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NOZW Chapter 97


“Hello, Mr. Mu, I am Rong Xue’s mother.” Rong’s mother’s face looked kind, the tone and looked full of apology, and when she step forward, she explained herself: “I am apologising to Mr. Mu for my daughter Rong Xue.”

She pulled Rong Xue out from behind her: “What the child did in the grain depot, after returning, she told us and we can’t agree with her unethical behaviour. Therefore, I wanted to find an opportunity to apologise to Mr. Mu, but I was stopped by The General. We could not see Mr. Mu, nor ask about Mr. Mu’s situation, now that Mr. Mu is well, we are more at ease.”

Rong’s mother turned to look at Rong Xue: “Rong Xue, you go and apologise to Mr. Mu.”

Rong Xue’s face flashed with a touch of reluctance, but soon it was replaced by a look of apology: “Mr. Mu, I was really sorry that day. At that time, I was so frightened that it led to me doing such a thing without humanity. I also hope that Mr. Mu can forgive. . ”

After she said that, the mother quickly added. “Mr. Mu, my daughter is not sensible, after coming back after that day, she had nightmares every day, and she has become very penitent and have done things that conscience was condemned, so, please Mr. Mu I hope you will be able to forgive her.”

Mu Yi Fan seeing that the mother kept apologising for Rong Xue’s behaviour, she couldn’t help it. “I’m sorry, please forgive me for not accepting your apology.”

At the beginning, because he came to this strange world, Rong Xue’s face looked like his sister’s. There was a little comfort in his heart, at least there was no stranger in this world.

Therefore, he had sympathy for Rong Xue, and could not even bear to see a person who looked like a sister was hurt.

However, after going through the grain depot, he felt that the other side was only like an alien wearing his sister’s skin, and his personality was not the same. The former comfort was just him deceiving himself.

Moreover, The Female Protagonist in the book is leaked by him, and he will not know what kind of personality she has.

Rong Xue apologises to him now, it is just like a compromise, and when the situation is good for her, the girl will relapse to her evil ways.

Rong Xue yelled: “I apologise, why don’t you accept it? Not to mention that you have not been bitten, you…”

“Rong Xue!” Rong’s mother immediately upped her voice to stop her from continuing.

Rong Yan has been completely speechless next to her sister. If the other party is her sister, she really does not want to walk with her.

Rong Xue sighed and bitterly bit his lower lip.

Mu Yi Fan said coldly: “Miss Rong Xue, you are not apologising, other people will accept it. If I was bitten by a zombie at the time, how would you apologise? Do you want to run and apologise to someone who had become a zombie? ”

Rong Xue was waiting for him to say anything.

Rong’s mother knows that Rong Xue’s behaviour is hard to forgive, and she is too embarrassed to stay aside. She put only a few fruits from her hand into Zheng Guo Zong’s hands and left with her two daughters.

Zheng Guo Zong looked at a few apples in his hand and asked: “What happened to the woman named Rong Xue?”

Mu Yi Fan sighed and said simply: “When I was in the grain depot, I and Rong Xue were chased by zombies and when we were running but I did not expect that, in order to increase her chances, she pushed me to the side of zombies.”

Zheng Guo Zong sighed coldly, angry and indignant: “This woman is really not worthy of forgiveness, if you were also … I am afraid you will be eaten.”

Mu Yi Fan turned to Zheng Guo Zong to see that he was angry, he was very pleased that the doctor was concerned about himself: “Do not be angry, anger is not worth that kind of woman.”

Zheng Guo Zong was still angry and said: “I knew that she was not a thing when I saw her. On the second day after you came back from the grain depot, that one called Rong Xue had been arguing saying she wanted to go home. What was condemned by her mother?”

He thought here, Zheng Guo Zong must have had his anger fuelled from another thing: “To be honest, I wondered why was she quarrelling, she kept asking for the Major General to drive her to leave, she even asked for him to personally sent a car to her home to see, but since she went home and came back she has calmed down a lot and won’t dare to make another noise.”

Mu Yi Fan knows why Zhan Bei Tian didn’t catch up with Rong Xue’s departure, because he was staying with him, anytime, anywhere.

Zheng Guo Zong suddenly thought of something, his face suddenly hesitated: “Mu-Mu, some words I didn’t want to tell you, but I think you will know sooner or later, it is better to say earlier, lest you don’t think about it in the future.”

Mu Yi Fan Doubt looked at him: “What?”

“You know what you are?” Zheng Guo Zong looked at the person who had gone far ahead: “It is about Rong Xue’s sister.”

