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PSMAT Chapter 5


Bai Xiaohu felt very sad, frustrated, and confused. When she finished being confused and saw the man’s hand was still in front of her, she couldn’t help wondering, what was he planning to do?

She looks at this hand, then at herself, then back to the hand, then at herself, there is nothing she can give him.

She thought for a long time before making a move. She slowly raised her hands and made a gesture of surrender, which meant, don’t hit me. She was really afraid that if he failed to receive bribes, he would suddenly beat her with lightning bolts.

Lu Ye looked at her for a while, then silently withdrew his hand. Bai Xiaohu felt that although they were not the same species, she could understand the meaning in his eyes. His eyes seemed to say, are you stupid?

The little fox was a bit unhappy, but she couldn’t dare to talk back, and she couldn’t speak the language of this world anyway.

At this moment, the zombie that fell to the ground began to express its existence again, and started moving! Lu Ye raised his eyelids and was about to release a thin thunderbolt to smash its head, but suddenly wanted to see what this little girl who didn’t look very smart was going to do.

Bai Xiaohu was very grateful to the walking corpse for resolving her embarrassment, but she was also very angry. The dignified nine-tailed fox was frightened by a walking corpse and collapsed to the ground. If others heard about it, how could she keep her dignity as a fox?

You know, if she hadn’t lost her tails, she would already be a nine-tailed heaven fox by now, an actual immortal of the fairy clan!

Because the “walking corpse” was infested with demonic energy again, it turned back into a black mass of mist in Bai Xiaohu’s eyes, and she couldn’t see its terrifying appearance. She immediately felt relieved and wanted to use her hair tie to kill this thing, but thinking of the appearance of it, what if it dirties her fluffy hair tie? Bai Xiaohu looks around, then picks up a brick, and smashes it hard at the walking corpse that is about to get up.

“……” Lu Ye watched her as she suddenly turned into a violent King Kong holding a brick, smashing with the auras of an army, all over the zombie’s bodies.

If it weren’t for the fact that all the zombie’s attacks were blocked by something she is wearing, she would have been bruised countless times.

The corner of Lu Ye’s mouth twitched, and he  reminded her suddenly: “Head.” Bai Xiaohu turned to look at him in surprise, and Lu Ye pointed to his head, “It’s only useful to attack the head.”

Ah? Oh!

Bai Xiaohu didn’t understand the words, but she understood the action, so she turned around and started beating the zombie’s head.

Facts have proved that the head of the first-level zombie is quite easy to smash because it is probably already rotten. Bai Xiaohu felt that the zombie no longer struggled when she hit it, and stopped. Then she saw that the demonic energy on the zombie’s body gradually dissipated, and the head was already a lump of mud. She quickly turned her head and avoided looking at it, but was suddenly attracted by something. She peeked over secretly, and there seemed to be something shining within the zombie’s head, and at the same time, she felt a familiar aura.

It’s spiritual energy! That shining thing is exuding spiritual energy!

Bai Xiaohu didn’t care about the disgust, and used the brick to get the thing out and wiped it on the ground, then held it up under the sun.

Its shape was very round, ovalish, and somewhat flat. The color is a light lavender that is half translucent and looks a bit cloudy, not too clear, but Bai Xiaohu is excited. There is spiritual energy in this thing!

She lost her tails and came to this world ravaged by demonic energy while still being seriously injured by the judgemental lightning and forcibly crossing the world barrier. She couldn’t even open her interspatial treasure, and hardly was able to survive thanks to MengMeng and her vestment. However, if she can obtain spiritual energy, everything will be completely different.

She can cultivate and slowly heal her wounds. At least be able to open her interspatial treasure, and hide in it when needed. There is spiritual energy in her interspatial treasure, as well as a spiritual pond and some spiritual fruits and plants in her collection.

She put on a big smile.

Bai Xiaohu didn’t dislike it because this shining thing was taken out of the muddy zombie head, and looked at it like a treasure.

Seeing the way she saw the crystal core for the first time, Lu Ye explained kindly: “This is the crystal core.”

Bai Xiaohu turned to look at him.

Lu Ye: “People with supernatural powers can absorb this to gain energy.”

Bai Xiaohu blinked her eyes.

Lu Ye confirmed his prediction, lowered his head, and asked, “You can’t understand what I’m saying?”

Bai Xiaohu didn’t know what he was saying, so she pressed her lips together, not knowing how to react. Should she make some sort of gesture to let him know that she couldn’t understand? But wouldn’t that look silly?

She thought about it for a while, stood up and waved to him, then took two steps back.

Lu Ye was about to say something, but the thing around his waist vibrated. He held it out, and there was an incoming call. He glanced at Bai Xiaohu, picked it up, turned around, and walked away a few steps: “Ying Miao.”

A gentle female voice came out of it: “Lu-ge, Zhuang Qingzai, and the others met up with us successfully”

Lu Ye said: “Okay, take them back to the base immediately.”

“But Zhuang Qingzai said that they have a batch of supplies in a village not far from here…”

“Don’t worry about it, whatever they want to do, wait until they enter the base, and let them deal with it themselves.”

