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NOZW Chapter 88


When Rong Xue heard that she could see Zhan Bei Tian, ​​regardless of her mother’s dissuasion, she did not pay attention to what was called finding materials. She directly listened to Lu Lin’s arrangement and followed a group of soldiers and got on a big truck.

At the beginning, she was very excited because she could see Zhan Bei Tian soon.

However, when she saw Zhan Bei Tian sitting on a buggy, and the whole team were soldiers or men, she felt very scared.

In particular, she saw a large group of zombies chasing the back of the car, and her whole body was shaking.

She didn’t come back until she came to the destination. She quickly got off and rushed to Zhan Bei Tian: “Mr. Zhan, I have something to say to you.”

Zhan Bei Tian didn’t even give her a look, he listened carefully to Lu Lin reporting: “One of the survivors rescued by the soldiers last night was a staff member of the grain depot. According to him, the underground warehouse here houses more than 100,000 tons of grain.”

Mao Yu whispered. : “More than 100,000 tons of grain? There are quite a lot of things. So why didn’t anyone take this large amount of rice?”

“The staff said that the zombies here are very fierce. The people who came here were almost all killed. He thinks that only a large team of our army can take a large amount of food.”

Mu Yi Fan eye wrinkled

In his novels, he did not describe the fact that The Male Protagonist came to the grain depot to take food.

However, the plot has been distorted to the point that it is not the same novel, and it is not surprising that many things are beyond the scope of his knowledge.

“Mr. Zhan, I have something to say to you.” Rong Xue, who was stopped by the soldiers, shouted again, but no one cared about her.

Zhan Bei Tian scanned the area and couldn’t see the zombies, and he licked his lips: “The staff said that the fierce zombies are here? Did he say how fierce the zombies are?”

“He is not very clear, everything was said by people who have heard about the grain depot.” Lu Lin handed a few sheets of paper to Zhan Bei Tian: “This is the grain warehouse drawing that the staff member drew up overnight.”

Zhan Bei Tian came over and looked at it.

Rong Xue shouted again: “Mr. Zhan, Zhan Bei Tian…”

Mu Yi Fan saw that Rong Xue screamed at Zhan Bei Tian and found that his novel was really strange.

However, she looks like his sister. His sister also liked Zhan Bei Tian, ​​and she liked him for more than ten years. She used to like Zhan Bei Tian many times like Rong Xue

So, now that he saw such a Rong Xue, it gave him some sympathy and called out: “Miss Rong…”

Without waiting for him to say anything, Zhan Bei Tian said: “Mu Yi Fan, you and Lu Lin stay together.”

“Ah? Oh.” Mu Yi Fan looked at Lu Lin, Lu Lin immediately glanced at him.

Zhan Bei Tian added: “Miss Rong, you come with me, the rest is the same as before.”

Rong Xue walked with Zhan Bei Tian, ​​immediately smiled and nodded.

Mu Yi Fan saw that Rong Xue was so happy, and he sighed and wondered how Zhan Bei Tian would torture Rong Xue. The Male Protagonist in the book will not make Rong Xue feel any better, nor will he let her die so easily. In short, he will only make her want to die.

Next, the team entered the underground grain depot together.

Suddenly a cool breeze came, Zhan Bei Tian immediately felt that something was wrong, and the footsteps stopped.

Others saw Zhan Bei Tian’s movements stopping and followed them.

Zhan Bei Tian looked at Mu Yi Fan.

Mu Yi Fan looked at the dark passage and said: “There seems to be a lot of zombies inside.”

Sun Zi Hao sneered: “You haven’t entered yet, you know how many zombies are there?”

Mu Yi Fan touched his big belly, didn’t talk.

Of course, he doesn’t know how many zombies are there, but he feels that there are many similar ones inside, and this kind of induction is unprecedented and very strong.

Zhan Bei Tian hesitated and wondered if he would go in.

He looked back at the number of his team, there are hundreds of people, except for more than a dozen people who are not trained soldiers, the rest are elite warriors, and the team should be more than enough to deal with zombies with no power.

“Everyone be careful.” Zhan Bei Tian ordered.

“Yes.” The long passage made people feel very cold. Because the passage was too empty, the footsteps produced an echo in the passage.