Mu Yi Fan heard about his goddess and immediately paid attention. He said: “What happened to her?”

Zheng Guo Zong looked around and determined that there was no one to say: “Now the people in the villa area are passing rumours about the young woman.”

Mu Yi Fan: “…”

In the novel Rong Yan, Yan Yan is indeed Zhan Bei Tian’s wife, ​​and they will marry and have children in the future.

However, why is he a little uncomfortable in his heart? Is it the reason that his goddess in his heart was taken away?

Zheng Guo Zong saw that he had no reaction, and he said urgently: “I said that you are not to be worried?”

Mu Yi Fan looked at him unconsciously: “What am I worried about?”

“Your man will be taken away by you. Shouldn’t you worry?”

Mu Yi Fan: “…”

Did Zheng Guo Zong misunderstood something?

“Quack doctor, I don’t like Zhan Bei Tian?”

Zheng Guo Zong did not have a good reply: “You even have a child, if it isn’t what I think? What do you say?”

Mu Yi Fan: “… …”

It was really impossible to shower in the dirty water.

“You see, you see.” Zheng Guo Zong pointed to the distant place: “You look at the Major General and see Rong Yan again.”

Mu Yi Fan looked in the direction he pointed and saw Zhan Bei Tian and Ron Xue who stood on the side and said nothing, but his eyes never left Zhan Bei Tian.

“I heard that Major General Zhan sent four soldiers to protect their safety in order to protect Rong Yan and her mother’s safety. The soldiers who protected them came back and said that she was the girlfriend of Major General Zhan, I didn’t believe it at first, but I saw Major General Zhan would go too far to take care of the mother and daughter. I didn’t think it’s hard to believe.”

Zheng Guo Zong looked back at Mu Yi Fan: “However, I still see that The General was just taking care of them, but they are special, you, don’t hurry up, let The General run, and see you cry.”

Mu Yi Fan rolled his eyes: “Quack, I…”

Zheng Guo Zong interrupted him. “You dare to say that now but when you hear Major General Zhan and Rong Yan are a couple, you think you will not feel uncomfortable in your heart? Do you dare to say that when you see Major General Zhan and Rong Yan being intimate, will you not be jealous?”

Mu Yi Fan: “…”

He is uncomfortable in his heart. However, it will not be because of Zhan Bei Tian.

Zheng Guo Zong saw that he did not say anything, and he joked: “How, no words to refute?”

Mu Yi Fan gave him a glance: “Don’t say this.”

“Don’t say it, let’s go back.”

Mu Yi Fan looked at Zhan Bei Tian and the direction and Rong Yan, how eyebrows wrinkled in annoyance, and then, one figure caught his attention.

He immediately shouted: “Little Zhang, Zhang Le.”

Zheng Guo Zong heard the sound and immediately looked back. He saw the young man who had passed away from the front and quickly shouted: “Little Zhang.” He turned his head and looked at Mu Yi Fan, he smiled and said: “It’s really this kid. When you said that you saw him, I didn’t believe you.”

Zhang Le heard someone shouting at him, turned his head and when he saw Mu Yi Fan and Zheng Guo Zong, his eyes brightened. He immediately ran over with a smile: “Uncle Zheng, Mr. Mu, are you here too?”

Zheng Guo Zong said: “We have to ask how you are here? Should you not be at The Shui Village? Right, Your dad and your mother? Did they come here?”

Zhang Le said with a smile: “Come on, come, we were taken care of by my brother’s former comrade, so we came here.”

Zheng Guo Zong thinks that Zhang Le was once a soldier, he asked: “Your brother’s comrade is…”

Zhang Le does not hide: “It is the Major General.”

Mu Yi Fan raised his brow.

He remembered that on the day of Qing Ming Festival, Zhan Bei Tian’s comrade-in-arms worshipped in The Shui Village was someone surnamed Zhang.

Later, at the end of the last days, The Male Protagonist took his comrades surnamed Zhang family and took care of them.

Speaking of it, Zhang Le’s brother’s death and the original owner, Mu Yi Fan somehow had a hand in that death.

Mu Yi Fan thought of it, he felt depressed and his eyebrows twisted.

There are still a lot of wicked things in the original body owner.

Zheng Guo Zong was surprised: “Your brother was Zhan’s comrade?”

Zhang Le smiled a little embarrassed.

“Major General Zhan is really good. He still remembered to take care of the family of his comrades.”


Mu Yi Fan suddenly thought of something and immediately asked: “Little Zhang, when you are in the Shui Village, you gave me the sashimi, was it Zhan Bei Tian who asked you to send it?”

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