“Is this okay? After all, they are representing the Haicheng base to make the deal.”

“That is why we should let the base handle it. We are just mercenaries.” Lu Ye’s tone was light, but there was no doubt about it.

The other side paused a little: “I see, then, Lu-ge, when will you be back?”

Lu Ye said: “I still have something to do.” After saying that, he hung up directly and turned his head to see the little girl secretly looking at him, and when he looked over, she immediately lowered her head.

When Lu Ye was talking on the phone, Bai Xiaohu was indeed observing him quietly. Looking at him horizontally and vertically, he was certainly a human being with flesh and blood, and he didn’t look very violent and hostile.

She felt a bit relieved, but couldn’t help thinking, how could there be so much powerful thunder and lightning hidden in one’s flesh and blood, this world is so fantasy-like.

Seeing him bring the black thing away from his ears and turn around to look over, she quickly lowered her head and continued to wipe the crystal core in her hands with a piece of her skirt, looking very busy.

After wiping it a few times, the crystal core became clean and bright, but the piece of the skirt where the crystal core was rubbed was also not dirty. In fact, there wasn’t any dirt splashed on her body when she was mad hitting at the zombie just now. All the dirt was bounced off by the runes, and the places where her skirt was stained with dust and a little blood were the places where the runes were damaged.

Lu Ye was silent for a while, then said, “I’m leaving, are you leaving?”

Bai Xiaohu looked at him quietly.

Lu Ye was also not sure how to communicate, so he took a stone and wrote a few words on the wall: “Can you read?”

Bai Xiaohu looked at those words, are these the words of this world? She couldn’t recognize any of them. She reckons that he was asking if she is literate, so she shook her head.

Lu Ye rarely felt a headache. This is the first time he met someone who couldn’t communicate with him at all. After thinking about it, he stretched out his hand: “Go?” He also made a gesture to go down the mountain.

Bai Xiaohu looked at that hand, is he asking her to go with him?

Bai Xiaohu was a little hesitant. She doesn’t know anything because she just got here. If he has goodwill, it’s not a bad idea to follow him.

However, she looked at the crystal core in her hand and shook her head in the heart. What she has to do now is to find a place to absorb the spiritual energy in this quietly. As long as there is spiritual energy, as long as she can recover just a little of her cultivation, there is nothing she will be afraid of. There is no need to rely on other people.

As for not being familiar with this world, when the time comes, she can find someone to perform a soul search, and she will be able to understand everything.

So she shook her head at the man, thought for a while, and felt that this man must have good intentions, so she organized her hair a bit and performed a formal bow to him.

The mortals and the spirits who cultivated human form in her world seem to use this method to express gratitude and etiquette.

Lu Ye was a little surprised by her actions. The flimsy and elegant long skirt covered her feet, when a beautiful-looking girl performed the ritual, it made him feel slightly tranced in anachronism.

After being stunned for a moment, he understood her intention, put down his hands, nodded slightly, and turned to leave.

She was originally traveling by herself, and judging from the performance just now, even though the girl and her pets don’t seem very smart, they should be able to protect themselves with no problem. Lu Ye has nothing to worry about. He is just a stranger, so there’s nothing much he can look after.

After having these thoughts in his mind, Lu Ye still paused from leaving, hesitated for a moment, took off the pistol gun he had on him, gestured towards the little girl standing quietly in the distance with the gun, and then unlocked the insurance of the gun, and fired at a tree. The small tree got shot in the middle, broke, and fell over.

Bai Xiaohu slightly widened her eyes.

Then, Lu Ye made another gesture towards her, put the gun on the ground, along with a small knife, then left.

This time he walked quickly and decisively, and soon got out of the factory.

Bai Xiaohu watched the tall, black, upright figure disappear into the sun. MengMeng flew out and stopped on the iron gate to have a look, then flew back and tweeted to tell her that he left.

Bai Xiaohu bent down to pick up the two items left by the man. She only glanced at the palm-length knife that looked extremely sharp once, but repeatedly looked at the silver thing that was quite heavy and could be held in her hand closely. The handle still seemed to have a trace of warmth left by the man. She tried to shoot at the small tree next to the one that was broken.

As a result, her arm trembled from the shock of the recoil and missed the target completely. She did not even hit a leaf.

But Bai Xiaohu also experienced the power of this thing and felt that it was quite useful. Her eyes lit up as she touched the gun like a toy, and looked in the direction where the man left, feeling a little happy. This is the first time someone gifted her something in the past five hundred years.

Okay, she now announced that this male human is not that scary anymore, and if there is a chance in the future, maybe she can get to know him.

Then she turned her head and saw the zombies scorched in black lying here and there on the ground. Since they were all dead, the demonic energy had dissipated, and their real appearance showed in front of her. The scene disgusted her and shocked her nerves.

She covered her eyes and waved at MengMeng: “Come on, let’s find somewhere I can try to absorb the spiritual energy.”

Original Author’s note:

Let them be separate for a while, Xiaohu needs to develop on her own first, otherwise, she will for real look not-so-smart all the time_(3」∠)_

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