The light in front was dim, everyone raised their vigilance, and the hearts were always on the alert fearing that a zombie suddenly appeared and scratched or bitten them.

Zhan Bei Tian suddenly noticed that his left arm was a little bit painful. When he turned around, he saw Rong Xue holding his left arm tightly because she was afraid.

His face was cold and he was about to push Rong Xue’s hand, but he suddenly thought that someone seemed to say that he was also afraid to see the zombie that suddenly came out.

Zhan Bei Tian turned to look at Mu Yi Fan.

Sure enough, the cockroach was holding Lu Lin’s arm tightly.

Lu Lin’s attention was in front, and no one found that he was holding his hand tightly.

“Lu Lin.”

Lu Lin heard Zhan Bei Tian call him and immediately returned to God: “Yes.”

Zhan Bei Tian shouted: “Change position.”

“Yes.” Lu Lin wanted to go to Zhan Bei Tian only to notice that someone was holding his arm.

He turned back and saw the man holding his hand is Mu Yi Fan, his face was black: “I said that you are a big man, how can you hold the arm of another man.”

Mu Yi Fan loosened Lu Lin, nothing else was said.

Others are not in the mood to make fun of Mu Yi Fan at this time.

Zhan Bei Tian pushed Rong Xue’s hand and walked over to Mu Yi Fan, blocking the line of sight in front of him. He said, “Go ahead.”


After that, about three hundred metres away, everyone saw five channels separated, then, according to the previous allocation, each led the team into the small channel.

Mu Yi Fan and Lu Lin walked about 20 metres or so, and they stopped. Someone uneasy said: “I don’t think we need to go in.”

The sense of the previous induction zombie in the grain depot hole was more and more strong, he feels that there are not only many zombies inside, but also very simple. There should be intermediate or above, and perhaps more high-rank zombies.

Lu Lin paused and sneered: “Mu Yi Fan, I found that after you retire, you are not only blessed, but even your courage is getting smaller. I think you have never been afraid of seeing more terrible enemies before. Now? Even if you haven’t seen it yet, you wanted to go back? You said it’s ridiculous.”

Others were tired and kept saying: “If you are afraid, go back, don’t get in the way, and stop us from looking for food.”

Mu Yi Fan watched everyone reject him, and his heart was very helpless.

He knows that what Mu Yi Fan used to do is really too much. Even if he died a hundred times, he couldn’t let Lu Lin hate him, so he couldn’t blame Lu Lin for hating him.

“Lu, don’t talk nonsense with him, we hurry in, find food and leave immediately.”

Lu Lin saw that it was not a place to talk, he was no longer paying attention to Mu Yi Fan, and ordered to continue moving forward.

Mu Yi Fan couldn’t stop them and had to follow up.

The soldiers who walked at the end saw Mu Yi Fan holding his stomach and walking slowly. He couldn’t help but be depressed: “I don’t know what The General thought, why did he let him follow? Even though his walking is particularly difficult, he is simply going to get in the way.”

Although his voice is already the smallest, the people who walked in front still heard it clearly.

Lu Lin looked at the hard walking Mu Yi Fan, and yelled at him: “Mu Yi Fan, if there is any special situation, you can’t run fast, we won’t care for you.”

Mu Yi Fan suddenly stopped and he said: “Be careful, there is a zombie in front.”

Lu Lin immediately took a flashlight and looked at the front. The space inside was very large, and I saw the rice bag stacked in the mountain, but he didn’t see the zombie that Mu Yi Fan said. .

“Do you see zombies?” Lu Lin wondered.

Mu Yi Fan casually found an excuse: “Well, I just saw the zombie shadow.”

“When the zombie saw humans, didn’t he come up? How could he hide?”

“How do I know?”

Mu Yi Fan knows that this is what he said, but how can he not know why? If the low-rank zombie doesn’t come up, it means that there is a high-rank zombie to control them. This is what he is most worried about.

Lu Lin is not the kind of person who does not believe his words because he is biassed against Mu Yi Fan.

He saw Mu Yi Fan’s face look dignified, and immediately picked up the gun, whispered: “Everyone be careful.”

Others quickly picked up the gun and pointed at the front.

Everyone carefully walked forward step by step, especially on both sides of the hole, even in the direction in which their muzzle was aligned.

Just as they were about to get out of the hole, suddenly, a few black shadows rushed over them.

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