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PD99YSW Chapter 5


Chapter 5 Nearly Murdered Wife

“Fine rich husband?”

Su Qingqing smiled, naturally took the deep sea blue colored drink offered by the bartender, and took a small sip.

“Three-legged toads are hard to find, but aren’t two-legged men everywhere?”

“That’s right, Quan Lie, this second-hand goods only rely on his family’s prestige to make a fortune. If you really marry him, it will really be a flower stuck on a cow dung.”

(t/n A flower stuck in cow dung- as the saying goes, it means a beautiful girl married to an ugly or mean husband.)

Shi Yi turned around and quietly stuffed a room card into Su Qingqing’s hand.

“Well, I spent a full 10,000 US dollars just to get you the room card of Quan Lie’s suite. I’ll withdraw now sister if there’s nothing else.”

Whenever she wanted to play, she went to private clubs. She rarely stayed in places like this. If it wasn’t for helping Su Qingqing, she wouldn’t step in this muddy water at all.

Naturally, there was no need to say thank you. Su Qingqing and Shiyi were never polite with each other. 


After getting the room card, she swiped the door open.

As soon as it opened, there was no one inside. Su Qingqing breathed a sigh of relief.

According to the plan, she had to light the aphrodisiac incense inside for half an hour in advance. She must not be caught by Quan Lie, otherwise, she would fall short on her scheme.

She had just taken a step inside, and before she could see the view of the entire room clearly, something icy and cold was pressed against her neck.

Su Qingqing’s big eyes widened.

Oh my god, is this a dagger!

Damn it, when did Quan Lie come back and become this evil?

The plot suddenly went up and down like a roller coaster. She was so frightened that her head became a mess, until a strange yet familiar voice rang in her ears.

“What are you doing here?”

“You are…?” 

Su Qingqing became dumbfounded on the spot as if her soul flew out of her body, not daring to move at all. She felt that this person’s voice was familiar, but she just couldn’t remember it all.

It seemed that after she uttered these two words, the man’s inscrutable eyes became colder.

“Ms. Su is truly a lady that forgets many things. She just got her certificate during the day and forgot it all when she turned around. Really ruthless.”

What….what the hell!!

Quan Moting!!

Su Qingqing’s heart missed half a beat. She pursed her dry lips, and finally managed to find her voice.

“Second…Second Master, yesterday, we were so familiar with each other, there’s no need to get serious, anyway, we’re a couple by name, so take the knife away first, it’s scary. “

Wuwuwu, she’s about to have a nosebleed!!

“Answer me first, why are you here?” The man didn’t have the intention in taking the knife away, his tone was not only cold and sharp, but also indifferent. Su Qingqing was so scared that her palms and the back of her hand were sweating.

Her legs were also trembling.

It was humiliating to say that she sneaked to plot against someone, moreover, it was not a good quality to have, let alone of a person’s character. Su Qingqing thought about it seriously before speaking.

“I was a little dizzy after drinking two more glasses, therefore I got a room to rest.”

Taking advantage of an opportunity, she pretended to be surprised and asked, “Second Master, why are you in my room?”

“Are you sure this is your room?” The knife suddenly went an inch further.

Su Qingqing was so anxious that she wanted to curse him. She smiled on the surface, but her heart felt bitter inside. “Second Master, I really didn’t know you were here. If I knew, I wouldn’t dare disturb you.”

Damn, don’t even think of killing her!

Just when she regretted her decision, the man withdrew the dagger on her neck, took elegant steps, and sat down on a leather sofa, while Su Qingqing directly slumped on the ground in anxiety.

At this moment, Su Qingqing didn’t care about any shame, got up and prepared to grab the door and leave the scene of the crime as soon as possible.


The man’s voice was not loud, but Su Qingqing was frightened again that she turned back and made her way inside in a daze.

After all, Su Qingqing was still thinking about hugging his thigh, how could she let the boss be condescending towards her. Therefore she sat down next to Quan Moting very nicely, with her hands on her knees, showing eight teeth and smiling politely .

Even if she looked a little silly, it’s very good to make a favorable impression in front of the big guy. Well-behaved children will be given candy to eat.

“Second Master, what can I do for you, I can bring tea or water.  I am very happy to serve you.”

See how sincere her attitude is, she doesn’t want to be knifed when she hasn’t wandered around the world yet.

The man turned his face to look at her seriously. Under the orange light, Su Qingqing clearly felt her heart beating violently.

Su Qingqing was self-proclaimed. She also boasted that she had already seen many handsome guys, although these good-looking men appeared all the same to her. She was already aesthetically fatigued and had not found yet anything that could make her heart beat faster.

However, at this moment, the legendary Second Master Quan–who was known for his ruthlessness and fierceness, had an impeccable face, elegant gestures and a mature and stable male charm at a close distance, that also gives people a kind of domineering attitude of an absolute superior–

Tsk, the best in the world.

“It’s a pity to let you serve tea and pour water. A girl coming to this kind of place secretly, aren’t you afraid of incurring losses while also not being able to do what you wanted to do?” 

He reached out and snatched the aphrodisiac incense from Su Qingqing’s pocket.

Su Qingqing wanted to grab it, but Quan Moting threw it into the trash can.

“Second Master, how can you rob me? Aren’t you being rude?”

No! That’s what she also paid a full $10,000 for!!

Su Qingqing’s flesh ached. She was so angry but did not dare to say anything, and could only swallow this bitter water into her stomach.

“Forget it, I’ll just consider myself unlucky.”

If she can’t afford it, then she can always hide away.

Quan Moting snorted coldly, and before she could turn around and run away, his voice slowly sounded, “If you walk out of this room now, you will miss a great show, think about it clearly.”

She immediately stopped and looked at the door that was close at hand. Now she was sure that what Quan Moting did was definitely intentional. He could’ve said something directly, and not make her angry.

“What good show, can you explain clearly?”

Su Qingqing swallowed her saliva. This room card was given to her by Shi Yi, so there shouldn’t be any mistake.

But the person who appeared in the room at this moment was Quan Moting…

Could it be that Quan Moting knew of her plan to catch people, or maybe he also wanted to trick his nephew, and came to ambush ahead of time just like her?

“Shh, someone is coming, come with me.”

There was no time to explain more to her at this moment. In order not to be discovered, Quan Moting dragged Su Qingqing to hide in the huge wardrobe.

In an instant, Su Qingqing found herself half nestled on Quan Moting’s broad and hard chest in an extremely shameful posture.

She smelled the tobacco mixed with a faint cologne on the man’s body. Su Qingqing’s whole face quickly turned red like a cooked lobster, and her body was stiffer than a stone.

“Second Master, you…”

She had just uttered these three words, when a big hand suddenly covered her mouth. Then came the man’s voice that was low and bewitching. “Don’t talk, they’re coming in.”

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