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PSLMD Chapter 12


Chapter 12 – Earned twenty liang silver

For the sake of ten liang silver, Yan Xiaosi took Yan Shuqin’s tattered handkerchief and bound the robed man’s wound.

“Wound dressing and the bottle of antidote should be worth ten liang silver.”

The man in the black robe nodded. “Your antidote is effective.”

“Then we’re even.”

Yan Xiaosi bandaged his wound, clapped her hands and prepared to leave.

She was just a normal civilian in this life. It was better not to get entangled with a dangerous person like this and bring trouble for her family.

Assassins had already appeared in the area. It was dangerous. The robed man planned to leave as soon as possible, but just as he moved his body, he suddenly felt himself grow dizzy and lose his balance.

His condition made it impossible for him to even descend the mountain.

“Little brother.”

He hurriedly called for Yan Xiaosi to stop before she went too far.

Yan Xiaosi stopped and turned to look at him. “What else do you want?”

The robed man took out another silver ingot and showed it to Yan Xiaosi. “If you help me down the mountain and find a place for me to recover, then ten liangs of silver will be yours.”

Yan Xiaosi considered it. She shouldn’t agree. She couldn’t bring any trouble to Ms. Zhong and her sisters. But her mouth didn’t listen to her brain. “Deal!”

I couldn’t help it. She was really short of money. Ten liang silver would be enough to renovate the dilapidated temple.

She quickly turned around and walked beside the robed man. She retrieved the silver from his hand.

Once she took the silver, the man rightfully placed an arm across her shoulder and said, “Help me down the mountain.”

Yan Xiaosi was malnourished and thin, so she was immediately weighed down by his arm.

For the sake of ten liang silver, she gritted her teeth and helped the robed man down the mountain.

“Big brother, what’s your name?”

She didn’t really want to know the robed man’s name, but when they meet Ms. Zhong and her sisters, she would need an answer.

The robed man replied, “Long Hao.”

“Brother Long Hao, I don’t think it is safe for you to go back to the village with me.”

Long Hong knew what she was hinting at.

He also felt uncomfortable.

His appearance was too outstanding. He would quickly become the focus of the town, drawing assassins to him.

Yan Xiaosi suddenly let go of him. “Wait for me here for a moment. I’m going to find something.”

Long Hao watched her leave. After a moment, she came back with a weed in her hand.

Yan Xiaosi handed the weed to Long Hao. “Eat this grass. You’ll be fine.”

Long Hao stared with reservation at the weed she handed him.

Yan Xiaosi explained, “Don’t worry. It’s not poison. This is called hives grass. It can make you temporarily ugly.”

Long Hao finally took the weed. He ate the whole thing, except for the roots, following Yan Xiaosi’s instructions.

Within five minutes, he began to feel itchy on his face and neck. Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t resist scratching. When his fingers touched his skin, he found hives on his formerly clear skin.

Yan Xiaosi glanced at his face full of red hives and warned, “Don’t scratch with your hands. If you scratch the hives, they’ll leave scars. Bear with it for half an hour and it will stop itching. It should disappear naturally after seven days.”

Long Hao resisted the urge to scratch and took his hand back. He looked at Yan Xiaosi with appreciation but also with uncertainty.

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