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PSLMD Chapter 14


Chapter 14 – A livestock barn

Their house didn’t look like a place where people lived, but like a barn for livestock.

“Your family of five lives here?”

“Yes,” Yan Xiaosi said and helped Long Hao inside.

“Our house is a bit shabby. If you don’t like it, you can leave. But I’m not returning the ten liang silver.”

It took her a lot of effort to help the man down the mountain.

Long Hao had led the army for many years. It was common for him to stay outside without a roof. He didn’t mind it before. Now that he was injured and hunted, he knew that it was a lot safer to stay in this shabby house than in the village.

“You misunderstood me. I meant that the house may be too shabby to survive the winter’s snow.”

“I know. That’s why I’m trying to raise money to repair it.”

Long Hao: “…”

So… he was the victim…

Yan Xiaosi helped him into her room and then helped him lie down on the wooden bed.

“You can stay here. When lunch is ready, I’ll bring it for you.”

The wooden bed was stiff, but Long Hao felt more comfortable than ever before.

Their scouts had found that Chunyu Hanfeng, the king of Rongdi, had ordered people to develop a powerful secret weapon. A few days ago, he led ten subordinates to sneak into the Rongdi camp to investigate. They were discovered and all ten of his subordinates died protecting him. He spent a day and a night escaping. His body was injured and exhausted. The moment he hit the bed, he fell asleep.

In the kitchen, Ms. Zhong, Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue and Yan Shuyun were worrying about what to eat for lunch.

All they had left were a few wild vegetable buns. They had nothing else to eat.

Now that they had another mouth to feed, not to mention a grown man, they didn’t have enough food for lunch. Even if they tighten their belts and eat a bit less for lunch, they are still in trouble for dinner.

“Mom, Brother Long Hao is injured. He can’t heal if he doesn’t eat. How about I go to the main family’s house and borrow a bit of food from grandmother? We can return it once we sell the firewood we cut today.

But remembering how harshly the old woman had beaten Ms. Zhong before, they shivered at the thought of seeing her again.

“Mom, big sister, second sister, third sister, I don’t think they would let us borrow anything from the main house.”

Yan Xiaosi walked over and took out the silver that Long Hao had given her for them to see.

Ms. Zhong, Yan Shuqin, Yan Shuxue and Yan Shuyun were stunned when they saw the silver ingot in her hand.

“Xiaosi, how did you get so much silver?” Ms. Zhong asked in a harsh tone since she was afraid that Yan Xiaosi was too young and did something illegal without knowing.

Yan Xiaosi quickly explained, “Mom, don’t worry. Brother Long Hao gave me the silver. He’s injured and needs to stay in our house for a while. This is the money he gave me for accommodation and meals.”

Ms. Zhong felt uncertain. “Mr. Long got injured while saving you. You can’t charge him for staying here and food.”

Yan Xiaosi shrugged. “If I didn’t accept the silver, then he’d have to eat wild vegetables with us.”

That’s a valid reason.

Yan Shuqin agreed. “Mom, since Brother Long Hao already gave the silver to Xiaosi, he won’t miss this money. We should use it for some better food so Brother Long Hao can recover faster.”

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