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NOZW Chapter 96


Zhan Bei Tian: “…”

Mu Yi Fan: “…”

Zheng Guo Zong screamed and laughed.

“The eldest son?” Unwittingly people have their eyes caught in daze: “Does the boss have another son? And, are there more than two?”

“Crap, when was the boss’s son born?”

“Yeah, why didn’t I hear when the boss is married?”

“Since the boss has a son? Where is the wife? How can I not see the wife coming to eat?”

Everyone snorted.

Mu Yi Fan: “…”

Mao Yu: “…”

Zheng Guo Zong heard their words and smiled even more wider

Zhan Bei Tian eyes narrowed at them and his eyes fell on Sun Zi Hao: “The child is still the one from before.”

Sun Zi Hao and Mao Yu stared blankly and couldn’t help but look at the child in Mu Yi Fan’s arms.

How can this child be two or three years old, how could it be the little baby just a day before?

Although Sun Zi Hao is full of doubts, it is not easy to ask in front of so many people, he could only sink his curiosity back to the stomach.

Zhan Bei Tian looked at other people: “Eat.”

They saw that Zhan Bei Tian didn’t want to answer the question about the wife and had to turn away from the topic: “Boss, what is the name of the child?”

Zhan Bei Tian’s eyes wrinkled in confusion.

He did not remember to give the child a name.

Zhan Bei Tian looked at the child in Mu Yi Fan’s arms, just when he wanted to say something, he just listened to the little baby saying: “My name is Qing Tian.”

“Qing Tian? Qing Tian? Very good name.” Everyone praised “There is only one word in the middle of the name.”

Mu Yi Fan listened to their praise and was dissatisfied with Zhan Bei Tian in the seat.

Although Qing Tian Bead is Zhan Bei Tian’s, ​​the child came out of his stomach, but now he is crowned with a surname, and he seems to have nothing to do with him.

Zhan Bei Tian was strangely stared blankly by Mu Yi Fan’s glare.

The little baby in his arms looked up at Mu Yi Fan and said in a tender voice, “Uncle, you are wrong, I am not surnamed Zhan.”

Everyone curiously asked: “You are not surnamed Zhan, then what is your surname?”

“My surname is Mu, my name is Mu Qing Tian.” When Mu Qing Tian said this, he raised his head and said to Mu Yi Fan: “Dad, I want to drink soup.”

Everyone suddenly became confused.

Why is the boss’ son not surnamed Zhan but surnamed Mu?

Even if he is surnamed Mu, why is the boss’s son calling Mu Yi Fan as his father?

Is this child not the boss’s son?

If he is not the boss’s son, why does he look like the boss’s copyright?

Mu Yi Fan can’t help but support the voice and whisper: “In fact, your surname is still very good.”

Now everyone will guess his relationship with the child and the relationship between the child and Zhan Bei Tian.

Zheng Guo Zong broke into laughter and picked up the bowl to give the child a bowl of soup.

Others couldn’t get the answer, and they filled their stomachs with doubts and quickly finished eating the meal. Then, they pressed Mao Yu and Lu Lin to force them to go.

Because there was no power supply at night, Mu Yi Fan went back to the room with the child and Zheng Guo Zong had finished eating.

As the child was just born, his physical strength could not support staying up for long and when he returned to the room, he fell asleep.

Mu Yi Fan looked at the child’s cute sleeping face in bed and smiled.

Seriously, he still can’t believe that this child was born from his stomach.

When the child called him father in one bite, his heart was both happy and very complicated, and he didn’t know how to treat the child.

After all, this child is smarter than ordinary children. If the child is really a two- or three-year-old baby going to play with the children, he is afraid that they will be treated as fools by the child. If you use an adult attitude to treat a child, it will be a bit weird. At the same time, it will make other people realise that this child is different.

Just then, the door came open to the sound of turning.

Mu Yi Fan knows that Zhan Bei Tian is back, and he immediately laid down to sleep.

Before, he originally wanted to sleep with Zheng Guo Zong, but he was pushed out by Zheng Guo Zong who only said, ‘If it is a family they should gather together,’ then he closed the door.

Zhan Bei Tian walked in with a flashlight and saw a big one sleeping on the bed. He stood on the bed and watched them for a while before he put on his pyjamas and sat on the other side of the bed.

He carefully moved the child to the bed and moved closer to Mu Yi Fan. Then, he opened Mu Yi Fan’s pyjamas and looked at the place where the belly was stitched.

