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NOZW Chapter 92


When Mu Yi Fan woke up, he saw the ceiling he was familiar with, and his eyes flashed through doubts. Is this his room?

When he turned his head, he saw Zheng Guo Zong’s delightful face, he licked his dry lips, and spoke with a dumb voice: “Worried? … Quack.”

Zheng Guo Zong said with excitement: “Great, you finally woke up, if you never woke up, others would have to wonder if I am a quack.”

“What happened to me?” Mu Yi Fan only remembered that his stomach was very painful, and finally his consciousness became more and more unclear, and he did not know what happened behind him. In short, he felt that he has slept for a long time.

Zheng Guo Zong sighed: “You have angered your baby…”

Thinking that Mu Yi Fan didn’t believe in his pregnancy, he quickly turned to the topic: “Do you know how long you have slept?”

Mu Yi Fan then asked him: “How long have I slept?”

Zheng Guo Zong extended two fingers: “Twenty days, you have slept for twenty days.” In these twenty days, he did not know what has passed, not being frozen by Zhan Bei Tian’s eyes is a great fortune.

“Crap, I actually slept for so long.”

Mu Yi Fan thought of something, he anxiously wanted to sit up, unexpectedly, the stomach was too heavy, the person had not sat up yet, and fell back.

“Hey, my Little-ancestor, what are you rushing to, lie down, lie down.” Zheng Guo Zong quickly gave him a pillow.

Mu Yi Fan wanted to cry tears and he touched his stomach: “Hey Quack, my big belly seems to be bigger again, and it seems to be heavy again. You have to check me up. I need to know what happened?” Zheng Guo Zong eyes aimed at the belly that was raised “Why are you too big like a woman whose pregnancy is ten months?”

Mu Yi Fan didn’t hear clearly, wondering: “What are you saying?”

“Nothing, you just have flatulence.”

Mu Yi Fan didn’t have a good reply: “You are kidding me, where does this big stomach look like flatulence? Is there such a patient with a big belly saying the stomach is flatulent?”

Zheng Guo Zong rolled his eyes: “It is you who told me that you are flatulent.”

Mu Yi Fan: “…”

Zheng Guo Zong hurriedly appeased him: “Okay, okay, don’t think too much, it will be fine in a few days. Right, Major General Zhan does not know that you are awake, I will call him. Come up.”

“Wait.” Mu Yi Fan hurriedly took Zheng Guo Zong’s hand: “Don’t call him.”

Zheng Guo Zong wondered: “What’s wrong?”

Mu Yi Fan thought of Zhan Bei Tian’s misunderstanding and his distrust of himself. He still felt very sad: “Quack doctor, I don’t want to see Zhan Bei Tian for the time being.”

Outside the room, Zhan Bei Tian heard this and suddenly stopped in his footsteps.

Just because heard the sound coming from the room, he would rush to come and see it. I didn’t think He would hear this sentence.

Zhan Bei Tian sighed as he looked down and leaned against the wall outside the door.

It seems that on the day of the grain depot, it was not Mu Yi Fan who disappointed him, but he disappointed himself in Mu Yi Fan.

Zheng Guo Zong saw that Mu Yi Fan was very sad. He thought that the day when he would collect the materials, Major General Zhan must have done something to hurt Mu-Mu’s heart.

He sighed and rubbed Mu Yi Fan’s head: “Oh, you won’t see him.”


Mu Yi Fan nodded and didn’t feel happy because he didn’t need to see Zhan Bei Tian. Instead, he felt more lost.

Zheng Guo Zong noticed that his mood was lower than before, and he teased him: “How? You don’t have to see him, why are you still not happy?”

Mu Yi Fan snorted: “Who said I’m unhappy?”

He didn’t want to say this. Something turned on the topic: “Quack doctor, can I ask you one thing?” Zheng Guo Zong listened to him using the word ‘request’ and he looked at him with interest: “What is it? As long as I can do it, I will help you.”

Mu Yi Fan said quickly: “I have a bead in my stomach, I want you to help me get it out, and then give it back to Zhan Bei Tian, ​​okay?”

Zheng Guo Zong wondered: “What bead?”

When he was checking Mu Yi Fan, he didn’t see any beads in his stomach.

