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PSMAT Chapter 12


The trip back to the base was smooth. As for the helicopter in the sky, it flew away by itself. One of the rules of the Zhongyang team is that everyone who comes out together has to help each other get back. They can ask for help from the team if they encounter something out of their capability, but not unless their life is in danger, don’t even think about taking a flight back. They shouldn’t be so delicate.

They went to the place where they parked the car earlier. Although they encountered some zombies on the way, Pan Gu and the others resolved it with ease.

Lu Ye silently walked to the end of the team. When they arrived at the place they parked, knowing that he was not welcomed by the little girl, he consciously sat in a different car. Bai Xiaohu did not notice his move at all, her eyes were staring at the SUV in front of her. She quietly observes every detail about it closely after she gets in it. 

Huh, this is the tool humans here use to travel. It is very comfortable to sit on and its speed is pretty fast. The empty and desolate streets outside the window flash backward quickly.

Bai Xiaohu felt very novel and looked out the window with the little chicken demon on her shoulders like someone uncultured. As she looked more and more, she gradually sensed something was wrong.

As a fox who has never ridden a car before, She, Feel, Carsick!

Lu Ye was sitting in the back of the SUV with his eyes closed. Although he leaned against the back of the chair, his sitting posture as a whole still gave people a meticulous feeling, and the atmosphere in the car felt a little serious.

Although Lu Ye is not a strict person nor was he fierce towards the others, almost everyone on the team was afraid of him.

As they passed by a wide main road, the two cars drove side by side with each other. Lu Ye opened his eyes and looked beside him. Through two layers of glasses, it was a bit hard to see, but Lu Ye still noticed the little girl was not feeling well, probably because her face looked in pain so badly.

He frowned: “Park the car.”

The person who was driving immediately stepped on the brake: “Boss?”

As this car stopped, the other car also stopped. Lu Ye got out of the car and knocked on the window next to Bai Xiaohu: “Open the door.”

Bai Xiaohu opened her eyes and looked over with a lack of energy. Her expression was stunned and confused. The driver unlocked the door, and Lu Ye opened the door to ask Bai Xiaohu: “What’s wrong?”

Bai Xiaohu felt extremely nauseous as if the world had been flipped upside down. After living for so long, she never had such an experience, she felt so unformattable she thought she was about to die. When she heard the question, right after the first word she said, “I…”, her throat felt sour and salty, and the sour water in her stomach backfloat, and she quickly stumbled out of the car. While holding onto a pole next to the road, she vomited.

This time, she really vomited, not just retching nor faking. The funny thing was that her little black chicken did the exact same things as her, and also squatted on the ground to vomit, making an extremely strange voice.

Lu Ye: “……” This scene seems quite familiar.

He ordered the others to: “Pay attention to the alerts around.” Then he asked Pan Gu who also got out of the car quickly looking lost: “Bring me a bottle of water.”

After receiving the water and walking to Bai Xiaohu, he did not stand too close to her. He looked at the things that Bai Xiaohu spit out. It seemed to be red fruit pieces, and it did not smell bad like the filth of regular people. Instead, ……it has some kind of light fragrance?

Lu Ye looked away and reached into his pocket. This time, he finally took out a packet of napkins. When Bai Xiaohu finally finished vomiting, he handed over the water with the lid open: “Rinse your mouth.”

Bai Xiaohu looked wilted, and subconsciously did what he said.

When Lu Ye saw how airheaded she looked, he tried to pull her tentatively away from her vomit, and asked, “Do you feel better?”

Bai Xiaohu has no strength in her arms and legs. She squatted to rest, covering her mouth with a napkin in one hand, and rubbing her stomach with the other hand. Her eyes looked red, her face was pale, hard to describe how miserable she looked.

She murmured: “Am I going to die?”

Lu Ye: “… It’s probably just carsickness.”

Bai Xiaohu felt blank: “Carsick?” Oh, yea, there is a concept called carsick in her memory, but the man who she got the memory from never experienced it before. How could she know that carsick felt this terrible, she thought there’s something wrong with her body in the car just now. Then, she quickly mobilizes the spiritual energy within her silently to resist discomfort.

Yet she found the universal aura that can even help with lung injury, doesn’t work at all!

She looked at the shiny SUVs in shock and awe. The human’s car was so scary, and she would never sit in it again!

