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NOZW Chapter 99


Zhan Bei Tian suddenly turned over and pressed Mu Yi Fan under him.

He was so hot and warm and staring firmly at the person under him, he whispered and said: “Repeat it again.”

“…” Mu Yi Fan looked at the man, only one foot away from him, he didn’t know anything and he was feeling lost.

The first time he found Zhan Bei Tian’s eyes so charming, they looked like a dazzling black star in the night sky, tightly attracting his attention.

Mu Yi Fan couldn’t help but lift the gloved hand, stretched out his index finger, and gently fiddled with the other’s black, thick and long eyelashes, like a small black fan, gently fanning them.

Zhan Bei Tian grabbed the naughty hand and repeated it again with a whispering voice: “Mu-Mu, repeat what you said. .”

Mu Yi Fan thinks Zhan Bei Tian’s voice is also very nice, low and hoarse, with a voice that charms, that makes him very fascinated.

He pulled back the caught hand and touched Zhan Bei Tian’s throat.

Zhan Bei Tian breathed more and more heavily, and realised that his body was reacting to Mu Yi Fan. The throat rolled up and down, and the light became hotter. Looking at the other’s pale lips, the head could not help but go down.

When he touched the other’s lips, I heard the other person whispering: “Bei Tian, ​​the smell on your body is good.”

Zhan Bei Tian instantly woke up and quickly looked up at Mu Yi Fan and found the other person’s face had become a bit sluggish.

He frowned, and then saw Mu Yi Fan swallowing his mouth, and he was so angry and felt funny that the other side obviously wanted to eat him…. For real

Mu Yi Fan propped up his upper body and sniffed at Zhan Bei Tian’s neck and face: “It smells good.”

Zhan Bei Tian: “…”

This man just said, ‘I will bite anyone, I won’t bite you. ‘This is only a few seconds away, now he thinks he is delicious.

He can see that Mu Yi Fan’s consciousness is becoming more and more lost. Counting, Mu Yi Fan has not eaten for more than 20 days, and it has been very good for him to be able to endure.

Zhan Bei Tian didn’t move, let Mu Yi Fan smell it, and wanted to see what he would do for himself.

Mu Yi Fan hooked Zhan Bei Tian’s neck and pulled the man down. He kept sniffing on Zhan Bei Tian’s face. The aroma from the person was very fragrant for him, and it was indescribably fatal. It’s tempting, but he just didn’t open his mouth and bite it. He didn’t even do it when he put out his tongue.

Although his consciousness is getting more and more blurred, he obviously knows whose this body is.

Mu Yi Fan feels that he is so uncomfortable that he wants to eat meat, but he can’t eat the meat in front of him. Finally, he pushed Zhan Bei Tian hard and ran to the bathroom.

With a bang, close the bathroom door and he locked himself inside.

Zhan Bei Tian got up and stood in the same place, looking at the bathroom door motionless.

After experiencing a lifetime of it, he is very clear about how tempting the living human flesh is to zombies especially for a zombie, which is gradually losing consciousness, it is even more difficult to resist.

If you do not eat hard, you will be as uncomfortable and painful as drug addiction.

“Dad, I am back.” The tender and happy voice came in from outside the room.

Then, a small figure ran into the room with a cute little step.

Mu Qing Tian saw that only Zhan Bei Tian was alone in the room. He was unhappy and pouted his small mouth, like he was saying that he was very annoyed: “How come you are here.”

1]… Qing Tian is mad at Zhan after all he kicked mommy

Zhan Bei Tian returned to reality and took a step forward to pick up Mu Qing Tian: “Qing Tian, do you know if there is any way to make zombies change back to humans?”

For a moment, he forgot Mu Yi Fan is a zombie thing, and almost kissed Mu Yi Fan’s lips.

If there is nothing but a lip touch it’s safe, but if he accidentally takes in the saliva from the zombie, he will be infected with the virus as a human.

Mu Qing Tian shook his head: “There is no way, you can only rely on your humans to develop a drug to remove the toxins from the zombie.”

Zhan Bei Tian’s brow wrinkles more tightly: “If it is the spring water in space, can it not drive out the zombie virus from the body?”

