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NOZW Chapter 87


The one knocking on the door was the soldier who sent meals to Zheng Guo Zong. The food delivered was a meat dish and a soup. It was already a very good meal for the end of the world.

Mu Yi Fan didn’t bother Zheng Guo Zong to eat, he put his hands on the bed, and stood up hard. Then he held his hand to the waist and held his stomach to the door.

Suddenly, there was a creek in the back. Zheng Guo Zong saw that he was like a pregnant woman and he couldn’t help but laugh.

Mu Yi Fan turned his head and said: “Quack doctor, what are you laughing at?”

Zheng Guo Zong resisted the smile and waved his hand: “Nothing, nothing, I eat, I eat.”

Mu Yi Fan looked strangely out of the room, toward him. The room where he lived was over.

When he was about to push open the door, he heard the soldiers coming out from behind and stopped: “This gentleman, no one except The General will be in this room.”

“Ah?” Mu Yi Fan stared blankly.

“Let him come in.” A low voice came from the stairs.

The soldier turned his head and saw Zhan Bei Tian in front of the stairway. He immediately bowed a salute: “The Major General.”

Zhan Bei Tian said faintly: “You go down first.”


Mu Yi Fan pushed the door in and saw his room, after half a month away he felt a lot of emotions. I didn’t expect to go back after a big circle.

Then, he thought that Zhan Bei Tian was outside and quickly closed the door, but he was stopped by Zhan Bei Tian.

Mu Yi Fan was worried that he would pinch Zhan Bei Tian’s fingers, loosen the door’s hand, he held his stomach, and walked hard to the bed step by step.

“Damn, the stomach is getting heavier.” When Zhan Bei Tian came in, he saw that Mu Yi Fan was struggling to get to the bed and he took off his shoes and laid down on the bed.

Mu Yi Fan laid down in a comfortable position and said to Zhan Bei Tian who came over: “I think your bead have made my stomach so big, so I will not object to you using a knife to take it out, you can find a time to take it out, otherwise, if I go on, I will not be able to move.”

Zhan Bei Tian looked at Mu Yi Fan because he laid down and his stomach looked bigger, not saying that he cannot take Qing Tian Bead. Zhan went to the bed and sat down, he said: “Would you like to explain everything to me? On the day of the QingMing Festival, why did you appear…?”

His words were not finished, and the person on the bed had closed their eyes and let a light snore

Zhan Bei Tian: “…”

So fast asleep?

Zhan Bei Tian looked at Mu Yi Fan’s face and blinked.

This face really gave him the idea of ​​wanting to kill, but this face has a lot of differences with his memories of hatefulness.

It is more handsome than the fierce face that he had known in his life, and the contour is softer than the Zombie King he knew.

The skin colour is also whiter and whiter. This is the biggest change on Mu Yi Fan. This should be the effect of the spring water from space. The tip of the nose is very beautiful, and it looked very good with the pale thin lips. .

In addition, the whole person still has a human temperament and not like the Zombie King he knew, and his body is full of sorrow and gloom.

Zhan Bei Tian unconsciously lifted his fingertips and gently slid to Mu Yi Fan’s face’s white face. He moved all the way down and saw the place at the throat. Suddenly his eyes were sharp, and the five fingers pinched the other’s throat. “Fake your sleep, you will cut off your neck.”

Mu Yi Fan couldn’t help but open his eyes and smiled. “I am a zombie. You cut my neck and it doesn’t work, period.”

He didn’t want to sleep. However, he really didn’t know how to explain everything, so he had to pretend that he was asleep.

Zhan Bei Tian eyes flashed with cold light: “Mu Yi Fan, don’t let me hear the word zombie from your mouth again.”

Mu Yi Fan looked at him depressedly: “You don’t want me to say these two words, then what do you want me to say, if one day I meet them, what should I say when I want to remind others, do you want to tell them: My friends are coming, run fast?”

“…” Zhan Bei Tian licked his lips and said: “You can say those two words.”

After saying this, he couldn’t help but tighten his brow. He really didn’t know why he wanted to discuss it with him.

Zhan Bei Tian stood up: “Start tomorrow, you have to follow the team in a task.”

Mu Yi Fan looked at him with a sad face: “Are you sure?”

Then he pointed to the very round belly: “You are really sure you want me to go? You are not afraid that I will be dragging your footsteps?”

“Why are you afraid, when I throw you there, we can go first, anyway, you are not afraid that they will bite you?”

Mu Yi Fan immediately retorted: “Who said I am not afraid?”

Zhan Bei Tian looked at him strangely: “What are you afraid of?”

