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NOZW Chapter 93


Mu Yi Fan seized Zheng Guo Zong’s hand, endured pain, and he asked in between screams: “Quack, what … what is going to be born?”

“…” Zheng Guo Zong really did not know how to explain to a man who does not believe that he is pregnant, he was going to give birth.

He looked at Lu Lin, who stared blankly, and hurriedly said, “What are you still here to push me? Or you don’t want to push me back.”

Lu Lin returned to reality: “Ah? Oh, oh.”

Did he not hear it wrong?

Dr. Zheng said that Mu Yi Fan is going to give birth?

What does this mean?

Wouldn’t that be what he thought?

Lu Lin hurriedly pushed the wheelchair to the villa where they lived.

After returning to the villa, Mu Yi Fan was sore because of his stomach, and it was so painful that she could not stand up.

Lu Lin really can’t afford to carry the overweight Mu Yi Fan, so he had to look to the people in the house for help: “Sun Zi Hao, come out and help.”

Sun Zi Hao heard Lu Lin’s anxious voice, reacted very quickly, and rushed out of the villa in one step.

Mao Yu and Xiang Guo also quickly went out to see what happened.

Lu Lin quickly said: “Sun Zi Hao, we both lift one side, fast.”

“What happened?” Sun Zi Hao looked at Mu Yi Fan, who was groaning and groaning, and asked as he ran.

“I don’t know.”

Zheng Guo Zong said anxiously: “You carry him to the operating table in the basement.”

Lu Lin put Mu Yi Fan’s hand on his shoulder, then, with one hand, back, one leg: “Sun Zi Hao, you have to use some strength, we work together to carry him in.”

“Is he so heavy?”

Sun Zi Hao looked puzzled, like these trained soldiers, they could just pick up a big man. How do you want two people to hold together?

But just when he picked up Mu Yi Fan, he almost heard a crikey in his old waist: “Crap, Mu Yi Fan, what have you eaten, how is it you are so heavy?”

“I…how do I know.” Mu Yi Fan is so painful that she can’t speak.

Mao Yu and Xiang Guo, standing at the door, quickly gave way and let them carry him into the operating table in the villa’s basement.

Zheng Guo Zong put on his surgical gown and quickly said: “You are going to call Major General Zhan.”

Sun Zi Hao wiped the sweat from his forehead and asked: “Why should we call the boss back?”

Mu Yi Fan was uncomfortable to shut down their boss, telling him to come back, can Mu Yi Fan not hurt?

Zheng Guo Zong did not have a good reply: “His child is about to be born, do you want to call him back?”



Sun Zi Hao and Lu Lin both stiffened on the spot.

“Hey?” Mu Yi Fan, who was in pain, looked at the people who stiffened, he suddenly raised his head: “Quack doctor, what did you say?”

Did he overheard it and had an auditory hallucination?

“Don’t say anything!” Zheng Guo Zong waved his hand, and then, two people stupidly standing at the door shouted: “You are going to go, you say that Mu Yi Fan is going to give birth.”

Mu Yi Fan: “…”

“Oh, yes, yes.”

Lu Lin and Sun Zi Hao hurried back to the hall, Lu Lin said: “Sun Zi Hao, the boss is training at the basketball court, you go to him.”

“Oh, good. “Sun Zi Hao ran out of the villa.

Lu Lin was sitting on the couch.

From running back to here, it is only a few hundred metres of road, but he feels like he is running tens of kilometres of roads, he felt especially like Lei Ren.

Xiang Guo and Mao Yu quickly sat down beside him and curiously asked: “What happened to Mu Yi Fan?”

Lu Lin exhaled: “Mr. Zheng said that Mu Yi Fan is going to give birth.”

Mao Yu stared blankly.

“Ha? Give birth?” Xiang Guo immediately thought of Mu Yi Fan’s meaning as a pregnant woman, so he felt shocked and funny, and immediately put away his smile: “What does this mean when you give birth?”

Lu Lin turned his eyes: “Ghosts know what it means, but Dr. Zheng said that the boss’s child is about to be born, he made us quickly call the boss back.”

He was scared when he heard this.

“What? The boss’s child is going to be born? Who is going to give birth to the boss’ child?” Xiang Guo was surprised that his chin almost did fall.

Mao Yu returned to reality: “Mr. Zheng’s intention is to say that Mu Yi Fan is going to give birth, and that he is still going to give birth to the boss’s child?”

“How is it possible?” Xiang Guo stood up and couldn’t find the channel to vent: “Mu Yi Fan is a man, how could he have children, and how can the boss probably make a baby with Mu Yi Fan… What?”

You could kill him and he wouldn’t believe it.

Lu Lin eyebrows wrinkled: “It doesn’t matter whether or not the child is going to be born, but one thing, I have felt was very strange since then.”

Mao Yu asked: “What?”

“Just when we were walking I heard Dr. Zheng calling Mu Yi Fan as Mu-Mu.”

“Mu-Mu?” Mao Yu and Xiang Guo said: “Lu Lin, you wouldn’t think that Mu-Mu we met before is now Mu Yi Fan?”

Lu Lin nodded:” you think about it, and Mu-Mu… Is Mu Yi Fan’s last name … That’s the same sounding character, and that they both are suffering from bone cancer, as well as the attitude of the boss towards Mu Yi Fan also changed? It’s different from before, so these things make me think about whether Mu Yi Fan will be Mu-Mu.”