The emotions in her eyes were too obvious. Lu Ye looked at her: “Can you still get in the car?”

Bai Xiaohu quickly shook her head, but she felt even dizzier when she shook it. She held onto her head, and it felt like there was a vortex in her mind, and she dumbly said: “I, I don’t ride a car, you all can go, I no longer want to go with you all.”

Pan Gu who stood aside watching quickly said, “How can we do this? How about we travel by foot slowly with you?”

Bai Xiaohu quickly waved her hand: “No need to do that, don’t care about me.” How can she let so many people delay their itinerary just because of her, she feels bad about it. And she doesn’t have to go with them since she doesn’t know them anyway.

Pan Gu looked at Lu Ye for help: “Boss, you see?”

Lu Ye’s brow slightly frowned, aside from whether she was a psychic esper or not, just based on the fact that she saved Pan Gu and the other’s life, he can’t just leave her halfway alone like this.

He said to Pan Gu: “You go back with the others first, I’ll stay. Leave some water and food for us.” Seeing Pan Gu still hesitate, he said, “Go.”

Pan Gu looked at Bai Xiaohu and Lu Ye back and forth, then nodded: “Then boss, be careful. Young Lady, we will go first, but you must visit our Zhongyang team, ok? I still need to treat you to dinner as thank you.” Pan Gu sighed, he barely got to talk to her, and he hadn’t even asked about her name yet. But then he believed that the boss would for sure bring her back, and felt relieved.

The cars drove away, Bai Xiaohu was still squatting on the ground with a lack of energy, her thin, soft, black, and shiny hair no longer waving in the air, and her curly long eyelashes seemed less obvious now. It flops sullenly, which makes her look exhausted as if she had suffered great devastation.

The little black chicken was also squatting beside her, its fluff all over its body also flopped, and the two looked extremely similar.

Someone as calm as Lu Ye, couldn’t even help but look at the two more, and suddenly understood why Pan Gu liked to take pictures secretly so much. Because he also wanted to take a picture of the scene in front of him right now.

He moved his fingers, and asked softly after a long time, “Do you feel better? Can we go?”

Bai Xiaohu was taken aback for a moment, and then realized that someone was standing beside her: “You didn’t leave?”

Lu Ye: “……” He has been standing here the entire time as a sizable living being, ok?

Isn’t she afraid of him? Why is he lacking the sense of existence now?

Bai Xiaohu said: “You can go too, don’t worry about me, really.”

Lu Ye said: “No, this place is no better than the mountains, there are zombies everywhere at any time.” Once surrounded, it will be very difficult to get out.

That’s why he let Pan Gu and the others go first, he has the confidence to guarantee her safety, if it’s just her. Bai Xiaohu didn’t even have the strength to speak, and the aura she saved up was almost fully consumed by the power-strengthening spell earlier, and she feels very, very hungry after vomiting—although the spirit fruit did not fill her, it still took up some space in her stomach. Now it’s all empty.

She wanted to eat some more fruit right away, but since there was someone around her, she wasn’t stupid enough to expose her spatial treasure in front of others.

So when she looked at Lu Ye, she felt a little sad.

In Lu Ye’s eyes, it looked like a pitiful kitten asking for help; more precisely, a very, very beautiful kitten with smooth, soft fur.

His heart couldn’t help but soften, and his tone was as if he was coaxing a child: “Still uncomfortable?”

Bai Xiaohu said pitifully: “Hungry~”

The word “hungry” with long and soft consonants made Lu Ye tremble a bit uncontrollably. He opened the bag Pan Gu left them, and put it on the ground: “Take a look if there is anything you want to eat here.”

Bai Xiaohu’s eyes lit up, the whole backpack was full of food!

She stared at Lu Ye with staring eyes: “All, I can eat?”

Lu Ye smiled and said, “Of course.”

Bai Xiaohu immediately went to pick up the backpack as if she suddenly got resurrected back to full health. 

Is this the chicken drum? Chicken drums are so good! She tore open one of the packages and took a bite.

Is this an egg roll? It smells good and is crusty when you bite into it.

This is a milk candy, she chewed on it, crispy and the milk taste was really creamy!

These are rice balls. They seem to be freshly made. She stuffed them in one mouthful. Oh, they taste delicious!

And this little cake is so fluffy, soft, smells sweet, and has a filling!

