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PD99YSW Chapter 7


Chapter 7  Make a scene at the engagement ceremony

Su Qingqing would naturally not refuse a free ride.

The cars in the Quan family’s garage were marked with the family crest of the Quan family. As long as Quan Moting didn’t show his face, no one would know that he was  the one who sent Su Qingqing back to the Su family.

As they arrived at the Su residence, Su Qingqing first politely thanked Quan Moting, and then got out of the car after getting the man’s approval.

Song Yu had no choice but to complain about his master’s straight man style, “Second Master, you can show your wife at least a smile, you know.”

No wonder. Second Master was already a gorgeous man himself. Let alone not being attracted to any girls, even shallow praise and fake affection was out of the question.

“What nonsense, hurry up and drive.”

However, the man’s dark eyes squinted.

Song Yu didn’t dare to speak out for a moment, only thinking that this kind of thing would take a long time to come. After the marriage contract between the wife and the young master was settled, the second master and the wife would cultivate their relationship under the same roof. They all said that water droplets can weather through stones, let alone Second Master, this big iceberg.

That night, some people were happy and some were worried, but Su Qingqing, as the heroine of the engagement banquet, was more than happy.

After she got home, she took a shower and put on a face mask while in a good mood. Although she didn’t pay attention to getting engaged tomorrow, it was the first time in her life that she would wear a wedding dress. It would be a truly memorable day. She must be beautiful, in all its splendor and glory.

It’s better to blind Quan Lie’s pair of 24 titanium alloy dog ​​eyes.

The next day, in the Su residence, which had always been cold and quiet, was crowded with nosy female relatives early in the morning. Su Qingqing was still doing her makeup in the room, yet her door was already surrounded by people

“Ah, our Qingqing is really a woman who has changed 18 years ago. She is really beautiful. She is a perfect match for Young Master Quan. They are a match made in heaven.”

“Oh, Old Su, you are so lucky, with such a prominent in-laws, your career will be smooth after that.”

“Where, where, it’s my family’s Qingqing who is excellent, I won’t say anything about the future, as long as my daughter is happy, this would be my greatest relief.”

When Su Ruhai heard it in his ears, he felt comfortable in his heart, and his old face was wrinkled with laughter.

“Mom, look at dad, Brother Lie is mine, why is Su Qingqing the one who is getting engaged.”

Su Miaomiao hated her to death. Even if she looked beautiful and had a good figure, it was clear that Brother Lie was obsessed with her charm. Therefore, giving the man to Su Qingqing, she won’t agree!

“Mom, I don’t care, find a way for me.” Otherwise, she would make trouble at the engagement banquet today.

Zhou Weiwei didn’t want to stop her, but at this juncture, once she wiped out Su Ruhai’s happiness, She’s afraid that her status would not be guaranteed. Wouldn’t her efforts and plans for so many years be in vain?

She patiently coaxed Su Miaomiao. “Lovely daughter, mother will definitely make one for you, but you have to calm down and don’t make your father unhappy.”


Su Miaomiao still wanted to refute, but was interrupted by Zhou Weiwei’s cold voice, “You listen to me this time, or don’t call me mother in the future!”

What were the mother and daughter scheming? Su Qingqing had a clear idea, but today she had to be reserved and elegant. 

When she arrived at the engagement banquet venue, Quan Lie arrived earlier in a white suit.

She had to say that their Quan family genes were really good. If one only looked at the face and not the character, Quan Lie would really fit Su Qingqing’s aesthetic point.

—But only a little bit.

“Qingqing, you are so beautiful today.”

Quan Lie’s eyes lit up. From the moment Su Qingqing appeared in a white wedding dress, his eyes could not wait to stick directly to her. He would not suffer from marrying such a beautiful stunner.

Screw you, no matter how beautiful you say I am, I am also your little aunt.

Su Qingqing only smiled and said, “Thank you, you are also very handsome today, it’s really true that clothes make a man just as a saddle makes a horse.”

Actually, you’re just dressed like a dog.

“Qingqing, why are you so polite to me? You will be my fiancee after today, and we will be a family from now on. Don’t worry, I will treat you well.”

The smile on Quan Lie’s face was like a spring breeze, but Su Qingqing only felt a little sick to her stomach. Last night, he gave her uncle the green hat, and now she was just so disgusted.

Scumbag stone hammer.

After she pursed her red lips, Su Qingqing did not resist Quan Lie coming over to lead her forward. Su Qingqing swept her sharp eyes to the seat where Quan Moting was sitting in the first row.

Wearing a well-tailored black custom suit, his expression was still as cold and solemn, and his handsome silhouette that was as sharp as a knife was simply stunning.

Damn, wearing such a stunning suit, don’t say he isn’t here to ruin the engagement?!

“Cough, Qingqing, why do you keep staring at Uncle?”

The smile on Quan Lie’s face froze for a moment. Every time his little uncle was around, he would always take away his aura, which made him very angry.

Su Qingqing looked back and said embarrassedly, “It’s nothing, I thought the Second Master would not come.”

If Quan Moting didn’t appear, Su Qingqing would feel a little more at ease, and if he actually broke the news about their marriage after she refused to be married, then she would really offend both parties.

She was wearing a white wedding dress and stood opposite Quan Lie, with the most beautiful makeup on her face, but her mind stayed on Quan Moting, and she didn’t even pay attention to what the witness was saying.

Until Quan Lie urged her more and more impatiently, “Qingqing, it’s time to exchange engagement rings.”

Su Qingqing smiled, making her delicate and enchanting face even more radiant, but her tone was cold and calm.

“I’m sorry, I can’t be engaged to you, I’ve thought about it, and we’re not really suitable for each other. It’s better to find your own true love instead of being tied together with me.”

Suddenly, Su Qingqing, under everyone’s stunned eyes, raised her hand and threw the ring from the ring box into the trash can with a graceful parabola.

Quan Lie’s face turned blue and red for a while, and finally he was so angry that blue veins could be seen on his forehead, “Su Qingqing, don’t kid with me!”

“Su Qingqing, you are crazy, how can you fool around with this kind of thing!”

Su Ruhai became really pissed at this rebellious girl, she had already entered the Quan family’s family. How much wealth and honor that seemed to be inexhaustible could she have in the future, just how stupid is she to let it go.

The people under the stage were talking a lot, but in fact, the people with the most embarrassed faces were the members of the Quan family.

Quan Lie’s father did not come, but the most angry was Qu Xiumei, Quan Lie’s biological mother.

“Su Qingqing, you made it clear. Back then, you were the one who wanted to marry our Lie’er, and now you are regretting this marriage in public? Do you really think that you can just trample our Quan family?”

What rubbish, dare to reject her son?

“In laws, don’t be angry, Qingqing is joking, just joking.” Su Ruhai was so anxious that he sweated buckets, and scolded Su Qingqing to apologize.

“Su Qingqing, hurry up and make amends!”

Su Qingqing raised her head. In everyone’s disdainful eyes, they thought she was a hypocrite, or that her brain was squeezed by the door and gone stupid.

Yet she only smiled and raised her voice, “I’ve said it before, and I don’t want to say it a second time. It’s impossible for me to apologize because the person who made a mistake isn’t me at all.”

“Young Master Quan should apologize to me first!”

Her slender jade finger pointed at Quan Lie, making all the guests quiet down.

Quan Lie was even more at a loss, “What nonsense are you talking about, which one of your eyes sees that I should be sorry to you first, clearly, a guilty person would distort the truth first!”

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