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PSLMD Chapter 28


Chapter 28 – Eloquent child

“The dog was indeed killed by my hoe, but you’re the one who gutted it. If the Liu family comes to settle the score with me, you won’t be able to escape either.”

Long Hao looked at Yan Xiaosi, with a faint smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.

“What a clever and eloquent child.”


Yan Xiaosi frowned and replied fiercely to Long Hao, “On the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month this year, I’ll be fifteen years old.”

In the 21st century, she was 22 years old, fair-skinned, beautiful, and a long-legged, top-notch female military doctor in her prime.

“Were you born during the Laba Festival?”

Unconsciously, Long Hao remembered her birthday, “So what? In our Great Chu Dynasty, men reach adulthood at the age of twenty. You’re not yet fifteen, so if you’re not a child, what are you?”

“Hero Long, it seems like you’ve recovered quite well.”

He even had the energy to argue with her.

Yan Xiaosi clenched her teeth, walked to the bedside holding the bowl, and stuffed the bowl into Long Hao’s arms.

Afraid that the soup would spill on himself, Long Hao quickly steadied the bowl.

Yan Xiaosi glanced at him and said, “Tonight, we only have dog meat to eat. If you’re worried about the dog’s owner coming to cause trouble, don’t eat it…”

But before Yan Xiaosi could finish her sentence, Long Hao had already grabbed a piece of dog meat with his hand and started gnawing on it.

“There’s no one in this world that I, Long Hao, am afraid of.”

Since he had already eaten the dog meat, they were now in the same boat, and Yan Xiaosi was no longer afraid of being betrayed.

“Is it tasty? There’s still a lot in the pot. If one bowl isn’t enough, you can have another one.”

Long Hao focused on eating the meat and ignored her.

Yan Xiaosi watched him enjoy the meat and couldn’t help but swallow her saliva.

“After you finish the meat, don’t throw the bones away carelessly.”

Like the internal organs, the bones should be thrown into the outhouse to avoid being discovered by the Liu family.

Long Hao understood that she wanted to destroy the evidence: “Hmm.”

After reminding Long Hao, Yan Xiaosi went back to the kitchen.

Ms. Zhong used a wooden basin to hold most of the meat and soup, and Yan Shuqin and Yan Shuxue carried the basin full of meat to the table.

The family of five gathered around the broken wooden table, eating meat and drinking soup with satisfied faces. Especially Ms. Zhong, Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue, and Yan Shuyun, who hadn’t eaten meat in years, felt as if they were eating dragon meat tonight.

Although the Liu family’s dog was robust, Yan Xiaosi, Ms. Zhong, Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue, and Yan Shuyun also had quite an appetite. Long Hao only ate two bowls, and the rest of the meat and soup were consumed by Yan Xiaosi, Ms. Zhong, Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue, and Yan Shuyun. Especially Yan Xiaosi, who ate three bowls of meat and drank an entire bowl of soup, was astonished by her own appetite.

After dinner, Ms. Zhong, Yan Shuqin, and Yan Shuxue cleaned the kitchen while Yan Xiaosi quickly collected the dog bones with a dustpan and took them to the outhouse, dumping them into the pit.

When Ms. Zhong and Yan Shuqin finished cleaning up, it was already dusk.

Yan Shuqin heated a large pot of water and let Yan Xiaosi take a bath first.

There was only one wooden tub in the house, so they had to take turns bathing.

Yan Xiaosi had bathed in the pond outside the village in the past, so Yan Shuqin didn’t stop her. She only reminded her, “Don’t play in the water for too long, come back early.”

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