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PSMAT Chapter 15


Jiangcheng Base is a very large base. When the apocalypse just broke out, this base housed only people from Jiangcheng City. However, after half a year, many surrounding bases could not survive, and most survivors of those bases fled to Jiangcheng Base, so the base continued to expand. From the size of a town to the size of a conurbation, the population expanded to as big as tens of millions.

From one end of the base to the other end, half a day may not even be enough if one is traveling by foot. Fortunately, several bus lines and private transportation services are doing well. As long as you are not extremely poor, you can ride a vehicle when you go out.

And for such a base, there are usually more than a dozen gates to enter and exit. Therefore, every evening, the queue waiting to enter the base will be very, very long.

This afternoon, there was a long queue at the gate again. While waiting, the people in the queue complained that the queue was moving too slowly, and were worried that a zombie would suddenly appear.

At this moment, a motorcycle roared from afar.

People looked over in the direction one after another.

“Who is that? Aren’t they afraid of attracting zombies when driving such a loud motorcycle?”

“Shh, keep your voice down, take a closer look at who that person is?”

“How could it be Captain Lu…even if it’s him, he shouldn’t do that, what if that attracts zombies?”

“Silly, you think you know everything? For a master like him, if there are zombies following him, he will just wipe them out with a simple wave of his hand. How can he let the zombies follow him to the base?”

“Look at that woman sitting in the back, my gosh, she is so beautiful!”

“Her clothes look as if she’s filming a drama, yet it is indeed beautiful. I have never seen her before.”

“Would the Zhongyang team announce a happy event soon? I don’t know how many women are going to have their dreams shattered.”

The small voices of discussion did not reach Bai Xiaohu’s ears. Her ears were filled with the wind, and her eyes were occupied by the scene of the base in front of her.

The walls in the setting sun are very high, but it is not very majestic because the materials used are not very uniform. One piece is dark here, but the other is light in color there. Many places have the sign of being repeatedly repaired and more are in the process of being repaired. Many people are carrying buckets of material and tools on the wall, doing the repair job.

Is this the place where the survivors of the last days live together?

Rice is planted on the large field outside the base, and the end can not be seen at a glance. It is still green at this time, and many people are busy in the field. Bai Xiaohu glanced over the field and looked towards the line waiting to enter the Base.

Some people sat in the car, some walked on two legs, some packed lightly, some packed big bags, some laughed as they chatted, and some looked numb and painful.

After living alone for hundreds of years, both the fox and the little chicken demon felt a little nervous after suddenly coming into contact with so many people.

Bai Xiaohu subconsciously held tight to the clothes around Lu Ye’s waist. Lu Ye paused and looked down at his waist for a bit.

He drove the vehicle to the front of the line and stopped when he reached the gate. He put his foot on the ground, let the motorcycle tilt slightly, turned his head to look at Bai Xiaohu, and said in a gentle voice, “This is the Jiangcheng Base.”

Bai Xiaohu nodded.

Immediately, someone ran out of the gate, with a work pass hanging on a blue lanyard around his neck, he flatteringly said to Lu Ye, “Captain Lu, you’re back? You don’t need to go through the inspection, but this lady… please show us your pass.”

Lu Ye said: “She doesn’t have a pass yet, so I need to get her a temporary pass first.” Turning to Bai Xiaohu, he said, “Come down first.”

Bai Xiaohu got off the motorcycle, and Lu Ye also stepped down, pushing the vehicle into the gate, while the people lining up behind him could only watch them enviously.

Can’t help it, the world has changed. The more powerful and capable people have privileges, but for Lu Ye, most people are not dissatisfied due to envy because, in the previous waves of zombie attacks, the Zhongyang team has made great contributions.

Especially in the wave that happened right after the base was built. There was no Zhongyang team at that time, the management of the base was quite chaotic, people’s hearts were fluctuating, and the powerful espers all reserved their strength to benefit their own battalion. If it wasn’t because of this electric master who came forward to save the day, the Jiangcheng base would’ve been on the list of destroyed bases.

Bai Xiaohu didn’t know about any of this and just followed Lu Ye into the gate without trouble. The check-in staff saw how clean, tidy, and delicate her appearance looked, so different from ordinary people, and couldn’t dare to instruct her to take off her clothes. Most importantly, Lu Ye stood beside her expressing a strong aura as a protector.

