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PD99YSW Chapter 11


Chapter 11 Does the Diamond King also hate to be married?

“Dad, the Su family has also embarrassed us, we can’t just let it go!” Qu Xiumei gritted her teeth.

Old Master Quan glanced at her, “Shut up, eldest son, your wife here has not learned anything at all, she’s getting more and more unruly, if you say one more word, get out!”

Quan Molin refuted, showing a little helplessness, and said in a low voice, “Dad, she is also doing it for the name of the Quan family. Don’t be angry, everything is still up to you. “

Qu Xiumei clenched her teeth, but in the face of her husband’s majestic pressure, she could only obediently stand aside.

The atmosphere in the study was strange and gloomy. Quan Moting didn’t say a word more from beginning to end, and no one was able to pry into his inner thoughts.

Old Master Quan coughed twice, raised his eyes and glanced at his eldest son and his wife.

“You have nothing to do here, go down and get yourselves busy.”

Some words were not meant for Quan Molin to listen to, therefore he dragged Qu Xiumei with him out of the study cleverly.

“Girl, I understand that you don’t want to marry Quan Lie, but the video has been released in public and caused a great stir. It’s not yet your turn to bear this responsibility.”

His deep and dark eyes glowed with wisdom, and the powerful aura was not something Su Qingqing could bear.

The little girl looked delicate and weak, but there was some conspiracy in her eyes, or was she harboring evil intentions.

Su Qingqing was not surprised by Old Master Quan’s suspicion, on the contrary, she was extraordinarily calm, “Grandpa wants to hold me accountable. I have nothing else to say,  but a man must bear the consequences of his own actions in the end. “

She slightly hooked the corners of her lips, her beautiful eyes brimming with confidence and continued, “Young Master Quan should apologize to me first. Unjustifiable? So what?”

“Didn’t the engagement be terminated according to your wishes?” Old Master Quan squinted his eyes, very displeased.

Does the little girl dare to negotiate terms with him?

At this moment, Su Qingqing was facing Quan Molin’s father and the second brother, her heartbeat jumped straight to two hundred and eighty. She swallowed her saliva and smiled a little stiffly.

“Grandpa Quan, I really didn’t know about the Second master and Miss Lin in advance, and what happened later……..I did ask the Second Master while on the stage.”

Of course, Su Qingqing dare not say that Quan Moting recorded the video himself.

Not to mention that the two of them hid behind the closet and watched the live spring. Ahem.

“Second Master promised not to embarrass the Su family. I can trust that. As for my personal fault, I am willing to obey the Second Master’s order. “

Su Qingqing was quite confident in saying this. After all she was now the person of the Second Master. As the saying goes, “the husband and wife is one body”, the Second Master shouldn’t turn a blind eye to death, right?

If he became cruel, ruthless and unreasonable, Su Qingqing would definitely show her trump card on the spot!

Hehe, when the old man gets angry and has a heart attack, he wouldn’t be able to handle that much.

The gazes of the two people met at one point, but Quan Moting only reacted indifferently towards her.

Su Qingqing blinked her eyes desperately. Could it be that she didn’t communicate accurately enough, and therefore couldn’t accept her supposed surging love?

“What do you think of this matter? It’s about your marriage with Miss Lin. You have to express your opinion to me.”

Old Master Quan was not sure what Quan Moting was thinking, he only knew that this son’s ambitions were higher than the sky.

Heh, that girl from the Lin family probably didn’t have such a thing, that’s why he didn’t like her either.

The man was expressionless, and only said coldly, “I have already sent someone to arrest Quan Lie, as for what to do, it should be up to me to decide. “

“What do you want to do with him, he is your nephew.”

Hearing this, Old Master Quan’s heart turned cold, and he muttered, “I’ve already asked someone to freeze his cards for a month for him to reflect.”

“The Quan family’s teaching has become like a paper tiger. What he lost was the face of the Quan family.”

The person was as domineering as ever.

“I think you are avenging your own personal grudge!”

This old man knows better than anyone else, although he was too lazy to talk about it, but why can’t this bastard give him some face?

Seeing Su Qingqing staring straight at him, with those big watery eyes that were extremely innocent, Quan Moting couldn’t help but feel agitated.

Su Qingqing was suddenly scratched by his coldness, then she turned her head hastily, pretending to not hear anything.

You two who were shooting arrows at each other, if you want to die badly, don’t take her with you, she doesn’t want to hear a word of the family grievances of the Quan family. 

Quan Moting took a step back calmly and said,  “It was not a big deal. After the marriage with the Su family was dissolved, arrange Quan Lie to marry the Lin family. It would not only pacify Uncle Lin, but it would also benefit the reputation of the Quan family.”

Su Qingqing overwhelmingly praised Quan Moting in her heart and almost applauded him.

She also meant the same thing, but when that little bastard Su Miaomiao found out that her lover kicked her for someone that was rich…

Tsk tsk tsk, her expression was absolutely beautiful.

Quan Moting didn’t miss the slyness that flashed across Su Qingqing’s face, he didn’t know why she was so happy.


“That being said, but your Uncle’s intended son-in-law was you.”

Old Master Quan was a little embarrassed. Mr. Lin’s temper was so stubborn that even with eight cows, he wouldn’t be pulled back.

With a temper like that, he didn’t even look down on Quan Lie, who was incompetent.

“You’re old and foolish, you still want me to marry that kind of thing?”

Old Master Quan frowned and scolded in a low voice, “What are you talking about? I’m doing it for your own good. If you had been more careful earlier on, nothing would have happened with that Quan Lie boy.”

“From the beginning to end, I have never promised, nor have I any interest. I have no idea how the Lin family can appease this one.”

The man’s sharp jawline drew an arc, and his tightly pursed lips showed that he was extremely impatient at the moment, “Or, old man, do you think the grass on my head is not green enough?”


Su Qingqing was about to swallow the tea she had sipped, but suddenly she couldn’t help but spit it out.

The tense atmosphere between the two dropped to freezing point in an instant.

In fact, it’s not her fault. Who let Quan Moting talk too venomously? Neither to the sky, nor to the parents, he didn’t show any mercy. If it wasn’t for the special situation, Su Qingqing really wanted to clap for him.

Old Master Quan was angry. “I don’t care, you have to marry me this year, it doesn’t matter who, as long as it’s a woman!’

 “……” Damn, so casual?

Quan Moting was such a top-quality Diamond King, but he also hates marriage so much?!

Without giving Su Qingqing too much time and space to fantasize, Quan Moting stood up and grabbed her, throwing out a thrilling remark. 

“Then it would be her.”

Old Master Quan:”…..”


Damn, so fast, why didn’t you give her anything beforehand?!

Su Qingqing couldn’t calm down anymore, her already stiff smile was uglier than crying at the moment, and her mind was in a mess.

“Grandpa, he…he’s joking.”

She calmly pinched someone’s waist and threatened him to speak well, otherwise she would break the pot and say that she was forced to throw the pot at Quan Moting.

Good, just do it!

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