her quickly and inquired about her wellbeing.

“It looks like this spot is swollen. Does it hurt?”

“Which bastard did this? So cruel.”

Other than being hungry, Yan Xiaosi’s mood was pleasant as she felt the warmth of her family.

Their mother was filled with care, yet her face was stern as she asked, “Who did you fight with?”

Yan Shuqin looked at their mother’s face and quickly explained, “Mom, it’s not Xiaosi’s fault. The three Chen brothers were bullying Xiaosi.”

Seeing Xiaosi’s bruised face, their mom felt guilty for asking.

This was all because she didn’t have the ability to give them a better life. Especially Xiaosi.

“Does it hurt? Let’s go in. Mom can cover it with some cold water.”

This bit of pain didn’t bother Yan Xiaosi very much, considering what she had suffered through in the 183rd Brigade.

“Mom, it doesn’t hurt.”

“Even then, it will help with some cold water.”

Yan Shuxue grabbed an old wooden bucket to get some cold water as Yan Xiaosi, Yan Shuqin and Yan Shuyun stepped inside with their mom.

The temple’s structure was already decrepit enough but when Yan Xiaosi walked inside, she found that it was even more so.

After Yan Wenbo died, the elders of the Yan family were furious. They expelled their mother and her four children from the family home. Since they had nowhere else to go, they cleaned up this dilapidated temple and settled in it as a home.

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