The very discerning staff then skipped the steps and just asked kindly: “Ma’am, do you have your ID card with you?”

Bai Xiaohu thought about what an ID card was, then shook her head, she never had that thing.

“That means it’s already lost. It’s okay. This kind of situation is very common, so let’s fill out a form instead.” He took out a form and gave it to Bai Xiaohu.

Bai Xiaohu’s head grew dizzy when she saw it and realized belatedly that the man in the wall seemed to be half illiterate.

She stared at the square characters on the paper, there are a few characters she can’t recognize at all, but she had a vague impression of the others, but she was too unfamiliar with them to identify.

She held the thin ballpoint pen in hand but didn’t know how to fill out the form.

Lu Ye looked at the jerky posture of her holding the pen, took the pen over calmly, and filled in three characters in the name column quickly. Bai Xiaohu leaned over to take a look. The three characters were “Bai Xiaohu”.

If her name is translated into the language here, it would have been these three characters.

She was surprised. How did he know that her name would be written like that? There are many homophones.

Lu Ye asked her: “Is it correct?”

Bai Xiaohu nodded quickly, and Lu Ye asked again: “Age?”

Bai Xiaohu was stunned for a moment. She didn’t know how old she was. For races with extremely long lives, age doesn’t mean much. For species at Bai Xiaohu’s level, years less than the unit hundred isn’t even worth mentioning.

She thought about it for a while: “Eight…” She seems to be over eight hundred years old…? But can she say that here? She changes the words as it slips through her lips, “Eighteen.”

Lu Ye glanced at her. Bai Xiaohu felt inexplicably guilty for pretending to be countless years younger. Fortunately, he didn’t say anything, and just wrote “18” on the page, and didn’t fill in anything else.

The staff didn’t dare to say anything and conscientiously entered the information into the computer. Taking advantage of this moment, Bai Xiaohu whispered to Lu Ye, “How do you know that my name is written like this?”

Lu Ye said: “You can simply correct the mistake if I made any.”

Ah, so that’s the case.

Soon the machine next to it spat out a white card.

Lu Ye picked it up and gave it to Bai Xiaohu: “This is your temporary pass. You need to swipe your card to enter and exit the base, but it is only valid for one week. After one week, you must apply for a formal residence permit.”

Bai Xiaohu held the white card and looked up, down, left, and right at it. The card was very simple. On one side says “Jiangcheng Base Temporary Pass” in big red characters, below it was three black letters “BXH”, and in the lower right corner was ” JC13 840 100″ in a small black print.

Turn it over, there are more small black characters.

Terms and Conditions:

1. This card is valid for one week. If you fail to apply for a long-term residence permit after the expiration date, you will be expelled immediately when found.

2. This card is non-transferable. If it is lost or damaged, a replacement card will be charged separately.

3. Please bring this card when entering or leaving the base or any place you need to swipe your card, otherwise you will not be allowed to pass.

4. This card is valid within the scope of the Jiangcheng Base. For details, please refer to the Jiangcheng Base Regulation Manual.

Bai Xiaohu guessed many characters’ meanings as she read and got some rough ideas. Inexplicably, the feeling of entering human territory suddenly became stronger at this moment. Will she stay here for a while?

She looked inside the gate, and there was a long and wide dirt road inside. People and vehicles kept entering, and billowing sand and dust were raised as they passed by on the dirt road. There are also fields on both sides of the dirt road with rows of fortress-like concrete houses, which are military camps stationed around the wall.

Farther away is the area dense with various buildings.

She hugged the little chicken demon silently, with a slightly panicked expression.

Lu Ye looked at her, her hair was a little messy due to the wind, and scattered on her shoulders, but it was still soft and black and shiny like the best satin. Her skin looks beautiful under sunlight, well maintained, and with no flaws. She exudes an aura of innocence and ignorance of the world from head to toe.

Such a little girl, as soon as one sees her, one will feel that she should be protected and pampered in an elegant, bright, warm, and safe environment. It’s not that people look down on her, but that she deserves that kind of protection. Instead of letting her run out alone and experience the hardships and tribulations in this world.

However, at this moment, her small face was slightly tense, her pink lips were pursed, and she looked around with a somewhat uncertain gaze in her eyes, like a small creature that was forcibly taken out of her comfort zone and came to an unfamiliar environment , which made her very uneasy.

Lu Ye’s heart slightly softened.

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