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PSLMD Chapter 21


Chapter 21 – Baizhu chicken tastes good

Yan Xiaosi wouldn’t let Yan Shuqin follow her no matter what. Before she could respond, Yan Xiaosi had already walked away with her broken vegetable basket and hoe.

Hearing that the treasures weren’t too far away and considering there probably weren’t any wolves nearby, Yan Shuqin finally let Yan Xiaosi leave.

Yan Xiaosi panted as she stepped on the rotten leaves on the forest floor. She had finally arrived at the place where she found the baizhu in the morning.

The bodies of the masked men had disappeared. Even the blood on the ground was wiped away. It was as if nothing had happened.

She put down the hoe and frowned in contemplation.

What is Long Hao’s identity?

Why did those masked men in black pursue him?

Also, what are the identities of those masked men? They all showed decent skills.

She got a headache as she tried to figure out these questions. But since she didn’t know the answers, she decided not to let them bother her.

It didn’t matter who Long Hao was. It was none of her business. Anyway, the man only needed to stay in their home for a week at most. After a week, he would leave anyway. From then on, he would have nothing to do with them.

Ms. Zhong, Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue and Yan Shuyun had only cut firewood for a short while before they saw Yan Xiaosi coming back.

“Elder Sister, come help me.”

Yan Xiaosi shouldered the hoe while carrying a basket of baizhu. It took all of her strength to carry it so far. When she saw the figures of Ms. Zhong and her sisters, she finally stopped as she was completely exhausted.

This body is such a waste of material.

Yan Shuqin saw Yan Xiaosi’s red face and quickly threw down her sickle to help carry the vegetable basket.

When Yan Shuqin saw the ginger-like things in the broken basket, she was dumbfounded for a moment and asked Yan Xiaosi what they were.

“Xiaosi, is this your treasure? Why does it look like ginger?”

Under normal circumstances, baizhu was only used as medicine. It was normal that regular people wouldn’t know what it was.

Yan Xiaosi picked up a piece of it, shook off the dirt and gave it to Yan Shuqin to smell.

Yan Shuqin held it close to her nose and took a breath. “This thing has the fragrance of medicine. Is it a medicinal herb?”

Yan Xiaosi replied, “Elder sister, this is called baizhu. It is indeed a kind of medicinal material, but it can also be used as a food ingredient.”

Yan Shuqin stared at it with astonishment and said, “Xiaosi, who told you about this?”

Their father had died early and it was not easy for their mother to feed the family. They had never had a single day of schooling. Their mother could only teach them to read when she wasn’t busy.

That’s why Yan Shuqin was surprised by Yan Xiaosi’s response.

“Elder sister, didn’t our father leave some medical books? I learned about it from them.”

Yan Shuqin believed her and smiled at Yan Xiaosi.

“The fourth brother of our family is so smart that he has become a scholar all by himself.”

She looked at Yan Xiaosi with some relief.

Since her fourth brother fought with the Chen brothers on the pier outside the village yesterday evening, she found that the fourth brother’s temperament seemed to have changed.

“Mom, fourth brother came back with some baizhu that could be used as food.”

Yan Shuqin happily carried the basket over to Ms. Zhong, Yan Shuxue and Yan Shuyun. 

They gathered around to look.

Yan Shuxue looked at the basket full of ginger-like baizhu and asked Yan Xiaosi, “Fourth brother, how do you want to eat this?”

“Second sister, braised chicken with baizhu would be the most delicious.”

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