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PD99YSW Chapter 10


Chapter 10 Angry Old Man

The last time she came to the Quan family house was when they talked about her and Quan Lie’s marriage and engagement, but now that such a big incident had happened, it would be a lie to say that Su Qingqing was not worried at all.

Entering from the main entrance, passing through a quiet and tidy white jade corridor, the old butler Fu Sen blocked the way of the two of them.

“Second Master, you are back.”

As a person beside the old man, Fu Sen was very respectful to Quan Moting, and his attitude was neither humble nor arrogant. “The Old man had heard about the engagement banquet and asked me to lead Miss Su to the study.”

Immediately, Fu Sen made a polite gesture, “Miss Su, please.”

The man frowned, clasped Su Qingqing’s wrist with his big hand, and opened his thin lips slightly, “I’ve already returned, and the old man has no reason to avoid it. If you offend me, we’ll talk about it later.”

“…?” What’s up with him!

Fu Sen thought that the video broadcasted by Su Qingqing might have offended Quan Moting, therefore he didn’t dare persist about the matter. “Alright, Second Master, come with me, the others have already arrived, and the two of you are the only ones left. “


Fu Sen dared not to hide it. “The First Master and the First Lady are also here, as for the Young Master, it is not known whether he’ll come back or not”

The study was on the fourth floor, and before they approached, there was a sound of things being smashed inside, and even the sound insulation of the room could not cover up the old man’s roar.

“Scoundrel! Look at what kind of a bastard you have taught! Our Quan family has lost face because of him!”

With his crutches held in hand, Master Quan knocked on the expensive floor again and again, and the mustache on both sides was shaking with anger. “Starting today, freeze his card and let him go back and face the wall to think about his mistakes!”

“Dad, isn’t card suspension a little bit serious?”

Qu Xiumei felt so distressed for her precious son. Not to mention freezing his card, even scolding him a few more times, she wouldn’t be willing.

What’s more, this situation was all caused by the little bastard surnamed Su. What does it have to do with her precious son? How can they only blame Quan Lie and not pursue the Su family?

“You still have the face to plead for mercy, really a mother that dotes on her son is incompetent! My precious grandson has become like this, you have to pay a lot of responsibility! 

Being scolded by the old man, Qu Xiumei felt so wronged that she wanted to cry, but before her delicate posture or crying broke out, Quan Molin, who was silently standing beside her with a cold face, slapped the woman on the face.

“How many times have I told you not to be too indulgent, and now you still have the face to cry!”

As the eldest son, Quan Molin had suffered a lot from fighting with Quan Moting for many years. This time, his own son had dug a big hole for him, which made him have the heart to kill Quan Lie at the moment.

“Husband, I…”

Qu Xiumei was frightened by Quan Molin’s furious appearance. With a face that was already red and swollen, she wanted to cry but didn’t dare to cry out, and dared not continue to plead for her son anymore.

“What’s the point of beating your wife, don’t shirk the responsibility here, isn’t he also your son? If you have time to engage in social activities outside, it’s better to take some time to discipline that unfilial son of yours!” 

The old man snorted heavily, his face showing dissatisfaction. Not only did it not disappear, but the look he gave to Quan Molin became even colder.

It’s fine for the little bastard to fool around, and let people eventually catch him. But what kind of woman did he just mess with, did he simply want to provoke the Lin family?

You bastard, that’s the object of your Second Uncle’s marriage! This old man will really die of anger!

“Dad, things have already happened, we have lost such a big face, we must definitely punish that Su Qingqing as well.”

Quan Molin’s thinking was very clear. He couldn’t simply let that Su Qingqing girl go after his son was scolded severely.

“Yes, that girl is obviously hitting our Quan family in the face. The two families have already agreed, and it is their Su family who backs out and humiliates Lie’er! Who knows if that fox couldn’t win Lie ‘er’s favor, that’s why she retaliated in malicious anger.”

If Qu Xiumei hadn’t been concerned about her identity, she would have wanted to tear Su Qingqing’s face off back at the engagement ceremony.

Quan Molin echoed his wife with a deep voice, “Dad, this has already happened. Fortunately, the company’s stock price has not been affected. The promise of Su’s previous cooperation, I think it should be terminated immediately.”

Although Quan Molin didn’t agree with the women’s sourness and jealousy, he really didn’t like the Su family as well.

Master Quan said lightly, “We’ll talk about this later, I’ve already asked Fu Sen to bring that girl over.”

There was a knock on the door, and then Fu Sen’s voice came through.

“Master, the Second Master and Miss Su have arrived.”

The old man knew that Quan Moting was not an easy person. As soon as he came, the atmosphere of the entire study became subtle. Su Qingqing clearly felt the hostility of Quan Molin and his wife towards Quan Moting.

But she didn’t have time to care about other people at the moment, because from the moment she entered the door, Master Quan’s sharp eyes stared straight at her.

She made a modest bow that was neither humble nor arrogant, coupled with a generous and decent smile on her face. 

“Hello Grandpa Quan. I am Su Qingqing, we already met last time. “

The old man raised his hand and snorted coldly, “No need for such introductions, I’ve heard of the woman who exposed Quan Lie’s scandal and stirred up a storm in the whole Capital. This old man doesn’t have Alzheimer’s disease yet.”

“….Grandpa Quan, it’s not my intention to cause this. I hope you can understand me.”

In his field of vision, the girl had a beautiful and seductive appearance, wearing a black lace dress, which set off her white and smooth milk skin. This kind of beauty was one of the best in Lincheng.

Master Quan’s relaxed face gradually became serious, “Where did you get the video, did you design it on purpose?”

“The video was sent to me anonymously. Grandpa Quan, believe it or not.”

Su Qingqing paused, and continued to speak boldly, “Of course, Grandpa Quan would think that I deliberately plotted against Young Master Quan, and I have nothing to say, but it seems that this matter is not only about my happiness. “

She lightly swept towards the noble and elegant man on the sofa, her red lips faintly evoking a sneer.

“Second Master, what do you think?”

“You little bitch, don’t drag Quan Moting into the water, and that woman has nothing to do with our Gu family!”

Qu Xiumei was afraid that if Quan Moting would come forward, once he opened his mouth, according to the old man’s preference for him, the punishment for Quan Lie might not just be as simple as freezing his card and facing the wall.

Su Qingqing smelled something fishy and said slowly,  “Mrs. Quan why are you so nervous? I say,  doesn’t that woman in the video have a special relationship with the Second Master?” 


Su Qingqing covered her mouth with a mouth and looked shocked, “Ah, then Quan Lie is really too rebellious. Not only was it not good to fool around with a woman, but he actually fooled around with the Second Master’s woman.”

Quan Moting frowned and denied, “Not my woman.”

She snickered secretly, walked quietly in front of Master Quan, and said very calmly.

“Grandpa Quan, Su Qingqing sent out the video without authorization and did a little too much, but I really don’t want to marry a man who doesn’t really love me. Not to mention that Young Master Quan has no feelings for me, a man must bear the consequences of his own actions also, what’s the point? I’ll take responsibility, but please don’t embarrass my Su family.”

It was not Su Qingqing’s wish to intercede for the Su family. However, the sincerity between the lines should not be faked. Even if the Su family was going to fall later, it should only fall by her hands.

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