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PD99YSW Chapter 3


Chapter 3 Goodness, I want to cheat him!!

“Oh? You are talking about how to punish the wicked and eliminate the evil. If I am comfortable with it, I can think about it carefully.”

Quan Moting’s sexy lips curled slightly.

Su Qingqing gritted her teeth.

“Your eldest nephew cheated on me, therefore this lady is unwilling to be married to such a person. What lady would want a pair of broken shoes. Those bastards outside would instead be happy if I give up this marriage, anyhow I don’t want it!”

“Hmm, it does sound a little interesting.”

Su Qingqing’s eyes lit up.

However, after only a few seconds of being happy, Quan Moting poured a basin of cold water diffusing her elated feeling.

“However, why should I help you?”

Er... Su Qingqing was at a loss for words.

It seems that Quan Moting really had no reason to help her.

What to do, I can’t say that I suddenly fell in love with him and wanted to put an end to my relationship with Quan Lie?

Quan Moting lips arched into a faint smile.

“What, feeling guilty, or still thinking about how to make up a lie to deceive me.”

“No no no, Second Master, you have misunderstood. I would never dare lie to you. I just feel that some things are hard to tell, and I don’t know where to start.”

Please don’t ridicule, she’s already so scared that her legs have gone weak.

Quan Moting frowned. “Just make the long story short.”

“Uhm… I want to find a better man than that scum to piss him off?”

She scratched her head and asked this subconsciously. The man in her field of vision had cold white skin and his long and narrow phoenix eyes were like the deep sea.

And those sexy thin lips–

Even Su Qingqing, who was completely immune to all kinds of beautiful men, couldn’t deny that growing up having the appearance of a demon as Quan Moting would definitely be the best of the best.

A daring thought suddenly flashed into Su Qingqing’s mind.

Didn’t that scumbag Quan Lie cheated on her, then why not be with Quan Moting. She would then become Quan Lie’s second sister-in-law.

Holy moley, and he even makes a lot of money!

“Ah, if you don’t like my nephew, then why don’t you explain what kind of man interests you?”

Su Qingqing stared at him for a moment, could it be that the Second Master could read her mind and see through her rebellious thoughts that’s why he asked this question?

“Cough, the Second Master doesn’t have to worry about what kind of person I like. Anyway, the Quan family doesn’t even put a small family like us in their eyes. Even if the Second Master hits the mandarin ducks, you won’t be struck by lightning.” 

A certain someone–haha.

The man said “Oh”, and the corner of his beautiful mouth was somewhat hooked. 

“So you want to curse me.”

Su Qingqing’s mouth twitched fiercely. That’s not what she meant!

“Little thing, you’re pretending to be stupid with me. Since you walked into my place, your every move has been passed onto the Quan family. You said you didn’t want to marry Quan Lie, then do you want to marry me instead?”

Quan Moting’s eyes became more and more cold, and his light-colored pupils seemed to be covered with a layer of frost.


Su Qingqing’s pupils dilated, and her forehead was flowing with sweat.

“Second Master, you have misunderstood! I… I have absolutely no intention of coveting you…”

God watching three feet above, she would not dare want this hundred and twenty courage again!

She just… couldn’t help but think about it.

In the Buddha’s language, form is emptiness, and emptiness is form. Is it too late for her to start self-criticism now?

Quan Moting’s expression was frigid, and he said something horrifying.

“Never mind, you can think about it now.”

“Huh? Wha…..what do you mean?”

Quan Moting said quietly, “Literally.”

The girl blushed for a moment. Staring at the man’s fiery gaze for the first time, a sense of urgency spread in her heart making it beat faster.

“Second… Second Master, are you serious?”

“Otherwise, do you think I’m not as good as that stinky brat, Quan Lie?”

He suddenly stood up, his tall body shrouded a shadow over Su Qingqing, and his strong male hormones instantly surrounded her.

“Don’t want me to help you get revenge?”

Su Qingqing’s heart skipped a beat, and she bit her lip. 

Second Master, why do I feel like you want to take revenge on me?

“Cough, cough. In fact, even if the Second Master doesn’t say it, as a young woman with strong roots for the motherland, upholding the traditional virtue of repaying kindness, I will surely repay the Second Master greatly!”

She has to be reserved and calm. What if the Second Master simply wanted to accept her as a friend or an acquaintance, and if she got the wrong idea, wouldn’t it be embarrassing.

“Repay me?”

The man’s stern face finally showed a hint of interest, and Su Qingqing listened to his deep voice again.

“Su Qingqing, what kind of reward can I take for daring such a big risk for you?”


“If I remember correctly, the Quan family chose you because they liked what they saw in your natal birth chart, and it was even estimated that if Quan Lie married you, he could own 10% of the shares in Wantong Group for himself. If I come forward, it would really be bullying the younger generation.”

It was widely rumored that the Quan family was divided into two factions. The older generation, led by Master Quan, naturally supports the most beloved youngest son, Quan Moting. Even though there have been some rumors in recent years that Quan Moting was not from the Quan family, the old man had always been very protective of him.

The other faction was naturally Quan Lie’s father, that was, Quan Moting’s eldest brother.

For this second-generation ancestor to fancy her must be eight lifetimes’ worth of misfortune for her. Even the A’Dou that scurried up the wall in cowardice can’t give up on treatment.

No, Su Qingqing became a victim of feudal superstition. Quan Lie must have thought that if he married a woman with a destiny of a phoenix, they would be able to transform themselves and become prosperous.

Su Qingqing simply thought– Ah, who the hell came up with such a horrendous idea.

She’s not Aladdin’s magic lamp, who can make wishes come true if he gets it.

“Second Master, I’m just an ordinary girl. Besides, if they are really after the shares that my grandfather left for me, the more I can’t marry Quan Lie.”

Qingqing touched the wound wrapped in gauze on her head and sneered in a low voice. “I almost lost my life because of this marriage. Since someone wants to pick the things that I don’t want, then I’ll be a generous lady for them.”

“Second Master, as long as you are willing to help me, I am willing to give the 10% of shares in my hand, and…”

She paused, pressed her heart that was beating wildly, then continued solemnly, “As long as the Second Master can help me break off the engagement and get rid of the Su family, I will repay the Second Master well, with anything!”

The man raised his dark and deep eyes, and a condensed wave inside contained an intrigued mirth.

 “With anything?”

Su Qingqing was stunned for a while. His appearance, the tone of his voice, no matter how she thought about it, she felt a very dangerous aura coming off from him.

But thinking that the Second Master had the figure and the face, and his seniority which was the crucial point, it seemed that she was not at a disadvantage at all.

“Yes, anything!” Su Qingqing gritted her teeth and responded.

Then she only saw Quan Moting’s dark eyes show a rare appreciation, as he asked her in a casual tone, “Do you have your ID?”

Huh? Why are you asking for her ID?

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