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NOZW Chapter 89


The soldiers reacted particularly sensitively. When the flashlight hits the black shadow, it is the moment they saw zombies, and they directly fire to their heads.

Five zombies fell to the ground immediately.

The soldiers exhaled: “Isn’t it true that zombies are not wise? How do you know that they are hiding behind the wall and attacking us?”

If Mu Yi Fan had previously reminded them, they might have become discouraged because they felt that zombies had no intelligence.

Lu Lin’s eyes wrinkled: “Next, everyone pays attention.”


Lu Lin looked at Mu Yi Fan and saw his face empty, his brows wrinkled tighter: “Mu Yi Fan, you go to the back of the team.

” …” Mu Yi Fan walked behind the team.

Lu Lin gestured to the soldiers behind him with guns on both sides of the door. He was responsible for stepping into the door and making sure that there were no zombies in the door before the people in the team came in.

Everyone carefully walked through the big warehouse and determined that there was no zombie before they figured out how to transport the rice out.

Mu Yi Fan frowned and took a flashlight and took photos around.

In the grain depot, in addition to neatly placed packages of rice, there is also rice that has piled up into mountains and has not been packed into rice bags. There is no trace of other zombies.

However, he obviously sensed a lot of zombies in the grain depot, how can there be only five zombies at the door?

Up to now, the strong sense of alert is still in his brain, indicating that there are absolutely zombies around, but where are they hidden?

Mu Yi Fan didn’t give up, and looked around with a flashlight. Finally, his flashlight stopped in the pile of rice in the mountains.

He quickly turned his head and looked at Lu Lin. He wanted Lu Lin to be careful, but he listened to Lu Lin impatiently and shouted: “Mu Yi Fan, can you not flash your flashlight to our eyes?”. ”

“I’m sorry.” Mu Yi Fan immediately put away the flashlight:” Lu Lin, the……”

Lu Lin for no rational reason turned to the other and said: “We seize the time, the bags have to be moved out.” ”


The soldiers immediately acted and went to the middle of the grain depot to pile up a relatively short pile of rice bags. One person picked up two bags of rice, and the mighty soldiers smashed three bags of rice.

Lu Lin saw everyone carrying the bags and was responsible for taking the road away.

Mu Yi Fan couldn’t see a person staying in the dark and dark grain depot, and he left the grain depot.

When they came to the fork, everyone was walking faster and faster, and Mu Yi Fan, who had a big belly, couldn’t keep up with them. He just shouted: “Lu Lin, you can come back and move the rice.” I am here waiting for you.”

Lu Lin didn’t have a good breath: “You wait here.”

Then, he led the team and left.

Since this is a fork in the road, there are soldiers from time to time moving the rice out, so Mu Yi Fan did not feel much worry here.

He found a place to sit down, and then he heard the screams of women coming from other passages.

Mu Yi Fan raised his eyebrows and heard that it was Rong Xue’s voice. Moreover, it was heard from the sound that Rong Xue was particularly scared and he did not know what happened to her.

Others heard Rong Xue’s scream and did not pay attention to it. Instead, they rushed out of the passage because of the other party’s voice.

In another granary, Rong Xue was scared. First, she was pulled by a very ugly zombie. She was almost bitten by a zombie on her face. Then, when she fell, she kissed Zombie’s rotten face.

Later, Zhan Bei Tian gave her a dagger that was short enough to let her kill a zombie, he told her if she killed ten zombies, he would be willing to listen to what Rong Xue wanted to say. Then she was pushed by Zhan Bei Tian towards the zombie group, and deliberately not lighting her position with a flashlight.

A woman like her who never lifted a finger to fend for herself would dare to kill zombies, that thought just scares her.

Mu Yi Fan, who was sitting at the fork, didn’t know what was going on inside. When Lu Lin came in again, he followed them to the grain depot.

This time, as soon as they entered the grain depot, he immediately went to the rice heap that was not in the bag, he picked up the shovel next to it, and began to shovel the rice.

As the lower layer was dug up, the rice on it slid down and something immediately caught Lu Lin’s attention.

Lu Lin thought they were zombies, so he dropped the rice and picked up the pistol pointing in the direction of Mu Yi Fan.

When he saw Mu Yi Fan playing with the rice using a big shovel, everyone was very angry and put away the pistol.