“It’s a red bead. It’s very important to Zhan Bei Tian. So, I want to take it out and give it back to him.”

Zheng Guo Zong stared at him and said, “How do I feel that you trying to return the bead to him, is like you are drawing the boundaries to him.”

Mu Yi Fan lowered eyelids:” so to speak. “

The biggest reason is the Qing Tian Bead that made his stomach look this big and heavy, if he does not get it out, he is afraid his body would be broken.

After that had passed, Zhan Bei Tian stood outside the door clenched his fists.

Zheng Guo Zong sighed slightly: “You have just woken up now, it is not appropriate to move the knife casually. This matter will be discussed later.”

When the child is born, maybe the bead will follow.

Zheng Guo Zong took another look at Mu Yi Fan’s stomach. The time when the child was born should be near these days.

Mu Yi Fan thinks that Zheng Guo Zong’s words are justified. He agrees that this matter will be discussed again in a few days: “Yes, then I will speak of it in a few days, I want to go out now.”

Zhan Bei Tian outside the door heard this and turned around and went away.

In the room, Mu Yi Fan once again propped up and his stomach was so heavy that he was struggling.

Zheng Guo Zong quickly supported him and put on shoes for him.

Mu Yi Fan stood up in a difficult position and walked to the doorstep by step in Zheng Guo Zong arm support.

“Mu-Mu, is your stomach really so heavy?” Zheng Guo Zong saw him walking so hard, and asked curiosity.

Mu Yi Fan rolled his eyes: “You try to hang a six or seventy pounds of water on your stomach to see if it is heavy.”

“But when my wife was pregnant, I didn’t see her having it as hard as you are.”

“I am not pregnant, this is hard to compare.”

“…” Zheng Guo Zong felt it was a clever choice to no longer mention the topic of pregnancy.

The two went down to the first floor and they saw Lu Lin push a wheelchair into the door.

Lu Lin looked at them and immediately asked: “Mu Yi Fan, you woke up, where are you going to go with Dr. Zheng?”

Mu Yi Fan said: “Go out and walk around.” I

He doesn’t know if it is because he saved him in the grain depot. After Lu Lin’s relationship with him improved, he felt that Lu Lin was a little cordial to him.

Lu Lin looked at his inconvenient movement: “I see you walking very hard, do you want to go out and stroll around this wheelchair?”

Mu Yi Fan saw a wheelchair to sit on, he nodded quickly, then hesitated again: “Who did this chair come from, and why aren’t others are not using it?”

Lu Lin explained: “A few days ago, a soldier’s leg was injured. He was in a wheelchair for a few days. Now that his legs are good, he’s back to walking. “

“That’s good, that I trouble you with a wheelchair on the outside, thank you.”

Lu Lin’s wheelchair was pushed out again, and then, with Zheng Guo Zong, Mu Yi Fan strolled down the garden there.

After they left the villa, Mao Yu, Xiang Guo and Sun Zi Hao, who were hiding in the kitchen, came out and came to the floor-to-ceiling window and watched Lu Lin push Mu Yi Fan out of the gate.

“I am wondering, why is the boss suddenly so good to Mu Yi Fan?” Xiang Guo wondered: “Is it because Mu Yi Fan saved Lu Lin in the grain depot?”

Sun Zi Hao said: “It should be, but I am even more surprised why the boss asked Lu Lin to make an excuse, Mao Yu, what do you think?”

Mao Yu said faintly: “What can I think, I only know that when Mu Yi Fan was in a coma, the boss guarded him day and night. When there was movement in the room, he immediately ran to the room. During Mu Yi Fan’s coma, the boss was often absent-minded and didn’t know what was going on. Anyway, the boss gave me the feeling that he cares about Mu Yi Fan.”

Xiang Guo slammed: “Mao Yu, are you kidding? The boss caring about Mu Yi Fan? How is it possible?”

“Yes, I don’t think it’s impossible.”

“Why do you talk like the boss is one of those people?”

Xiang Guo: “…”

Sun Zi Hao: “…”

Just when they were discussing Mu Yi Fan, Mu Yi Fan was being led by Lu Lin around the garden.

At first, he was a little uncomfortable. Lu Lin obviously hated him to death, but now he pushed him to walk in the garden. I think it was a little weird.

