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PSMAT Chapter 11


How can he say that, when can’t she speak?

Bai Xiaohu, who is still not very proficient in human language, immediately felt offended and said seriously: “I’m not dumb. I from beginning can speak.”

As soon as Lu Ye spoke just now, he knew that he had made a slip of the tongue, but what is going on with this vague accent she has?

And this deliberately slowed rate of speech, word by word, as if she had just learned how to speak and is speaking very cautiously.

However, he didn’t probe much, and immediately said: “Sorry, I made a slip of the tongue.”

Bai Xiaohu waved her hand: “Just okay, okay.”

What is this answer?

Bai Xiaohu paused for a moment: “Oh, it’s all right.” Thinking of something, she said, “That gun, I once fired, return, you.” She knew that thing was called a gun and is used for self-defense. In this world, a gun can sometimes save a person’s life, and she has a better impression of this man after knowing this.

Now that she sees him, he feels friendly to her.

She wanted to take off the backpack on her shoulders, but the straps of the backpack were too short, and it took a while for her to put it on her shoulder, so it was not easy to take off.

With one strong pull, the strap snapped.

“Uh…” Bai Xiaohu was a little embarrassed, as she unzipped the zipper, a black chicken head popped out chirping, accusing Bai Xiaohu of not allowing it to come out and help.

Bai Xiaohu hurriedly stroked it to appease it: “Don’t you hate eating the demonic energy here? Didn’t I take care of it well myself? Don’t be so angry!”

It’s not Mandarin anymore, and she speaks this language much more fluently.

Bai Xiaohu flipped through the backpack, took out a silver pistol gun, and handed it to Lu Ye: “Back, to you, uh, knife, broken.”

After prying the heads of so many zombies, the blade was quite dull, so she was embarrassed to give it back.

Just before Pan Gu and the others start heading over to them, they see the appearance of the important prop item, the gun, and they all stop. Pan Gu winked and gestured: “We should go and check out the ones who are injured, right?”

“Oh, yes, yes, yes.” The others also winked and retreated hypocritically. There is no trace of any signs that all of them have been fighting for their life not long ago. When they ran into the clothing store, they all took out their mobile phones.

Pan An immediately took a photo of the two in the distance and sent it to the group chat.

Pan An is not as handsome as me: [Picture]

Pan An is not as handsome as me: Hurry up and take a look, it’s this young lady!

He has some sense of accountability, or so-called fear of getting beat up by the boss later, that he didn’t include their face in the photo.

There’s no way one can’t recognize that handsome man in black is their boss. Two meters away from him is a girl wearing a fairy white dress. The dress almost reaches the ground and completely covers the feet. It is complicated but not cumbersome. The wind blew on the outer layer of the dress, and that layer seemed to be translucent under sunlight, and you could still see the complicated patterns on it. If you look up, there is a thin waist outlined by a belt, with long hair reaching the waist. The end of the hair is slightly waving in the wind, and it looks very elegant and soft.

She stretched her hand out, holding a silver pistol gun. The slightly wide sleeves were dripping down, revealing her snow-white wrist and slender fingers. Even though the quality of the picture was not very good, it still showed a kind of jade-like luster beauty.

Originally, people in the group chat were very worried about Pan Gu when they heard that he encountered the space-type zombie, but the worry didn’t last long because he soon sent such a photo, and everyone immediately screamed.

Goldfish: Oh wow, this young lady is dressed so fairy-likely, you don’t need to look at her face to know she must be a beauty.

Wood makes up the forest: Let us see the face please, if there is no front photo, a side view is just as good!

Steam bun wants to eat meat: What she is holding is the boss’s gun right, so the boss really gave her the gun? What’s the relationship between them!

Raindrop fall fall falls: Who the hell is this, but this hand, and this temperament, absolutely amazing, I declare that I will go back to my old job as a face simp.

Forty meters broadsword: Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird to dress like this? The love of beauty also needs to be considerate of the situation, right?

For a while, people left messages one after another, but there were a few that were not particularly pleasant. Pan Gu frowned and stopped uploading pictures, but his gossiping eyes still stared at the two.

In the distance, Lu Ye glanced at them lightly, and turned to Bai Xiaohu and said: “You don’t need to return it, however, this crystal core belongs to you.”

Bai Xiaohu’s eyes laid on the crystal core in his hand. It’s quite special. Although it’s white, it has high transparency and contains a thick amount of spiritual energy. Worthy of being something that’s produced by a high-level zombie.

However, since she has access to the spiritual fruit in her spatial treasure now, she doesn’t care as much about these crystal cores. Especially since this thing has just been roasted by lightning, and is sitting on top of a dangerous hand. She shook her head: “In your hand, just yours.”

“You killed the zombie, so it should be yours.” As Lu Ye said that, he naturally walked over a few steps to give the crystal core to Bai Xiaohu, but Bai Xiaohu immediately tensed up and retreated two steps as if she was facing an enemy.

Lu Ye stopped in astonishment.

At the same time, he heard the sound of something being squeezed hard. He looked at the gun in Bai Xiaohu’s hand, and Bai Xiaohu also lowered her head, only to see that the metal handle of the gun she was holding in her hand had been pinched tightly and was distorted.

Bai Xiaohu: “……” Her power-strengthening spell hadn’t expired yet, so when the man approached, she got nervous and failed to control her strength……

Bai Xiaohu was a little embarrassed and annoyed, but this is not her fault. There’s still some lightning aura left on Lu Ye’s body. Even though she knew it came from his supernatural power, she subconsciously became nervous when that aura approached her. If she was in the form of a fox, all of her furs would be all puffed up.