Lu Lin yelled: “Mu Yi Fan, what are you doing? If you don’t move the rice, you can’t add chaos to us. Do you know that rice that is spattered up? We will not clean up.”

Mu Yi Fan looked at the spreading of the rice in one place, he thought, everything is calm now. If he called him a zombie out, it would make a mess.

He threw the shovel and walked to Lu Lin.

Just then, the rice bags on both sides of the door suddenly fell down and made a squeaking sound.

Lu Lin heard the sound and immediately picked up the flashlight and pointed to the door. He saw the rice bag blocking the gate, and there were hundreds of zombies hidden in the rice bag, all of them were black and rotten, and they were getting up across the air. Slowly stepping outside and climb out of the rice bags

Everyone was shocked: “zombie, zombie, there are so many zombies hidden inside the rice heap.”

Everyone saw a large group of zombies slowly crawling out of the rice bag, and they quickly threw away the rice bags and started shooting. Now, the whole grain depot was all full of gunshots, and the echo of the gunshots is particularly loud in the grain depot.

Then, behind the pile of unpacked rice behind Mu Yi Fan, the sound of squeaking came again, the rice piled up in the mountains suddenly slipped down, and a large group of zombies jumped from it.

“God, there are zombies hidden there too.” Several soldiers heard the sound and quickly pointed the gun at the heap of rice and concentrated on firing.

Mu Yi Fan quickly knelt down and picked up the shovel he had just thrown back to Lu Lin.

At this time, the situation is also very dangerous, and everyone has sweat on their foreheads.

Lu Lin hurriedly took a pistol from his leg and threw it to Mu Yi Fan: “You pick that gun and shoot… what? You think everyone here is an expert? If you don’t, we are going to die here.”

Mu Yi Fan took the gun in a hurry: “…”

He was a little excited, for the first time. He felt the real gun.

Lu Lin saw him looking at the gun in his hand and was furious: “What do you think, if you don’t hurry to shoot, you want everyone to die here.”

Mu Yi Fan: “…”


He has never used a gun, how can he just shoot?

Mu Yi Fan remembered what was on the TV, raised the gun with one hand and pressed the button.


Not responding?

“Your mother balls, Mu Yi Fan, your gun safety has not been disabled yet. How long have you left the team, you even forgot how to pull the safety off?”

“…” Mu Yi Fan recalls the way the original owner disabled the gun safety, however, Even if he would disable it, he could not shoot, so the sail would waste bullets.

He simply put down the gun and stared at the zombie coming to them, and suggested to the zombie that he should not be close.

Zombie received the instruction, and the footsteps slowed down. Then, he stepped back and stepped back.

Everyone sighed: “What happened?”

Lu Lin sighed: “Don’t worry about what’s going on, first explode them all and speak later.”

“Yes.” Everyone fired.

In just three seconds, they put down more than thirty zombies.

At the same time, a burst of angry screams suddenly came from a dark corner in the distance.

Mu Yi Fan heard the roar, his head suddenly dazed for a while, and the voice seemed to be hypnotic, giving him a feeling of wanting to kill all the humans around him.

He hurriedly covered his head with his hand and tried to stay awake.

The zombie, controlled by Mu Yi Fan, got free and screamed a few times, then speeded up and walked toward Lu Lin.

Lu Lin and the other two soldiers saw it and they quickly took out the submachine gun on his back.

The soldiers in the other passages heard the fierce gunshots and quickly rushed over. They saw the rice bag with the rice plugged in the doorway and immediately opened the voice and asked, “What happened inside.”

Lu Lin hurriedly shouted: “There are a lot of zombies inside.” The outside people rushed to remove the rice bag that was blocked at the door.

Inside, Mu Yi Fan felt a headache, he was staring at the dark corner of the distance. There was a more high-rank zombie than him, and the zombie superior to him seemed to be there.

He also has a strong sense that the other person seems to be staring at him.

Mu Yi Fan took his gun back into his pocket and held the shovel in his left hand with both hands.

Lu Lin’s eyes slammed into his gun and angered: “Mu Yi Fan, why won’t you shoot.”

Mu Yi Fan saw a black shadow flashing through the dark corner, and quickly said: “There is something powerful rushing over.”

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