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PSLMD Chapter 17


Chapter 17 – Weak body

Yan Xiaosi leaned on the wall and chewed a piece of grass as she waited for her grain.

“Big brother, isn’t that Yan Xiaosi? What is she doing leaning against the wall of the Liu family’s yard?”

“What else could he be doing? He must be peeping at Liu Qianqian.”

It was Chen Dahe and Chen Erhe who spoke.

The two brothers had finished their farm work and were on their way home for lunch. When they passed the Liu family’s home, they saw Yan Xiaosi flirting with Liu Qianqian from the wall. They continued to watch angrily from a distance.

Chen Erhe decided that Yan Xiaosi must be trying to take advantage of her future sister-in-law. In a fit, he clenched his fist.

“Yan Xiaosi must still be acting like a toad wanting to eat swan meat. I’ll teach him a lesson.”

Chen Erhe clenched his fist and prepared to rush out to beat Yan Xiaosi, but Chen Dahe grabbed him.

Chen Dahe warned, “Erhe, don’t be impulsive. Yan Xiaosi has been acting strange lately. Let’s wait and see.”

Chen Erhe finally remembered that yesterday evening, Yan Xiaosi incapacitated them by throwing a few pebbles. They stayed on the dam for more than two hours. It was so cold that Chen Sanhe caught a cold and couldn’t even do farm work.

Yan Xiaosi waited until Liu Qianqian came out with a bag of rice and a basket of eggs.

“Yan Xiaosi, here are 25 pounds of rice and 55 eggs. Give me the mirror.”

Considering how much she carried, she was definitely stronger than Yan Xiaosi.

Yan Xiaosi had always been a lazy person. If she could sit, she would never stand. “Miss Liu, please bring everything outside.”

It was convenient to save some effort. Anyway, Liu Qianqian had enough strength anyway.

“Yan Xiaosi, don’t go too far.”

Liu Qianqian was so angry that she wanted to dig up the Yan family’s ancestral tomb.

Yan Xiaosi was adept at reading people and smiled at her. “I bet you want to dig up our Yan family’s tomb. Go ahead. I warmly welcome you to do it.”

“Yan Xiaosi, you bastard.”

Liu Qianqian heaved the food out of the yard and cursed at Yan Xiaosi.

Chen Dahe and Chen Erhe watched Liu Qianqian carry the bag of grain and basket of eggs out. They were stunned.

“Big brother, I didn’t realize Liu Qianqian could be so masculine.”

Liu Qianqian had always pretended to be weak in front of others. The Chen brothers had never seen the manly side of her.

Yan Xiaosi knew that the Chen brothers were eavesdropping in the haystack nearby, so he purposely created this scene.

In the Great Chu Dynasty, women were worshipped for their gentleness and virtue. The weaker the women, the more popular they were with men.

Chen Dahe admired Liu Qianqian, so he would never spread what he saw. But, Chen Erhe was a different matter.

“Erhe, don’t talk nonsense. Can’t you see that Qianqian is so tired that she’s panting?”

Chen Dahe scolded Chen Erhe, who turned his head away.

How could a normal girl lift something so heavy…?

As she came out of the courtyard, Liu Qianqian, fearing being discovered, hurriedly put everything down. “Yan Xiaosi, is this far enough?”

Yan Xiaosi pursed her lips with satisfaction, took out the mirror, and handed it to her. “Good deal.”

Liu Qianqian took the mirror, gave her a stare, and turned around to go back inside. She slammed the door behind her.

Yan Xiaosi stooped to pick up the bag of rice with one hand and the basket of eggs with her other hand. She grasped them firmly, but when she tried to straighten her back, she realized that it was impossible. She couldn’t lift them.

She was actually weaker than Liu Qianqian.

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