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PD99YSW Chapter 2


Chapter 2 Hug close the powerful thigh even if its stepping into the mouth of the tiger

When her stepmother Zhou Weiwei saw this, she stepped forward, held Su Qingqing’s hand and said distressingly, “Okay, now that she’s back, it doesn’t matter what happened.”

“Mom, what you said is wrong. If my sister was bullied by them, just imagine how she could still be worthy to marry into the Quan family and be deserving of Brother Lie.”

Su Ruhai said quickly, “Miaomiao, don’t talk nonsense!”

Zhou Weiwei choked up, and immediately squeezed two tears from the corners of her eyes.

“Qingqing, my poor child, don’t be afraid. With your father and I in charge of you, we will definitely not let those people go.”

Ah, it’s really mother like daughter. Su Qingqing was cheated by this mother and daughter duo without even letting her say a word. They were so powerful that Su Qingqing even wanted to applaud them.

“I was only injured when I was robbed on the way back. Why would I be bullied in the mouth of Aunt Wei and my sister?”

Su Qingqing smiled slowly and said, “As soon as you opened your mouth, you immediately cursed me for an accident, do you think that without me, Su Miaomiao can instead marry into the Quan family?”

“Su Qingqing,  I am also a daughter of the Su family. Why can you but I can’t? Brother Lie clearly likes me more than you!”

Su Qingqing glanced at her indifferently. “Ah, if he really likes you, especially in bed, then he surely likes you a lot.”

“Aren’t you ashamed of saying such things?”

Although Su Miaomiao was unrestrained in private and did a lot of shameful things with Quan Lie, she concealed it very well. When Su Qingqing suddenly revealed her dirty deeds, she burst out into tears.

“Dad, look at what my sister said, she clearly stole my happiness and even slandered me with malicious words.”

Su Ruhai didn’t want to let his youngest daughter marry, moreover, the Quan family insisted on Su Qingqing. It was not his decision.

“Qingqing, don’t say a word, just go upstairs and rest early. Keep well these two days, and don’t make any troubles at the engagement banquet in three days.”

“Dad, you are biased!”

Su Miaomiao threw herself into Zhou Weiwei’s arms and cried bitterly. “Mom, Dad is too biased, I don’t care, Brother Lie likes me, and he can only marry me!”

“Okay, I’m sleepy, I’m going back to my room.”

Su Qingqing’s head still hurt a lot and hearing her wailing made it more uncomfortable for her.

She wanted to have a good sleep, but Su Ruhai came up with a bowl of black-skined chicken soup in his hand.

“Qingqing, drink some soup first. Miaomiao is young and ignorant, so don’t take what she just said too seriously. “

As Su Qingqing looked up, the warmth at the bottom of her eyes was replaced by frigid ice in an instant, and answered lightly, “I won’t. Since Dad came to my room, he should have something to say.”

“Qingqing, this father thinks that if you really have no intention of marrying Quan Lie, I won’t force you. After all, your happiness is what this father cares about most. I believe that your mother in heaven hopes you will be happy as much as I do.”

In a word, Su Ruhai thought about her, but also thought of Zhou Weiwei and her daughter in his heart.

Loving father, the family–it’s all fake.

Su Qingqing pursed her lips.

She picked up the bowl of hot soup, drank most of the chicken soup unhurriedly, and slowly replied, “Dad wants me to give up the marriage for Su Miaomiao.”

“Um…” Well, he does have this thought.

But Su Ruhai’s old face couldn’t bear to say such words.

“Dad, it’s not that I won’t, but it’s that I can’t. You also know why the Quan family chose me, and they won’t change their minds that easily.”

Su Ruhai breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s okay, I will go to the Quan family and make a suggestion. The key is what Qingqing thinks, this is your marriage.This father really wronged you….” 

Su Qingqing wiped her mouth and said in a flat tone, “I can agree to this, but I have a request. “

“What request?”

Su Ruhai became vigilant, he felt that today’s Su Qingqing was weird. He couldn’t tell where it was strange, but when Su Qingqing stared at him without averting her gaze, he had goosebumps all over his body. As if he was being stared at by a poisonous snake.


Two days later, Su Qingqing’s injury healed considerably. Thinking that she said that she would come back to thank that man, she carefully prepared gifts and came to the Mansion No. 18 in Hanhai Bay.

That’s right, this was the nest of the famous Second Master Quan.

Su Qingqing reported her name, and soon a maid led her into the door.

With an uneasy heart, Su Qingqing walked to the main hall and soon saw the tall and familiar figure.

Quan Moting was wearing a black suit, sitting leisurely on the sofa, his powerful and slender legs in suit pants overlapped gracefully. His whole body was full of noble elegance and restrained aggressiveness.

From the moment Su Qingqing entered the door, she noticed a pair of eyes staring at her. She became even more nervous, and the palms of her hands were sweating all the time.

“Hello, Second Master, I’m Su Qingqing. In order to thank you for saving me last time, I brought a gift of thank you today.”

After that, the gift she brought was placed on the glass table by the housekeeper.

The man’s brows were slightly wrinkled, and there seemed to be a hint of displeasure. “Since you are here to thank me, why don’t you raise your head when you speak. You came here, and yet you are still afraid of me?”

Su Qingqing wanted to continue being an ostrich, but she knew she couldn’t.

As she looked up, only then did she see Quan Moting’s face clearly and scrutinized it.

His delicate face was as if carefully carved by God, the eyes were deep, the long eyelashes cast a faint shadow on his obsidian-like pupils, the bridge of the nose was high and the corners of the mouth were slightly curved, looking somewhat like a ruffian.

Tsk, as expected. He really is handsome to the point of suffocation. Quan Lie is not even on the same level as him.

“Cough, actually, I came here today to also talk to the Second Master about something. The Second Master saves people and does good deeds to the end. Why don’t the Second Master do me another favor?”

Su Qingqing dared to speak her mind, betting on this bravery. This is her only chance.

He fiddled with the cigarette lighter in his fingers and said slowly, “There are not many people who dare to ask me for help. Is it because you are Quan Lie’s fiancée? I remember you weren’t this courageous.”

“Ah? Didn’t the Second Master say you didn’t have an impression of me?”

“……” This little thing dared use his words on him.

Su Qingqing’s brows and eyes curved, looking like a cunning little fox.

“Second Master, it’s not a big deal. It’s simply that I don’t want to marry Quan Lie, and I believe that the Second Master doesn’t want to see a girl as beautiful as jade die a lifetime of happiness. It is good to accumulate virtue and do good deeds. “

According to her understanding, Quan Moting and his elder brother were at odds with each other, so the enemy of the enemy was naturally her friend.

No problem.

He didn’t agree nor object, he still sat on the sofa nearby with long legs and looked at her with a smile.

“You’ve got the wrong person, I never do good deeds.”

The corners of Su Qingqing’s mouth twitched, her brain circuit couldn’t keep up.

Then she quietly and tentatively asked, “Then… Do you do things that eliminate evil?”

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