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PSMAT Chapter 13


The burnt smell permeates, the air is dry and the smoke is spreading, it is not a good place to stay for a long time.

Lu Ye silently looked at the little girl in the white skirt who was hiding behind the lamppost, like a frightened cat.

After a moment of stalemate, Bai Xiaohu surrendered first. She looked at the food in the bag and felt that it was more important to satisfy her appetite, so she walked out from behind the pole: “Well, I was just saying nonsense, let’s go.”

With that said, she turned around and started walking.

Lu Ye: “That’s the wrong direction.”


Bai Xiaohu walked back sullenly and stretched her hand out to signal Lu Ye to go first.

Lu Ye glanced at her, turned around, and walked in front.

Zombies kept approaching, Lu Ye just simply raised his hand to release thunderbolts every time he saw them. Sometimes, the thunderbolts explode almost right in front of Bai Xiaohu’s eyes, and Bai Xiaohu could feel her whole body getting tense.

What’s worse is that there are more zombies gathering nearby. No matter which direction she looks in, she can see the faint black aura behind the buildings. After turning a corner, the front is almost completely black, and zombies are approaching from behind too.

Bai Xiaohu was shocked and said, “Didn’t you say that this area has been cleaned up several times?” Why are there so many zombies all of the sudden?

Lu Ye said: “The mobility of zombies is very strong. As long as they are outside the base, there is no absolutely clean area. Follow me closely.”

He had no time to worry about whether the little girl hated him or was afraid of him, he reached one of his hands out and pulled her to his side and the electric net in his other hand shot out in an instant.

A long blue-purple electric grid with flowing electric arcs floating in the air soon spread out quickly, and suddenly pressed down. Except for the surroundings of two were empty, the other places were covered by the grid. The heads, necks, or bodies of zombies are all caught by the electric grid.

Then, with a hook of Lu Ye’s finger, the longitude and latitude lines of the electric grid closed up and cut through the heads of the zombies quickly and various heads flew up immediately. The scene was ‘spectacular’.

But Bai Xiaohu couldn’t feel the magnificence. When the electric grid came down, she quickly covered the top of her head with both hands to suppress the fox ears that popped up in an instant, and she couldn’t even control the bag containing delicious food falling on the ground. 

Awoooooo!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna die, I’m for sure gonna die!

Her whole head bristled, and the cassock she is wearing also felt threatened. The rune brilliance enveloped her, and the hair band on her head raised as if it was ready to respond to the enemy.

But even so, Bai Xiaohu still felt very insecure.

(.>-<.), he wasn’t this scary before.

If she had known this was the case, she would rather just pass out in the car.

Within a few breaths, the zombies were as dead as they could be. After the electric grid disappeared, the entire street was cleared, and the ground was full of corpses. Lu Ye’s resolute face could not help showing a bit of fatigue, such a big killer move was very exhausting for him. He pulled Bai Xiaohu: “Let’s go!”

When Bai Xiaohu was grabbed by him, her whole body became stiff, but she was also aware of the severity. She ran after him while trying very hard to press her fox ears back. At the same time, she wandered around and suddenly pointed to a direction where the demonic energy is the thinnest: ” Go there! There are fewer zombies over there!”

Lu Ye didn’t ask much, and immediately headed in that direction when he reached the intersection.

Bai Xiaohu kept pointing out the right directions, and sure enough, the number of zombies they encountered along the way decreased. After running out of a certain range, there are no zombies in sight.

Bai Xiaohu leaned against a tree and gasped for air. Lu Ye only panted lightly and quickly calmed down. He asked Bai Xiaohu, “How do you know that there are fewer zombies in this direction?”

Bai Xiaohu said: “Uh, I, I can just see it with my eyes.”

Lu Ye looked at her for a while: “Do you know why so many zombies suddenly appeared?”

Bai Xiaohu: “Didn’t you say it’s because of the high mobility of zombies?”

Lu Ye said: “No matter how mobile they are, there is always a reason why they are so crazy. According to Pan Gu, the space-type zombies only circled you and ignored them.”

Bai Xiaohu was stunned, and it took her a while to realize: “You mean, the zombies came after me?”

Lu Ye looked at her up and down: “Maybe it’s not for you, remember what you vomited just now? That should be the one attracting the zombies. What did you eat before?”

“I……” What did I eat before? Naturally, it’s a spiritual fruit. Could it be that the spiritual fruit is particularly attractive to zombies?

Lu Ye paid attention to her expression: “You thought of it?”

Bai Xiaohu nodded: “However, I don’t have it on me anymore.”

Lu Ye nodded: “It’s fine if you don’t have any. Be careful in the future.” He looked around, and there was a parking lot in the distance. “Let’s go there and see if we can get some sort of transportation.”

Bai Xiaohu was stunned for a while and followed after being called out. She followed the man and asked, “Aren’t you going to ask what that thing is? And are you not afraid that I will attract zombies again?”

Lu Ye walked as he answered: “Everyone has their secrets. Of course, if you want to join the Zhongyang team, you must explain these things. But now, you are just the savior of my team members.”