“This…” Lu Lin analysed it quite reasonably, but Mao Yu was still not sure that the two are the same people.

Xiang Guo felt his face sink: “I don’t believe they will be the same person.”

Mao Yu said: “Xiang Guo, don’t be too excited. After the boss comes back, you will know what happened.”

On the other hand, Sun Zi Hao hurried to the basketball court and saw Zhan Bei Tian standing in the centre of the field. Speeding up the pace and running over: “Bo… boss.”

Zhan Bei Tian saw him panting and his eyes wrinkled in confusion: “What happened?”

Sun Zi Hao gasped and gasped, scratching his head, not knowing how to answer what Zhan Bei Tian said.

What he heard before was simply a fantasy, he was afraid to say it, and he would be beaten by the Major General.

Damn, you should ask clearly before you run over.

Zhan Bei Tian screamed: “Sun Zi Hao, what the hell are you doing?”

Sun Zi Hao does not matter whether it is true or not, and quickly stands up and reports truthfully to Zheng Guo Zong: “Report, Major General, Dr. Zheng asked me to follow you and say that Mu Yi Fan is going to give birth.” When the words fell, the person in front of him had already ran ten metres away.

Sun Zi Hao looked at Zhan Bei Tian’s anxious back and whispered: “Crap, is Mu Yi Fan really gonna birth the boss’s child?”

The news is too amazing, right?


He felt that he needed time to calm down and calm down and digest this thing.

However, he still has time to go back and see what is going on.

Sun Zi Hao returned to reality and quickly ran back to the villa. He saw Zhan Bei Tian standing in the hall, using the calm and eager tone to tell the three people who had been stupid to prepare hot water and warm up milk, and so he can wrap your child’s towel.

After the quick explanation, Zhan Bei Tian rushed to the basement and he heard Zheng Guo Zong say: “Do you want to find a stable woman for yourself?”

Zhan Bei Tian: “…”

Mu Yi Fan has no strength to swear at Zheng Guo Zong glanced: “I am a man, a man without a birth canal. What are you looking for?”

Zheng Guo Zong is very entangled: “But I am not a doctor of obstetrics and gynaecology, I have not performed a surgery on pregnant women, I will tell The General to look for a maternity doctor.”

Mu Yi Fan rolled his eyes: “Quack, do you really think that Laozi is pregnant?”

“How come you still don’t believe you are pregnant?”

“Mom, you let me…. How does a big man believe that he is pregnant? Ah~~ pain, pain, pain, give me a way to take out the bead inside.” Mu Yi Fan’s whole face was screwed up, and he quickly rubbed his stomach.

“It’s not a bead, it’s a child. How can the bead you swallow become so big?”

“…” Mu Yi Fan really didn’t know how to explain the situation if Qing Tian Bead.

The most important thing is that he is now suffering from half-life, and the quack is still staring blankly, not taking out the bead in his stomach. It is really depressing.

Zhan Bei Tian saw Mu Yi Fan getting more and more uncomfortable. He calmed down and calmly said: “Dr. Zheng, you will take out the child like in a small operation that you usually do.”

Wen Yi, Mu Yi Fan looked at the door and there was Zhan Bei Tian, looking like some awkward person who doesn’t look at the door, then turned back and looked at Zhan Bei Tian: “What do you mean by the words? Do you think I am pregnant?”

Zhan Bei Tian looked at the originally pale face and shook his brow: “It doesn’t mean that, are you not going to take the beads out? Then we are now taking out the bead for you.”

Mu Yi Fan looked annoyed, he had no more opposition.

Zhan Bei Tian and Dr. Zheng said: “Dr. Zheng, you must give him a shot of anaesthetic to stop the pain.”

Zheng Guo Zong said helplessly: “I just gave h a shot, but it has no effect on him.”

Zhan Bei Tian thought about Mu Yi Fan. Now he is a zombie, he should not be afraid of the pain that is open, just say: “Then directly do the surgery.”


Zheng Guo Zong hesitated again and again, decided to personally manually do the operation.

Mu Yi Fan was very nervous. He didn’t dare to watch other people move a knife on him. Before Zheng Guo Zong started, he quickly said: “Can you find a piece of cloth to cover my eyes.”

Zhan Bei Tian went directly to the operating table and used it. The hand grabbed his eyes and used his eyes to signal Zheng Guo Zong to hurry.

Perhaps because Mu Yi Fan was the reason for the zombie, during the operation, he did not feel what Zheng Guo Zong had done to him. In short, the knife cut him but he did not feel pain when it was cutting him.

He doesn’t know how long it took. He felt that Zheng Guo Zong took out the things in his stomach. Then, his stomach no longer hurts. Then, it was the cry of the child that surprised him.

Zheng Guo Zong shouted with joy: “Come out, come out, the child is out.”

Zhan Bei Tian, ​​while seeing the child, also took the hand that was blocked by Mu Yi Fan’s eyes and looked at the child who was screaming, indifferently. The dark face unknowingly had a gentle smile.

Mu Yi Fan quickly opened his eyes and saw Zheng Guo Zong holding a white fat baby with blood on his body. He slammed his eyes and straightened his eyes: “FML, you said stomach flatulence?”

Zhan Bei Tian: “… …”

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