Bai Xiaohu is about to cry, the food here is delicious. After hundreds of years of inhaling spiritual energy, drinking spiritual water, and eating fruits, Bai Xiaohu, who has never eaten processed food, felt like she had just opened the door to a whole new world. 

She can’t stop eating at all!

At first, Lu Ye looked at her devouringly with tolerance in his eyes, wondering if she hadn’t eaten for several days. Thinking of this made him feel a little pity, but gradually, as she ate one after another, chicken drum alone, she ate three packs of it. On top of that, she ate a whole container of rice balls, which is enough for three people! Plus various flavors of little cake, he couldn’t even count how much she ate. 

He started to have a headache. Do girls normally have such a big appetite? She really won’t have a stomach ache?

In addition, the little black chicken was also eating very vigorously. The two of them share the food, one eats this and the other eats that, and while they munch and crunch, they share their thoughts on the food. Soon, the whole package is deflated by more than half.

He tried to persuade them: “Are you full?”

Bai Xiaohu paused, touched her belly, and showed a surprised expression. Lu Ye breathed a sigh of relief, but then he heard Bai Xiaohu happily say: “I’m a little full!” Human food can fill her stomach, she’s so excited!

Lu Ye: “…… a little?”

Bai Xiaohu nodded non-stoppingly, looking at Lu Ye with sparkling eyes as if she was looking at a long-term meal ticket: “Pan Gu…..” That should be the name, “Pan Gu said, your food is very good.”

Lu Ye had the feeling that he was a fat chicken and was being targeted by a fox at this very moment.

Bai Xiaohu’s eyes continued to shine: ” If I join you, do I get to eat eat eat every day?”

From the memories she got, the rules are like this for sure, and from the logos on their clothes, she could tell that they were members of an organization called the Zhongyang Team.

In the memory of that man in the wall, the Zhongyang Team is a place where countless people want to get in with all of their efforts. One of the reasons is because their benefits are really good, you don’t have to worry about food and drink after you join. Material-wise, they live similarly to the pre-apocalypse period.

The only problem is that their recruitment standards are a bit high, but it doesn’t matter, she’s not bad. If anything, she could pretend to be one of the so-called esper things, right?

Fire type? She does know some fire spells, but it consumes a lot of aurae.

It would be great if the spatial treasure can be used freely, then she can pretend to be a space-type esper.

Otherwise, maybe a water-type esper, since she can now take water polo out from the spiritual spring.

Bai Xiaohu, who had no idea that she was already being seen as a psychic type esper in the eyes of others, was trying hard to use her brain to come up with a camouflage.

Lu Ye just watched her as she nibbled the cake one bite at a time, while her round eyeballs were rolling around thinking and planning something. Surprisingly, he didn’t feel offended. If other people were planning to play tricks in front of him, he would definitely not take another look at them and immediately blacklist that person.

However, when it comes to this little girl, she just looks like a little kitten thinking about how to be naughty.

Lu Ye realized that his thought was a bit dangerous, so he put it aside and said, “You want to join us? Then we shall go.”

“Right.” Bai Xiaohu patted her skirt and stood up. At this moment, her movements stopped suddenly, and Lu Ye also frowned. A small group of zombies appeared around the corner and rushed over screaming. Lu Ye walked in front of Bai Xiaohu, and with a wave of his hand, an electric arc struck out.

The zombies running in the front were sent flying, but the zombies behind continued to attack persistently. Lu Ye was about to continue attacking when he suddenly realized something feels wrong.

These zombies didn’t come for the two of them, but…

They jumped on the pile of vomit spit out by Bai Xiaohu, and frantically started grabbing it.

Lu Ye frowned and threw out a few more thunderbolts decisively. After the thunderbolt flashed in the air, dozens of zombies were burned to ashes, and the air was filled with a burnt smell. No matter who it was here to see that, everyone would for sure pay their respects sincerely.

Lu Ye’s expression was calm, his clothes didn’t even have a wrinkle, as if he wasn’t the one who made the attack, he turned to Bai Xiaohu and said, “Let’s go.”

However, the little girl had already hidden behind a street lamp a few meters away, holding a bag of food in her arms with the bristled little black chicken on her head. She quietly stuck her head out, her hesitation was written all over her face.

Lu Ye: “What’s wrong, we’re not leaving?”

Bai Xiaohu smiled dryly: “Well, why don’t I think about it a little more?”

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