Bai Xiaohu opened her eyes wide, is that so? Is it that simple, so understanding and considerate? Then why are there so many intrigues in the memory of that man who got stuck in the wall?

Human beings… are really weird!

It seems that there are bad people and good people, complicated people and simple people.

Bai Xiaohu thought for a while, then caught up to him in a few steps, and suddenly said seriously: “You are a good person.”

Lu Ye paused and met her serious eyes: “…Thank you, I thought I was terrible in your eyes.”

Bai Xiaohu opened her eyes wide: “Why?”

“Aren’t you afraid of me?”

“I’m not afraid of you.” Thinking of something, Bai Xiaohu realizes something, “You mean… oh, I’m just…” She scratched her head and thought of an excuse, “I’m just afraid of thunder, not you!”

Lu Ye: “……”

It never occurred to him that this was the reason. Lu Ye, who thought he was being seen as a bad bully in the eyes of Bai Xiaohu, fell silent for a moment.

He looked at Bai Xiaohu without a word, rarely felt at a loss for words when he wanted to say something, so he turned around and continued walking.

However, Bai Xiaohu’s mood improved, and she happily walked beside him: “So you think I treat you as a bad person? Then don’t you get angry? You have a really good temper. If it was me, I would feel uncomfortable if I got treated as a bad person.” The more she spoke, the better she got with the new language. After she felt that this man was a good person, she felt a lot closer to him all of a sudden, “By the way, why do you say that I am a savior of your team members, but in fact, I didn’t save anyone.”

Lu Ye said: “Didn’t you let them hide in the clothing store and stop the zombies yourself?”

Bai Xiaohu tilted her head and thought for a while: “No, they appeared suddenly, so I stepped to the side to give them the right of way. I wanted them to pass first. Who knew they all ran to the house behind me.” She said, but then she came to understand, “Do they think that I let them into the house on purpose?”

Lu Ye stopped and looked at her silently, while Bai Xiaohu looked back innocently.

After a while, Lu Ye sighed, and continued to move forward: “Let’s go.” A bunch of fools. When it comes to this little girl, he often feels speechless.

They finally arrived at the parking lot, and Lu Ye began to search through a pile of abandoned cars.

Bai Xiaohu watched him busy: “Do you want my help?”



“By the way, I don’t seem to know your name yet.”

Lu Ye said: “My name is Lu Ye.”

“Lu Ye?” Why does this name sound familiar? Then she suddenly remembered, “You are the captain of the Zhongyang team!”

Lu Ye simply answered “Yes”, and Bai Xiaohu let out a “Wow”, and continued: “Then you must be very strong?” Oh, she already saw how strong he was, her fox ears almost got scared out because of him.

Lu Ye finally pulled out a motorcycle from the ruins, started to tinker with it, and asked casually, “Then what’s your name? Where did you come from?”

“My name is…” Bai Xiaohu translated her name into the pronunciation here, “Bai Xiaohu, I come from… a faraway place.” She thought for a while, um, this saying is not wrong, she didn’t lie.

Lu Ye asked: “Traveling by yourself?” Is her family at ease? In other words, no normal person would let her travel alone like this, right?

Bai Xiaohu felt a little dejected, and hugged the little chicken demon from her head to touch its fur: “Otherwise, what should I do, I have to come out.”

Lu Ye: “Why is that?”

“Because I’m looking for a… looking for a person.” She almost said that she was looking for a cat.

Lu Ye paused: “Who?”

Bai Xiaohu paused for a moment, she didn’t know what the person she was looking for looked like.

For now, the only clue seems to be the young human whose butt was touched by her when she first got here.

She still has to use her spiritual power to investigate if he is the cat demon or not. If not, she has to find out where and how he got the cat demon’s aura on him.

Speaking of which, in the warehouse that day, she clearly felt a stronger cat demon aura. At that time, she thought it was coming from Lu Ye, but she was immediately frightened by the thunder he struck. After that, she didn’t sense that aura again, and she didn’t think about it again.

Now that she thinks about it, it’s really suspicious.

She looked at Lu Ye who was squatting there dismantling the motorcycle, took two steps closer, and then stretched her neck quietly. She didn’t smell anything, only the aura of thunder and lightning that had not completely dissipated.

She looked left and right like a thief, then slid her eyes down little by little, quietly, and landed on the man’s… butt.

The man was wearing a black shirt and because he was currently bending over, the fabric was tight, showing a strong and thick back. His waist was lean and thin, with firm and smooth lines. In terms of his buttocks……

Lu Ye suddenly felt a chill on his back. The sun was high in the sky, and the temperature was quite high in the summer, but he felt a chill for no reason.

When he turned around, the little girl was standing two meters away, hugging her chicken, her beetle-shaped children’s backpack with a broken strap was still hanging on her arm, and the other big bag of food had been lost long ago in the pile of zombies.

She looked at the sky and the ground, with an intoxicated expression of “Why is the weather so good today”. Her fair face was slightly flushed as if it had been exposed to the sun for too long, and she just stood there looking leisurely and beautiful, bright and upright.

Lu Ye slowly retracted his gaze, still having a feeling that something was not right.

Lu: It feels chill around my buttocks

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