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PSLMD Chapter 15


Chapter 15 – Cheating the village flower

Ms. Zhong finally relented.

“In that case, Qin’er and Xiaosi, take the money and buy some food from the village head.”

It was already noon and too late to buy grain from the town. Fortunately, Liu Qianhe, the village head, and his family were relatively rich and usually had grain to sell. They sold the same grain as in the village, but the price was a bit higher.

Yan Shuqin was not happy about it.

“Mom, the same catty of rice costs ten wen from the village, but the village head charges eleven wen.”

Yan Xiaosi put the silver away.

She knew very well what kind of person this village head Liu Qianhe was from the original Yan Xiaosi’s memories. She also knew that Liu Qianhe’s daughter, Liu Qianqian was not a kind person either.

It was because of Liu Qianqian that the original Yan Xiaosi was beaten to death by the Chen brothers.

She couldn’t let the Liu family see her ten liang silver. Otherwise, the news might spread to the Yan family’s main house, causing trouble for Ms. Zhong.

“Big sister, you must be tired after carrying all the wood down the mountain. Just stay home and rest. I can go buy some grain from the village head.”

Yan Shuqin was worried. “Xiaosi, can you do it alone?”

She was afraid of Yan Xiaosi getting bullied by Liu Qianqian. Since Liu Qianqian had the authority of the village head behind her, bullying Yan Xiaosi was a common act.

Yan Xiaosi walked out the door and waved at her. “Big sister, I’m already fourteen. You don’t have to treat me like a child all the time. Don’t worry. I can do it. You can just wait for the rice to start cooking.”

After leaving her house, she went to a deserted place and entered the portable space. She hurried to the third floor of the small western-style building and retrieved a palm-sized mirror.

The glass mirror was much clearer than the copper mirrors used during this era. The workmanship of the mirror was exquisite as well.

She put the mirror in her sleeves and came out of the space. Then she headed over to Liu Qianhe’s home based on her vague memory of its location.

She found Liu Qianqian embroidering flowers in the cool autumn air.

Yan Xiaosi stood outside the low wall on tiptoes. When she saw Liu Qianqian, she yelled, “Beautiful sister Liu, please come outside for a moment.”

Liu Qianqian raised her head and saw Yan Xiaosi’s smiling face on top of her family’s wall.

“Yan Xiaosi, did you call for me?”

Yan Xiaosi was born with gorgeous looks. She liked him. But she also resented how poor the Yan family’s third house was. Since she liked him but couldn’t marry him, she often played tricks on Yan Xiaosi.

If I’m not calling for you, then am I calling for a ghost?

Yan Xiaosi rolled her eyes and muttered to herself. She took out the palm-sized mirror from her sleeves and reflected a beam of light into Liu Qianqian’s face.

“Is there a second beautiful Miss Liu?”

The strong beam of light made Liu Qianqian’s eyes hurt.

She was about to get angry when Yan Xiaosi gave her a wink and gestured for her to come forward. “Miss Liu, I have something good to show you.”

Liu Qianqian moved her head and saw Yan Xiaosi holding a mirror in his hand.

“What’s so special about a mirror?”

Liu Qianqian was confused by Yan Xiaosi. She thought that he couldn’t have anything of interest for her, but she put her embroidery down and walked toward Yan Xiaosi anyway.

When she got closer, Yan Xiaosi held up the mirror toward her face.

Liu Qianqian saw her own reflection. Her eyes were clear and her face looked like pink peach blossoms. She was surprised by the mirror’s clarity and reached for it.

“Yan Xiaosi, this mirror, where did you get it?”

All girls love beauty.

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