“The spring water spring will only make the zombie more powerful and fierce. Have you not used the spring water of the spring for father? This is why dad can directly skip the low-rank zombie from humans to become an intermediate zombie.”


Zhan Bei Tian stared blankly at the light and took the child out of the room. When he was down the stairs, he suddenly took a squid out of thin air.

When he came to the hall and handed the squid to Mao Yu to make a sashimi, he went to the room and gave it to Mu Yi Fan.

After Mu Yi Fan ate the sashimi, his consciousness gradually recovered.

He thought that the sashimi sent by Zhang Le was actually sent by Zhan Bei Tian to Zhang Le, and the taste was exactly the same as what he was eating now.

Then, he remembered the thing just now, and the whole person became even worse.

He obviously wants to test Zhan Bei Tian’s attitude towards him. He wanted to see what Zhan Bei Tian would react to when he wanted to bite Zhan Bei Tian, ​​and how he would treat himself.

Unexpectedly, Zhan Bei Tian turned to test him, and he could not detect what Zhan Bei Tian was doing to himself, and he had some trust in him.

Sitting in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, Zhan Bei Tian heard Mu Yi Fan put down the chopsticks and turned back to reality from a dazed mood. He turned to see that he had finished eating the sashimi on the plate. He said: “We will leave G City tomorrow morning.”


Mu Yi Fan listened to this and became more absent-minded.

He will leave G City tomorrow, then, before leaving G City, he will definitely leave Zhan Bei Tian when he is not paying attention.

Because he thought things were too ecstatic, he did not notice that the little baby in his arms was looking up at his small head and looking at him with his round eyes.

In the early morning of the second day, the sky was just shining, and the villa area began to boil.

Mu Yi Fan didn’t dare to sleep as usual. After Zhan Bei Tian left the room, he quickly brushed his teeth and washed his face, and packed the usual clothes into his back pocket.

Then, when he kissed the baby who was still sleeping, he left the room with a light step and closed the door, just in time to meet Zheng Guo Zong who came back from the outside.

Zheng Guo Zong immediately stepped forward and lowered his voice and said: “The people in our villa are going to help. How do you plan to leave? All of them are outside, and it is impossible for you to sneak away.”

Mu Yi Fan Said: “I can go behind and leave, we just need to avoid people who know me.”

Zheng Guo Zong patted his shoulder and said: “I don’t know what you want to do, but you must be careful.” Don’t be stupid because you are also a zombie, do you know?”

Mu Yi Fan nodded.

“And, after seeing Jia Ming, you should also be careful. Don’t lose your life because he will want to eat you alive. You know, he can’t bear it.”

Mu Yi Fan yelled at him. “I will tell him, you can rest assured that your son is not as useless as you think.”

Can he be a simple person if he was the Zombie King’s right arm?

Zheng Guo Zong also said: “Let’s go, do what you have to do, remember to come to us, do you know?”


Mu Yi Fan no longer said to him, before anyone came back, he quickly went down the stairs and left from the back door.

Now everyone is busy moving things and getting out of the car. Therefore, the patrols in the villa area are much less than usual. Only three teams of teams are patrolling the garden, and there is only one every five minutes or so. The team’s team passed.

The rest of the people walking around the garden are some survivors, but they are busy moving things and not paying attention to Mu Yi Fan.

After the patrol team passed, Mu Yi Fan quickly rushed out from the backyard and ran to the fence in the villa area on the other side.

Next, as far as the villa from which he lives, the people become less and less.

When he came to the wall of the villa area, there were few people walking around, which was a good thing for him.

However, the fence in the villa area was raised by the people on Zhan Bei Tian’s side because it was to prevent the zombie from climbing outside.

Mu Yi Fan looked up at the fence nearly five metres high, and grabbed his head in a depressed position. He walked around in the vicinity to find a place that was relatively short and better to climb.

Then, he took a lot of effort to climb the fence and looked down at his height from the ground. Unexpectedly, he smiled at the little face that giggled: “Dad, if you dare to leave without me, I will call my father.”

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