If she knew that there was a word called post-traumatic stress disorder, she would definitely label that on her head. She was not afraid of judgemental lighting at first, she wouldn’t be afraid even if the judgmental lighting struck her to death, but it burned all of her tails! That’s so unacceptable, and since then anything lightning related has become the most terrifying existence in her mind.

But there was no way to explain it. After being embarrassed for a while, she said shyly, “It seems that I can’t give it back.” She scratched her head: “I’m sorry, I will pay you back after I fix it?”

Lu Ye said: “It’s fine, it was originally for you.” When he gave it out, he never thought of getting it back, although the final destiny of this gun was beyond his expectations.

He continues: “Then, this crystal core……”

“It’s yours, it’s yours.” Bai Xiaohu said hurriedly, she wanted to say that she broke his gun, so this crystal core should be used as compensation. Lu Ye understood what she meant, so he didn’t force it.

He wasn’t blind. This little girl was avoiding him from head to toe, so he didn’t bother to make fun of himself. He nodded slightly and looked towards Pan Gu.

The few people who were peeping from the clothing store quickly pretended to be busy.

Lu Ye walked over to lecture Pan Gu: “If you are injured, how do you still have the energy to play on your phone? From now on, you are only allowed to bring a communicator when you go out, not a phone.”

Pan Gu suddenly became dejected: “Yes.”

Lu Ye stretched out his hand, and Pan Gu handed over the phone obediently. Lu Ye quickly scanned through the messages in the group chat, came across the photo, looked at it twice, and quickly unsend the message. Throwing the phone back to Pan Gu: “How is everyone?”

Pan Gu hurriedly said: “Fortunately, everyone was wearing gel coats. Only a few people were hit by the zombie and vomited some blood, but they were not infected.”

The space zombie appeared suddenly, and they couldn’t trap it at all. It’s quite intelligent, it keeps using teleportation to sneak up on people. It can injure people with a flick of its arms and a collision with its body. If it weren’t for the toughness of the rubber coat that blocked several of its claw attacks, many people would have been infected.

They couldn’t trap nor defeat it, so all they could do was scurry around in the streets, finding a place to hide from time to time, but it was useless, that zombie kept chasing after them.

Pan Gu rejoiced and said: “So fortunate that we met that young lady, she saved us, she is very powerful.”

Lu Ye looked at Bai Xiaohu, she was hugging the puffed-up little black chicken to comfort it. That’s right, the moment he approached, the little black chicken bristled and ran to hide behind its owner’s hair. Its reaction as if it had encountered an enemy was almost exactly the same as its owner’s, just way more obvious.

Is he really that scary?

He withdrew his gaze, and his face became a little colder.

Pan Gu shrank his shoulders, feeling that boss seemed to be in a bad mood today.

Lu Ye went to see the few people who were injured, and a healing-type esper was performing some treatment.

Lu Ye said, “Clean up and let’s go back.” These guys have to take a break for a while.

The others immediately said: “Yes.” Then those who were not injured carried the injured ones. They just need to pack up a few things before leaving.

Lu Ye called Pan Gu over: “Go and ask that girl if she wants to come with us.”

Pan Gu was puzzled: “Boss, why don’t you go yourself? Don’t you know her better?”

Lu Ye looked at him, and Pan Gu immediately changed his words: “I’ll go, I’ll go right away!”

After running for a few steps, he turned back: “By the way, what’s her name, Boss? I must know her name if I want to talk to her, right?”

Lu Ye still looked cold.

Ok, it’s fine if you don’t want to say it.

Pan Gu hurried to Bai Xiaohu: “Miss, we are going back to the base, do you want to come with us?”

He spoke a little fast, Bai Xiaohu had to review the words in her head before she understood them, she asked, “Is it the Jiangcheng base?”

“Of course, there is only one base here. There were several before, not too far apart, but later they were merged into the Jiangcheng base. Now the nearest base is the Haicheng base. It will take more than ten days to half a month if you walk on foot. But for Jiangcheng Base, it’s only half a day’s journey, and we have cars. We can get there in a little over an hour.”

Bai Xiaohu only understood half of this long series of sentences.

She is like a foreigner who has just learned a new language by force-feeding and is forced to communicate face-to-face with the local people. She is under a lot of pressure, but she is still a little proud of herself. Can another fox adapt as quickly as she does? Brothers always say she is stupid, but she is super smart, okay?

Pan Gu said again: “Come with us, you have saved so many of us, we have to thank you. At the very minimum, treating you to dinner is a must.”

In the first half of the sentence, Bai Xiaohu was still thinking, when did I save you? But when she heard the second half of the sentence, she couldn’t think about anything else, her mind was full of food, and after beating up that zombie, she was starving.

“I can eat?”

“Of course, our Zhongyang team has good food, chicken, duck, fish, rice, and vegetables, as well as fruits and desserts. We got whatever you want, because we have our own breeding and planting facility, and the ingredients are basically all fresh.” Pan Gu said very proudly.

Bai Xiaohu’s eyes sparkled, and she nodded with a smile: “Okay, let’s go.”

Pan Gu looked at Lu Ye as if he was asking for credit, he looked like, “Boss, I have completed the task perfectly, please praise me!” However, Lu Ye, who saw the two of them chatting happily from the beginning to the end, turned his face away lightly, leaving him with the back of the head coldly.

Original Author’s Note:

When ‘someone’ got a little closer, Bai Xiaohu bristled.

Pan Gu: Miss, you wanna come with us? 

Bai Xiaohu: Let’s go!

‘Someone’: Heh

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