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PD99YSW Chapter 4


Chapter 4 Women are not cruel and their status is unstable 

Soon, Su Qingqing knew why.

Because an hour later, a man in a suit and leather shoes appeared in the hall of the villa.

Seeing Su Qingqing sitting next to Quan Suiting very obediently, the man became shocked for a brief moment, but quickly plastered on a professional smile.

“Hello Miss Su, here is the form, please fill it out carefully after confirming that it is correct.”

The man pushed a piece of paper in front of Su Qingqing. Looking at the big characters “Marriage Registration Form” on the top of it, Su Qingqing’s proud expression collapsed.

What the hell–marriage registration?

Isn’t this drama moving a little too fast!!

Su Qingqing smiled slowly, her expression stiff.

“No, no, I mean that the household registration is not with me, or I will bring the documents with me another day, then we can……”

“No need.” 

The man’s cold voice continued, with a tone of indifference.

“Of course, if you insist on going back to get the household registration book, I can take you for a ride.”

Su Qingqing: “…..”

No, she can’t be rude, she must be calm and elegant. As long as she hugged this thigh tightly, there would be no problem in heaven. 

“Okay, I’ll fill it out, but before registering, can I have a request?”

The other party’s clear and cold voice was as sentimental as ever, without the slightest impatience.

“Are you thinking of learning from those TV dramas and making some unwritten contracts with me?”

Su Qingqing: “…..” How did he know!

“How could that be? It was me who took advantage of it. I don’t have the face to ask the Second Master to sign any contract. I just want to say to the Second Master that I want to handle the affairs of the Su family and the Quan family by myself, so the Second Master should not interfere….”

Quan Moting’s eyes chilled all the more but his voice did not change in the slightest. “You will naturally handle your own affairs. Even if you are Mrs. Quan, you must know your position.”

Su Qingqing: “…..” Then you can just choose someone else.

She only dared to whisper a few words, and under great pressure, neatly filled out the marriage registration form and handed it to the lawyer.

In less than ten minutes, Su Qingqing successfully obtained the first marriage certificate in her life by going through the back door.

There’s no mistake. It’s still fresh out of the oven, and it’s still hot.

After finishing this important life event, Su Qingqing did not stay in the Hanhai Bay any longer. Took a taxi with her own money and left.

Song Yu, as the confidant of the Second Master, was not used to this straight man style of his master.

“Sir, you’re newly married, isn’t it ungentlemanly for you to treat your wife like this?”

Seeing that his master was finally interested in women, Song Yu almost didn’t set off firecrackers to celebrate, but now, seeing Quan Moting’s lonely and beautiful arrogance, Song Yu felt disillusioned.

Sure enough, the Second Master was still the original Second Master, and even getting a wife can’t change his habit of being single.

The black lighter flicked in his fingertips, and the ignited red flame was reflected in his deep dark jade-colored pupils.

Quan Moting lightly instructed Song Yu.

“The engagement banquet is just around the corner, you should keep a close eye on me. Let Su Qingqing do whatever she wants. It’s best to give the sky a hole.”

“Second Master, what to do with the blind date that the old man arranged for you?”

Song Yu risked biting the bullet and said, “The old man has spoken. Miss Lin is the daughter of his best friend. If you don’t give him face, it is estimated that it will also affect the cooperation between the group and Lins in the second half of the year. “

Quan Moting was unmoved.

Song Yu: “Second Master, don’t take the group’s finances lightly…”

Quan Moting opened his mouth, sounding irrefutable. “Since it is a cooperation, as long as it is a member of the Quan family, anyone can do, then give it to Quan Lie.”

But Miss Lin is your blind date, damn it! Once you don’t like it, you directly give it to your nephew.

Song Yu, even if you are acclimatized, you should still obey his orders.


The wedding date with the Quan family was approaching. Now that everything was ready, only the driving force of success was left. In order to take advantage of this driving force, Su Qingqing specially contacted the most gossipy little fat boy in her class in college.

Su Qingqing made an appointment on WeChat to meet at a coffee shop at 2:00 pm, and deliberately wore a long black dress and a black hat to cover most of her delicate face.

Seeing the target tasked for the mission, she hooked her lips and waved. “Fat brother, here.” 

The little chubby boy’s eyes lit up, and he sat opposite the person who had already ordered a meal, his wretched little squinted eyes shone with an extremely sincere light.

“Sister Qing, do you have any business that requires this little brother to take care of?”

“Classmate, it’s not easy to know that you are paparazzi, you think there is no good thing asking you to come here in person?”

When they were still in college, Su Qingqing took care of this little fatty. After graduation, he didn’t expect the goddess to still think of him, he couldn’t be more happy.

“Sister, you are too polite, just tell me anything.”

Even if it’s not for money, he would still do the job properly.

Su Qingqing took out a photo in her bag and lowered her voice. “At eight o’clock tonight, at Holy Emperor World, wait for my signal, I promise you will get a big headline.”

“Isn’t this the young master of the Quan family?” The little fat boy was confused. This was Su Qingqing’s fiancé, isn’t he her own person?

Did the goddess take the wrong medicine, and letting him catch an illicit sexual affair?

“What, if you’re afraid, then I’ll just find someone else.” Su Qingqing frowned, picked up the photo and stuffed it back in her bag, intending to leave, but the little fatty hurriedly stopped her.

“Sister, I will do it, how can I miss such a good thing, as long as your side is okay, I will listen to everything you say.”

Everything was ready, except for this driving force.

Su Qingqing inquired beforehand. Quan Lie was going to hold a bachelor farewell party at the Holy Emperor World tonight. Apart from his fox friends, as the highlight of the evening, how could her good little sister be absent?


Waiting for Su Miaomiao to get inside the car, Su Qingqing also dressed up carefully.

Tonight Su Qingqing deliberately wore a red chiffon slip dress. The style of it showed her beautiful collarbone and slender swan neck, and her delicate little face with light makeup already seemed much more exquisite than others.

She didn’t want to be in the limelight on purpose, let alone attract the attention of Quan Lie and Su Miaomiao, she just wanted to find a little brother to drink with.

Cough, it’s also very good to talk about life along the way.

“Sister, here.”

Sitting on the bar was a tall and sexy beauty with a black slip dress that looked both sexy and leisurely. When she waved her hand, she not only caught Su Qingqing’s attention, but 80% of the men on the field were eager to rush forward one by one.

“It’s quite early.”

Su Qingqing also had a short black coat on. Bathed in men’s astonishing fiery gaze, she sat lazily at the side of the bar.

“How ready are you, whether this plan can be executed or not depends on you. “

“Oh, you don’t trust me when I do things. But you know, a released arrow could not be turned around. Do you not regret giving up such a fine husband to that little bitch Su Miaomiao?”

Isn’t tonight’s a beautiful night to execute the demise of the slut.

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