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PD99YSW Chapter 8


Chapter 8 Absolutely very H, very hot

“In-laws, our family’s Qingqing is joking. The engagement ceremony will proceed normally, will go on normally.”

Su Ruhai didn’t want to miss such a fine and rich son-in-law, and kept winking at the master of ceremonies, “Go on with the ceremony, continue, continue, don’t stop.”

“As I said, I won’t be engaged in today’s engagement ceremony, and I believe that the person that Young Master Quan wants to spend his life with the most should not be me, right?”

Facing Su Qingqing’s calm questioning, Quan Lie was stunned, “What nonsense are you talking about, who else is there besides you?”

A strong sense of unease swelled in his heart. Quan Lie, who fooled around outside last night, felt a little guilty. Could it be that Su Qingqing knew something?

Su Qingqing’s pleasant voice continued, “Young Master Quan is really forgetful, how could he forget what happened last night so quickly?”


Su Qingqing smiled knowingly, and said in a very understanding tone. “It doesn’t matter, I just received a very interesting thing, anyhow it’s better to enjoy music with others than to enjoy it alone, why not I help Young Master Quan recall it.”

All of a sudden, she unexpectedly thought of something.

With her flirtatious red lips hooked, in front of so many people, she walked gracefully and steadily towards the most honorable man in the audience.

“Second Master, what happens next may be very offensive. I hope the Second Master will not be too fussy with this little girl.”

Su Qingqing’s attitude was neither humble nor arrogant, and her sweet voice seemed to have a hint of playfulness in it, which made the people present drop their jaws in shock.

Although he already knew of her plan, Quan Moting’s dark brown pupils still darkened a bit more for a moment.

After getting the desired effect, Su Qingqing quickly asked the emcee for her mobile phone.

In this case, the master of ceremonies had to give it to her. Anyone with discerning eyes, when they see Su Qingqing, they must be prepared.

Rich people really know how to play.

Soon, a certain video from her mobile phone was playing on the big screen.

The video was obviously very H and very violent.

Cough, the content was extremely hot to the eyes.

Of course, Su Qingqing was a very kind-hearted person. She deliberately put mosaics on the private parts of the body. However, she judged that the faces of the hero and heroine did not need to be concealed, therefore, under the high-definition picture quality, everyone could fully appreciate the incomparably enjoyable expressions of the male and female protagonists.

Even more explicit was the conversation between the man and woman.

“Don’t… Let’s see if it’s safe here, what are you worried about~”

“Baby, I miss you so much. You have swept my soul tonight, say, looking at me in a dress like this, don’t you want your man to satisfy you?”

“Lie~ It’s amazing, I’m so happy to be with you…”

“Hah hah, has Xiao Nuo and Little Uncle not done it yet? Maybe he is not good?”

The conversation came out first-rate. All the female guests present were red-faced, while the male guests were half lost and half stared at the scene on the hearty picture displayed on the screen.

However, no one dared discuss the man and woman on the video.

Moreover, the “Little Uncle” mentioned by Quan Lie in the video was the famous Second Master Quan, who was worshiped like a god in the whole Capital and dare not offend!

It’s over, Young Master Quan was really daring, wasn’t good at concealing his affairs, yet still gave his Second Uncle the green hat.

Such an unlucky boy~

As the male lead, Quan Lie naturally had a black face, grabbed Su Qingqing’s mobile phone, and turned off the video in a rage.

“Su Qingqing, you are ruthless!”

Quan Lie had a grim look on his face, but his good upbringing kept him from smashing Su Qingqing’s mobile phone to pieces.

At this moment, his first reaction was to open his mouth and explain to Quan Moting, 

“Second Uncle, listen to me, it’s not like this, it’s all a misunderstanding, it’s……that’s right, it’s that woman who entangled herself with me. I was a bit drunk at that time and didn’t know anything.”

The corners of Su Qingqing’s mouth twitched a few times. Quan Lie was really a scumbag. The hard evidence was already like a mountain. Not only did he not take responsibility, but he instead poured all the dirty water on a weak woman.

He really was the best among the scumbags, the best among the best, and the best fighter among the best fighters.

“You can still be so daring even if you’re drunk? Your thinking is so clear. Isn’t it a little hard to convince the public to say that you were forced to act with that woman?”

“Good, Su Qingqing, scheming against me, don’t you feel ashamed? Just wait for your Su family to go bankrupt tomorrow for offending me!”

Quan Lie took off his coat, tore off the red bow tie on his neck, and threw it to the ground, “Continue what? I really don’t feel like being engaged today, let’s call it a day!”

Compared with the anger of Quan’s family, Su Ruhai’s unwillingness, and the curiosity of many melon eaters watching the show, Su Qingqing on the other hand just smiled lightly.

She was arrogant as a queen, and she didn’t even give Quan Lie a good face.

However, in the next second, Su Ruhai rushed up and raised his hand to slap Su Qingqing. Unexpectedly, there was someone who moved faster than him.

“Mr. Su, she is not someone you can easily harm at present.”

A cold, deep voice suddenly echoed in the hall, and the eyes of everyone in the audience widened, for fear that they may have seen it mistakenly.

This Second, Second Master actually made a move?

“Second Master, this….” As Su Ruhai raised his eyes, he was met with a pair of dark and unclear ones, and like an obedient person, he didn’t dare to breathe for a moment under the oppressing atmosphere, ” just a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding. “

Su Qingqing looked at the two men who were “fighting” for her sake, Su Ruhai’s gold mine was lost, naturally, he would want to deal with her, but why did the Second Master help her?

Because of their unspeakable relationship?

However, the man’s indifferent attitude, which screamed he had nothing to do with her, instantly pushed Su Qingqing’s fantasy down to the eighteenth floor of hell. It was estimated that the Second Master only felt embarrassed by being cheated on, so he used her to play off the topic.

Yes, it must be so.

“Moting, this matter…”

Qu Xiumei knew this Little Uncle best. However, he didn’t say anything and explain. If he really got angry and reported it to the old man, even if Quan Lie won’t die, he would probably be half dead.

She had just come to intercede when she was severely interrupted.

“It’s almost time for today’s farce to end, Su Qingqing, still not going?”

After saying that, Su Qingqing really followed behind Quan Moting in front of everyone’s eyes, like an obedient dog.

After getting into Quan Moting’s car, a delicate bag was handed to her.

She took the bag numbly and saw that inside was actually a long black lace dress, which was the size she usually wears, and her big eyes rolled instantly.

“Second Master, don’t you want me to…”

Just change clothes inside the car?

Did he mean that they won’t stop on the road to let her change somewhere? Could it be that he wanted her to change in front of him?!

“In the car, or outside the car. Choose”

“… a third option?”

The man raised his eyebrows and said solemnly, “Do you need me to help you change your dress for you?”

Damn, can she take back what she just said?!

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