Later, when Mu Yi Fan remembered an important thing, he immediately forgot this uncomfortable situation and asked Lu Lin.

“Lu Lin, is the national army now sending a team to clean the zombies bodies?”

Lu Lin did not think that Mu Yi Fan would ask such a question, and he said, “Yes.”

Mu Yi Fan’s eyes flashed with a hint of surprise and anxiety. Then he asked: “Do you know the day when the army intends to start burning the bodies? Do you know where they are going to burn the bodies?”

He described in the book that the bodies will be burned in the garbage dump on June 10, he wants to know if there is a change in time and place.

“Why are you interested in this in the garbage dump on June 5th? Do you want to go see it?”

Mu Yi Fan shook his head: “What is the date now?”

“June 1st.”

Mu Yi Fan’s eyes went wide open, it was on June 1st. However, he still had a big belly. What should he do?

How can he find or grab the big crystal nucleus?

Mu Yi Fan quickly turned to Zheng Guo Zong and asked: “Quack doctor, can I take the knife tomorrow?”

Zheng Guo Zong did not want to reject him: “No.”

Mu Yi Fan was anxious: “But, I have important things to do, and I do not want to have a big belly, which is very inconvenient.”

“The most important thing is your body is not important.”

“It doesn’t matter, I am a corpse…”

Mu Yi Fan thought Lu Lin was still around, he had to close my mouth.

Lu Lin asked: “Mu Yi Fan, do you have any important things to do? If I can help, I will definitely help you.”

He promised the boss before, as long as Mu Yi Fan’s request, he had to promise to help him.

Mu Yi Fan shook his head: “You can’t help me, this thing can only be done by myself.”

He originally wanted to find a few people to help, but he only found Zheng Jia Ming, but, after the grain warehouse encounter with a higher ranking zombie than his zombie rank, Zheng Jia Ming help also did not come in handy.

If you go to Zheng Jia Ming, it will only become cumbersome. It is very likely that they will be controlled by the zombie who was superior to them at the same time.

Thinking of this, Mu Yi Fan suddenly lost his mood: “Let’s go back.”

Zheng Guo Zong was surprised: “Are we not just coming out? Do you want to go back?”

Lu Lin said: “You just woke up, do you want to go back.”

Mu Yi Fan spoke nothing. Either Lu Lin pushed him to stroll in the garden a large circle, then turn the other way from the back to the villa where he lived there or he will walk there himself.

On the way, he saw many survivors. Under Zhan Bei Tian’s arrangement, ​​their safety was guaranteed, and everyone was not hungry.

Immediately, a familiar figure in one of the villas attracted Mu Yi Fan’s attention. He turned around and said to Zheng Guo Zong: “Quack doctor, I seem to see little Zhang from your village.”

Zheng Guo Zong turned his head and looked away. “Where?”

Mu Yi Fan looked back in the direction. There was no figure there: “Hey, why is he gone? Is something wrong?”

“It should be that you see it wrong. How could little Zhang be there? Here”

“Probably it is.”

Just then, from the sky he heard a voice: “You survivors, please note that you survivors, please note, please leave G City and go north before the 5th, please Before it reaches the 5th, you will leave G City and go north. For survivors, please note that for survivors, please note that we will bomb G City on the 5th, and we will bomb G City on the 5th.

When the people in the villa heard it, they ran out and looked up to see a remote-controlled small plane flying in the sky, constantly replaying the previous content.

“What happened? Why bomb G City?” Zheng Guo Zong asked anxiously.

Mu Yi Fan frowned: “It shouldn’t be that they are going to bomb G City, but to bring a large group of zombies to a place to bomb. It is so they do not end up completely destroying the entire city.”

Lu Lin nodded. “It is true.”

Zheng Guo Zong anxiously said: “No, I am going to find my son.”

Mu Yi Fan quickly stopped Zheng Guo Zong who was leaving: “Quack doctor, you wait, ah…”

Zheng Guo Zong heard Mu Yi Fan’s scream, he ran back: “What happened to you? Mu-Mu?”

Mu Yi Fan groaned and said: “I… my stomach hurts…”

Zheng Guo Zong was shocked and quickly returned. Exalted, he touched Mu Yi Fan’s stomach, and said in a hurry: “If you want to be born, you may have to be born!”

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