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PSLMD Chapter 11


Chapter 11 – Negotiation

After being discovered, Yan Xiaosi became more bold. She stepped in front of the man in a black robe with her arms around her chest. Looking up at him, she asked, “What do you want from me?”

She was on guard against him. If he decided to attack her, she would immediately go into the portable space to take refuge.


The robed man who had looked energetic a moment ago suddenly vomited a mouthful of dark blood.

“Is there a doctor at the foot of the mountain?”

Yan Xiaosi finally noticed that his right arm was oozing black blood.

“You’ve been poisoned.”

The robed man considered her outfit and decided she must be a villager who lived in the village at the base of the mountain. He quickly took out a silver ingot and lifted it to her face. “If you find me a doctor, this silver ingot is yours.

Yan Xiaosi had no idea about the currency system of the Great Chu Dynasty. However, her eyes lit up when she saw an ingot of silver that was around the size of a dumpling.

“Handsome brother, no, big brother, how much silver is this?”

Since the robed man needed her help, he bared with it and responded, “Ten liang silver.”

Yan Xiaosi thought about it, blinked, and asked, “How much meat can I buy with ten liang of silver?”

Since her new body was so weak, she wanted to eat meat all the time.

Thinking that the poison had reached his heart, the robed man became more impatient.

“In Xize County, a pound of pork is 15 wen. One liang silver is equal to 1000 wen. You do the math.”

Yan Xiaosi considered it carefully.

“If a pound of pork is 15 wen, then one liang silver can buy about 67 pounds of meat. 67 times 10 is more than 600 pounds of pork.”

After finishing her calculations, she suddenly looked at the robed man with bright eyes. “Ah ha ha, it’s enough to buy two or three big fat pigs.”

The robed man started becoming dizzy as the poison got to his brain.

“If you hesitate for another moment, believe it or not, I will kill you.”

Yan Xiaosi felt the murderous intent of the robed man. Taking a step back and pocketing the silver ingot, she said coldly, “I don’t need to find a doctor for you. I can cure your poison.”

The robed man was suspicious of her words.

“You can cure me? If you lie to me, I’ll leave you to die without a grave.”

“I advise you to calm down and save your strength. The poison has already reached your heart,” reminded Yan Xiaosi coldly. She then turned to leave.

“Don’t worry. I won’t run after taking your silver. Just wait here until I come back.”

Leaving the sight of the robed man, she quickly entered her portable space and retrieved a snake venom antidote from the third shelf on the first floor.

Having seen his wound before, she knew that the blade that injured him was covered with snake venom.

She took the antidote with her, quickly came out of the space, and returned to the place where the robed man had stayed.

When the robed man saw her coming back, his face relaxed a bit.

Yan Xiaosi reached out and gave him the antidote. “This pill can eliminate poison from your body. You must take it three times a day, two pills each time and continue for three days. The poison should be neutralized by then.”

The man received it and didn’t suspect that the bottle contained poison. He quickly opened it, took out two pills and put them in his mouth.

The Western medicine produced results quickly. After a quarter of an hour, he felt much better. His wounds didn’t hurt as much.

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