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PSLMD Chapter 19


Chapter 19 – Wild vegetable fried egg

Ms. Zhong threw a handful of rice into the pot. After it started bubbling, she scooped out some of the congee.

Yan Xiaosi smelled the fragrance of the congee and her mouth started watering nonstop. It was probably because her body was emaciated.

Ms. Zhong covered the pot and brought a big bowl of hot congee to Yan Xiaosi.

“Xiaosi, you must be hungry. Drink this congee first while you wait.

Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue and Yan Shuyun didn’t show any dissatisfaction when they saw Ms. Zhong giving the bowl to Yan Xiaosi.

It wasn’t that they didn’t hunger for congee, but because they knew that Yan Xiaosi was the youngest in the family. They were caring sisters.

Yan Xiaosi felt the love of her family. She glanced at Ms. Zhong, Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue and Yan Shuyun with soft eyes.

“There is so much congee. I can’t finish it by myself. Let’s split this into five bowls and we can each have a mouthful.”

“Mom doesn’t like this. The four of you can drink it.”

Ms. Zhong took out three other wooden bowls and divided the congee. Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue and Yan Shuyun each took one of the smaller bowls, but the biggest was still left for Yan Xiaosi.

After the rice had been fully cooked, Ms. Zhong started cooking the vegetables.

With a few mouthfuls of congee, Yan Xiaosi felt even more hungry. He saw Ms. Zhong scraping out lard from the container.

Ms. Zhong only scooped a small spoonful into the pot. When Yan Xiaosi saw her putting the jar back, she quickly said, “Mom, let’s put all of the lard in the pot. It’s been stored for so long. If we don’t eat it, it will grow moldy. Besides, the eggs won’t taste good if there isn’t enough oil.”

Looking at the four sallow skinned children around her, Ms. Zhong mercilessly scraped out all of the lard left and threw it into the big iron pot.

There was nothing else to eat at home except wild vegetables and eggs. Ms. Zhong thought for a moment. She chopped a bunch of wild vegetables and cracked six eggs. There were more vegetables than eggs, but at least it tasted better than coarse flour buns.

Long Hao was still sleeping in Yan Xiaosi’s room. When he woke, he immediately smelled the aroma of freshly cooked rice.

“You woke up just in time for dinner.”

Yan Xiaosi carried a bowl inside and handed it to him.

Long Hao got up and sat on the bed. He looked at the white rice covered in wild vegetables and scrambled eggs. There was only a small bit of yellow in the green. He paused for a moment.

This family is really poor.

Yan Xiaosi understood the meaning of his expression.

“This is already a meal worthy of celebrating the New Year. Just bear with eating it.”

Long Hao remained silent, took the bowl and started eating in large bites.

It was just wild vegetables. It’s not like he had never eaten any.

When marching and fighting, they often encountered shortages of food. He had eaten wild vegetables, fruits, and even grass roots.

Seeing him eating with big bites, not only did Yan Xiaosi not mind, but she felt appreciative. “There is still more in the pot. If one bowl isn’t enough, just call me and I can bring you more.”

Long Hao looked up and wanted to say thank you, but Yan Xiaosi had already turned around and walked out.

Yan Xiaosi returned to the kitchen, grabbed a bowl and ate two entire bowls of white rice. Only then did she feel happy and actually alive.

She burped and put the bowl down. Only then did she realize that Ms. Zhong was sitting opposite her and eating the coarse flour bun from the morning.

“Mom, don’t eat any more buns. Eat some rice.”

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