Mu Yi Fan, who was faking sleeping, was a little nervous. He doesn’t know what Zhan Bei Tian wants to do when he has his eyes closed. He can only guess by feeling that Zhan Bei Tian is gently touching the stomach that he cut open just yesterday.

Then, he felt the coldness of his stomach, and after a short while, Zhan Bei Tian pulled his pyjamas back, and then he never heard any movements from the person around him.

The room was so quiet that Mu Yi Fan slept unconsciously.

After he fell asleep, the man next to him moved.

Preparing to lie in the spot, suddenly, a white shadow swayed from the light of his eyes, the next moment, white shadow moved to the edge of his mouth.

Zhan Bei Tian stared blankly and held the little foot stepping on his mouth with a light and unrelenting force. He lowered his voice and said: “How do you like sleeping with your dad?”

Sleeping on the bedside bed was Little-ancestor who was giggling, and pulling away the foot he climbed back to lie down, separating Mu Yi Fan and Zhan Bei Tian.

He patted the bed and signalled Zhan Bei Tian to lie down.

Zhan Bei Tian didn’t know what he wanted to do, and he lay down and looked at him as he meant.

“Sleep-ing.” Little-ancestor said these two words, he turned around, and he twisted his small butt against him.

Zhan Bei Tian: “…”

He thought that Qing Tian Bead had something important to tell him, such as why he chose Mu Yi Fan to give birth to him.

Zhan Bei Tian stared at the little baby for a moment, and did see what the other party had no more to say. She had to turn back and turn off the flashlight placed on the bedside table.

Then, he heard Little-ancestor stumble and said: “He is not him.”

1]… I think he meant it is not him….like this Mu Yi Fan is not the Mu Yi Fan that Zhan Bei Tian knew


Zhan Bei Tian turned his head, but Little-ancestor did not say anything again.


When Mu Yi Fan woke up, Zhan Bei Tian was no longer in the room, and the child was taken.

He thought that Zhan Bei Tian had touched his stomach last night, and quickly opened his pyjamas, carefully pulling the gauze attached to his stomach, and saw that the place where the knife was opened yesterday was closed.

Mu Yi Fan groaned, thinking that The Male Protagonist should have used space water to make his wounds heal, and suddenly his mood became complicated.

He really didn’t understand what The Male Protagonist was thinking, obviously he wanted to kill him, but now how suddenly he changed to being so good to him, and specially used the spring water from his space to treat his wounds.

Mu Yi Fan stayed in bed for a moment before getting up and brushing his teeth and leaving the room.

In the hall, only Zheng Guo Zong sat alone on the sofa to look at the old magazines.

When he heard someone coming downstairs, he looked up and said, “The younger one asked me to tell you, the child was taken out by Mao Yu.”

“Oh.” Mu Yi Fan sat next to Zheng Guo Zong and heard a loud noise coming from outside the door. He asked: “What happened outside?”

Zheng Guo Zong put away the magazine and said: “Everyone is packing up and preparing to leave G City.”

“Come let’s go out and see.” Mu Yi Fan pulled Zheng Guo Zong out of the villa and saw everyone busy with how to make the big truck used to sleep comfortably.

“I really can’t leave.” Zheng Guo Zong sighed. “After all, I lived in G City for decades. I want to move away from G City but I really can’t bear it. I don’t know if we will move around like this. I feel like a tramp, there is no stable home to settle.”

Mu Yi Fan comforted him: “Don’t worry, if you find a place that can be settled, you won’t go any more.”


Mu Yi Fan looked at everyone. He didn’t go up, and Zheng Guo Zong and he watched them. They didn’t do anything and were a little embarrassed, and he didn’t know how to help. In order not to mess them up, the two decided to stay in the villa.

Just turned around, he saw Rong Yan, Rong Xue and Rong Mother, the three people talking and laughing and holding the daily necessities towards them.

Mu Yi Fan immediately remembered the scene of being pushed to a zombie by Rong Xue in the grain depot. At that time, if he was originally a zombie, I am afraid he would go under the Yellow Spring.

1].. Yellow Springs is the underworld of Chinese mythology; the equivalent of Hades or Hell.

Thinking of this, he was a little bit cold in his heart.

Rong Xue was the first to see Mu Yi Fan, and his eyes flashed with a guilty conscience, and she quickly hid behind Rong Mother.

“What’s wrong?” Rong’s mother saw Rong Xue’s abnormality and asked.

“Mom, that is Mr. Mu.” Rong Xue whispered.

Rong Mother looked up and saw a handsome man standing next to Dr. Zheng, and quickly took two daughters towards them.

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