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PD99YSW Chapter 1


Chapter 1 Passing by the gates of hell

Ugh, it hurts!

The forehead felt like it was broken open, and the severe pain swept through all the nerves of the body.

Su Qingqing bit her lip tightly, the blood on her forehead flowed down from her cheeks and soaked her white dress. The piercing pain paralyzed her consciousness and limbs, and she almost fainted again.

She tried hard to see the surrounding scene clearly, but her eyes were hazy, and she could only hear a man’s angry voice.

“What are you doing, take a picture and quickly bury the person, otherwise if someone finds out, we will be done for!”

“But…but there are no tools here.”

“What the hell did you eat? You didn’t bring any equipment before you came?”

“Damn, it’s the first time I’ve done this kind of thing, so I don’t have any experience.”

“Forget it, let’s go outside to look for a shovel or something, the corpse can’t escape anyway. “


They thought she was dead?! 

Su Qingqing remembered. Because she did not agree to her black-hearted stepmother’s plan to be married off to someone else, therefore she hired these two people to kill and silence her, so that her precious daughter could marry into a wealthy family instead of her.

Ah, good plan, good thinking!

As long as Su Qingqing thought that Zhou Weiwei and her daughter not only stole her loving father, controlled the whole family, also wanted to rob her fiancé and even wanted to kill her—

–She must not let them get their way!

Su Qingqing gritted her teeth, and while the two still did not come back, she tried her best to flee from the abandoned warehouse.

The impact of her head with a huge wound was that every step she took, severe pain spread all over her limbs. Her nerves were already numb and her senses were also gradually losing little by little.

At this moment, she had only one conviction: To live!

After finally struggling, half-crawling to the side of the road, she noticed a black car coming at a fast speed, Su Qingqing’s heart sank and she decisively jumped in the middle of the road.

With a screeching sound of the tires, the person controlling the steering wheel made the car come to a sudden stop!

“What happened?” 

A young man spoke from the back seat separated by a window, his voice was low and cold, and a strong sense of oppression was in the air which made it hard to breathe. The driver replied tremblingly, “Second Master…it seems like we’ve hit someone.”

“Go down and have a look.”

At the command, the driver quickly got off to check, and was surprised to see a bloody woman lying in front of the car. What’s more, the woman seemed a little familiar.

“Second..Second Master, it seems to be Miss Su Qingqing!”

Hearing this name, the man raised his hand and rolled down the car window. A face as delicate as a statue, with a very perfect outline and showing a bit of coldness appeared. His frosty eyes fell on the blood-covered woman.

Ah, Su Qingqing…

His good nephew’s fiancée—interesting.


After an indefinite amount of time, Su Qingqing’s consciousness gradually recovered. The long eyelashes on the eyelids trembled slightly, and the moment she slowly opened her eyes, white and prosperous golden ceiling dazed her eyes.

Is she… dead?

Sunlight squeezed into the room through the gaps in the curtains. The sun was falling warmly on the bedside. Su Qingqing’s mind was chaotic, but she could clearly perceive the smell around her.

For a moment, ecstasy filled her chest, and the second she got up in a hurry, the wound on her head was pulled, which was so painful that she took a breath of cold air.



A cold and deep voice suddenly sounded in the room. Su Qingqing turned her head, and a tall black figure came into her field of vision. 

Su Qingqing inky pupils immediately dilated.


Quan Lie’s second uncle! Who the whole Lincheng Capital worships and dare not offend!

At that time, Su Qingqing just gambled her life. Even an ordinary passer-by would at least send her to the hospital for treatment, but what she did not expect was that the person she stopped would be the Second Master Quan. 

Well, if she counted the seniority…

If she married Quan Lie, would she have to call this man Uncle?

“What, you’ve gone dumb? Desperately jumping in front of my car regardless of the cost, do you really want to die or do you want to blackmail me?”

The man’s deep and magnetic voice sounded again. His eyes as deep as the ocean narrowed slightly, and his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled at this moment, obviously displeased with Su Qingqing’s dazed state.

“No, no, I was not seeking death, I was asking for help!”

Su Qingqing pinched her thigh hard, suppressed her feeling of ecstasy, and moved her dry lips, “Second Master, thank you for saving me.”

The girl smiled at him without any precaution, her big eyes were full of energy, and her palm-sized face was extremely pale due to excessive blood loss. Even so, it still did not affect her youthful beauty.

“You know me?” The man raised his eyebrows slightly.

Su Qingqing nodded back and agreed, “Of course I know you. We met at a family banquet once. I was sitting next to Quan Lie. Does the Second Master still have any impressions of that time?”

“You think I should have an impression?

The man’s cold voice had no emotion. It was fine before, how could he suddenly become so frosty. Su Qingqing was a little depressed.

Su Qingqing froze and tried to calm down. “Um… Then why don’t I introduce myself again?”

The atmosphere suddenly became extremely solemn. Su Qingqing got goosebumps. As she opened her red lips and was about to make a sound, the butler’s mechanical tone came from outside the door.

“Second Master, the people of the Su family have already come to the living room and said they are here to pick up Miss Su.”

Su Qingqing’s eyes turned cold.

That was fast, were they worried she would say something in front of the Second Master? 

“Second Master, thank you for saving me last night. Since my father sent someone to pick me up, I won’t bother Second Master. I will come to the door another day to thank the Second Master properly.”

After speaking, the man didn’t do anything, as if acquiescing to her words, Su Qingqing got up and bowed deeply to Quan Moting before getting into the car and going home.


As soon as she entered–

“Qingqing, how did you get hurt like this? What happened? Why are you in the Second Master’s mansion? Dad will take you to the hospital!”

Su Ruhai immediately rushed up and asked about her health. Seeing that the wedding day was approaching, fortunately nothing major happened, otherwise, how could he explain it to the Quan family.

After thinking about it, he glared at his little daughter. “I haven’t asked you yet. Last night, you and your sister were eating out. So why was it that only you came back?”

Su Miaomiao thought about why Su Qingqing didn’t die outside, but she restrained her hatred and sobbed. “Dad, Elder sister has her own legs. If she insists on following some strange men. What can I do?”

“What man are you talking about!”

Su Miaomiao’s words were incredible, Su Ruhai immediately made up a big scene, and said with a gloomy expression. “Su Qingqing, what is going on, you explained it to me clearly!”

“I was not drunk, and there were no men. It depends on whether my father believes in me or my sister.”


Su Ruhai frowned. 

One was the youngest daughter he loved the most, and the other was the eldest daughter who had never made him worry. These were his two equally important and precious daughters.

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