“Although they were people before, don’t you think they are too scary now? Especially from the corner or when they come out from behind the door, or from a place you can’t see, I feel particularly scared, and there are…”

“…” Zhan Bei Tian…. is the first time he heard a zombie who is afraid of zombies, and, still, the intermediate zombie who is afraid of the low-rank zombie.

He did not continue to listen to Mu Yi Fan and left the sentence “Tomorrow’s task starts early tomorrow”, he left the room to deal with things, and went back to sleep at 9 o’clock in the evening.

Early the next morning, Zhan Bei Tian called Mu Yi Fan downstairs for breakfast.

Sitting at the table, Mao Yu and Lu Lin both looked at their boss and Mu Yi Fan coming from Mu-Mu’s previous room.

“Does the boss not let anyone enter the Mu-Mu room?” Sun Zi Hao whispered, “How can Mu Yi Fan go in?”

After Mu-Mu left, the boss didn’t let anyone go in, even if it was cleaning is also a matter of personal involvement which Zhan Being Tian did himself

Mao Yu said: “Mu Yi Fan is someone he can’t live without. He is the only man who can see him.”

“I really don’t understand why the boss brought him back, and he is not afraid that he is going to screw with us.” This is what Xiang Guo said after he only learned this morning that the boss brought Mu Yi Fan back to the villa area.

“Oh, don’t talk again, don’t forget that there is another person on the table who gives Mu Yi Fan an ear.” Lu Lin reminded them not to say anything they shouldn’t say.

The eyes of more than a dozen people in the room all smiled and looked at Zheng Guo Zong from downstairs looking at Mu Yi Fan.

Zheng Guo Zong’s attention was on Mu Yi Fan, and he couldn’t help but laugh when he watched him holding a big belly and looking down on his body.

Mu Yi Fan sat down on Zheng Guo Zong’s side, separated from Zhan Bei Tian by several positions.

Others, because of the presence of the boss, are not good at gossiping about Mu Yi Fan, but went in to glare at him with angry eyes. If the eyes can kill, Mu Yi Fan did not know that he was shot through several holes at this moment.

Zhan Bei Tian sat in the main seat and took a chopstick and picked up a bun to take a bite.

Others saw the boss eating a steamed buns, and they also began to move chopsticks. And very tacit understanding, in Mu Yi Fan’s face in front of the buns, steamed bread, fried rice and other breakfast.

Mu Yi Fan knew that they were deliberate, but he didn’t care. Anyway, he didn’t have to eat anything, so he was bored and playing with chopsticks.

When everyone was eating, there was a noisy voice outside the door.

Zhan Bei Tian eyebrows looked wrinkled

Mao Yu immediately got up: “I will go to see what happened.” The bored Mu Yi Fan also stood up and said: “I will also go and see.”

When the two went out, they heard the noise coming from a woman’s voice: “My name is Rong Xue, I want to see Mr. Zhan. You just have to tell Mr. Zhan that there is a Miss Rong looking for him. He will come out to see me.”

The soldiers who kept guard at the door were unmoved and kept their posts, just did not let Rong Xue go in.

Rong Xue was furious: “I am a friend of your major general. If you don’t let me go, you will be punished by him.”

Mao Yu, who just walked out of the door, heard the words from Rong Xue and he snorted and went to the gate to ask: “What happened?”

The gate guards immediately said: “Reporting to Captain Mao, this woman came here and clamoured for us to prepare for her a bird’s nest porridge. We ignored her and she said that she would see Major General.

“Bird’s nest porridge?” Mao Yu sneered: “At this time, you still want to eat bird’s nest porridge?”

Rong Xue learned that the other party was a captain, and her attitude immediately became much better: “I just said I wanted to eat bird’s nest porridge as just an excuse, I actually want to see the major general.”

Mao Yu whispered: “The Major General will not see you.”


At this time, a plain-dressed middle-aged woman came over with a bowl: “Snow Child, don’t make trouble, let’s go back to drink porridge, you see, I added the mustard to the porridge in your bowl…”

Rong Xue looked at the porridge with red and red mustard, sulking and she yelled: “I would not eat this junk food.”

This immediately angered everyone present.

Rong Xue didn’t know how many people she had offended. She saw Mu Yi Fan standing in the villa, her eyes suddenly brightened, and she quickly waved at Mu Yi Fan: “Mr. Mu, Mr. Mu.”

She pushed the soldiers who stopped her and rushed to the side of Mu Yi Fan and pulled his sleeves. She said, “Mr. Mu, can you take me to see Mr. Zhan?”

Mu Yi Fan eyebrow wrinkled and he couldn’t accept this woman who looked like his sister to him, he was about to refuse, he yelled back out aside Lu Lin, he said: “You wanted to see Major General may, we are just about to leave for a mission to get some supplies why don’t you join and you will get to see him”

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