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NOZW Chapter 86


The more you go down the floor, the more rotted bodies you see on the ground, scaring a few timid women to scream again and again. On the first floor, there were dead bodies all over the place, and there are almost no places where one can stand.

“Xia Xiao Xiao, Liu Shan, you come over and help me.” When walking to the entrance to the hall, Rong Xue, who was wearing seven-inch high heels, saw the bodies on the ground, she was holding back the fear in her heart and stopping at the door then shouted in the tone of the command.

Xia Xiao Xiao and Liu Shan acted like they did not hear her cry, the two held each other and stepped on the bodies to the hall.

Rong Xue saw that the two of them did not care for her, and she was so angry that the whole face was red: “Sluts.”

Xia Xiao Xiao and Liu Shan immediately looked back at her and then continued to move forward.

Rong Yan’s eyes looked at her with pity and she wanted to turn back to help her sister, but was prevented by Wu Jing Heng: “Miss Rong, you know you tried in the past to help her, but she said she didn’t want you to.”

Rong Yan felt that those very words made sense, and she didn’t pay any attention to the blushing Rong Xue. She looked at Lu Lin and walked to the hall.

Before coming to the hall, Zhan Bei Tian loosened the hold on Mu Yi Fan, and lowered his voice, and said simply: “You dare to run, I’ll blow your head.”

Mu Yi Fan: “……”

How does this man think that he will run with a stomach this big?

When they arrived at the hall, they saw five off-road vehicles parked in the centre of the hall. Each car had a driver in the seat. The rest of the people were at the door to see if there were other zombies coming over here.

The soldier sitting in the last car saw Zhan Bei Tian coming out and immediately said to others: “The boss is down.”

The person who was at the door heard and quickly turned around and saw Zhan Bei Tian and Lu Lin. He spoke with a happy smile: “Boss.”

Sun Zi Hao went forward and said: “Boss, you have been with Lu Lin for so long, I thought that something happened. I almost sent someone to look for you.”

He swept his eyes behind Zhan Bei Tian, ​​he saw four women and two men in addition to Lu Lin, and one who had been behind Zhan Bei Tian.

Sun Zi Hao raised an eyebrow: “There were survivors on the top? Hey, aren’t the two people Wu Jing Heng and Yu He? How can they be in this restaurant?”

Lu Lin smiled and walked forward: “It is them, they are here because of the tasks that led them to be trapped here, and they did not expect to be met by us. These two boys are lucky.”

At this time, Mao Yu went forward and said: “Boss, it is not appropriate to stay here for a long time.”

Zhan Bei Tian nodded: “Get in the car.” Lu Lin pointed to the last car and said, “You four women are in the last car.”

Rong Xue heard, immediately took the first car.

Xia Xiao Xiao did not care, she just didn’t want to sit with her.

Rong Yan looked at Rong Xue, she sighed and shook her head, heading for the car.

“Where are you going?” Zhan Bei Tian said suddenly.

Rong Yan stared blankly, she stopped, and pointed to the last car: “Isn’t it necessary for the women to take the last car?”

Zhan Bei Tian said faintly: “I am not talking to you.”

As soon as he turned around, he stopped and wanted to squeeze in a car with Mu Yi Fan: “Where are you going?”

Mu Yi Fan pointed to Rong Yan: “I want to be with her.”

Lu Lin sneered: “You just have to think beautifully about it.”

Zhan Bei Tian eyes narrowed and he glared at the high-end car that Mu Yi Fan had driven before.

Sun Zi Hao looked at the man who was taken away by the boss and his eyes popped: “Crap, isn’t that Mu Yi Fan?”

Before this, the man had been standing behind the boss, so no one paid attention to the person standing behind him…. Mu Yi Fan.

Lu Lin lips bent in an annoyed way: “Not him, right, Xiang Guo? Xiang Guo, did you not say that if you see Mu Yi Fan next time, you will want to beat him? Why aren’t I seeing him now?”

Mao Yu said: “It is Xiang Guo’s turn to take charge of the villa’s safety. So, this time, he didn’t follow. I have to go back and say something. Mu Yi Fan now is with the boss and he can’t run.”

Mu Yi Fan really can’t run, because Zhan Bei Tian said on the car: “Zheng Guo Zong has been invited by me to the villa where you used to live.”

Mu Yi Fan asked, anxiously asked: “What about Jia Ming? Did you have any questions about Jia Ming?”

Zhan Bei Tian glanced at him and did not answer his words. He started the car and left the hotel with the team.

Along the way, the two did not speak again, making the atmosphere in the car particularly quiet.

Mu Yi Fan couldn’t help but sneak a sneak peek at Zhan Bei Tian, ​​who was indifferent, and then stared outside.

Now the plot in the novel is almost out of orbit, and then, he didn’t know what happened next.

He doesn’t know how The Male Protagonist will treat him. However, with The Male Protagonist’s hatred of the original Mu Yi Fan, The Male Protagonist should not burst his head with such a shot, let him die so hard.

In other words, it is very likely that, like in the book, he will be tortured a little bit slowly.

Therefore, he is very glad that he has no sense of pain at all, no matter how The Male Protagonist trues to torture him… It’s useless to him, unless he bursts his head or waits for him to become a high-rank zombie and torture him.

An hour later, the car came to the gate of the villa area where Mu Yi Fan used to live. Everyone had to get off the bus for inspection.

The person in charge of the inspection is originally a friend of Zhan Bei Tian. Naturally, there will be no problem. After he determined that all people are not infected and he allowed them in.

The garden in the villa area is still the same as before, and there is no change. In the vicinity of the garden, there are many soldiers forming a team to patrol the area to protect the safety of the villa area.

When they saw the return of Zhan Bei Tian’s team, they immediately stopped and saluted the people in the car and walked over to give way to the team.

Then, they heard a happy voice and shouted: “The Major General is back, and The Major General is back.”

Many people ran out of the villa to meet them.

Mu Yi Fan saw Zheng Guo Zong standing at the door and he waited for the car to stop. He immediately got off and ran to Zheng Guo Zong.

Zheng Guo Zong also saw Mu Yi Fan’s car and rushed over to hug Mu Yi Fan from the car: “Mu-Mu, great, just to see you are fine its all good”

Mu Yi Fan anxiously asked: “Quack doctor, Jia Ming? Where is Jia Ming?”

He is very worried about Jia Ming because of his relationship, Zhan Bei Tian will start torturing Jia Ming.

Zheng Guo Zong saw that Mu Yi Fan was so anxious about his son’s safety. He smiled and comforted him: “You can rest assured that Jia Ming is fine.”

Mu Yi Fan said with a sigh of relief: “That’s good, then where is Ming Ming?”

Zheng Guo Zong looked around, after seeing too many people, he whispered: “This is not a place to talk, you come with me.”

He took Mu Yi Fan into the villa where Mu Yi Fan used to live.

Mu Yi Fan looked at the furnishings in the hall. His mood was very complicated. I didn’t expect that most of the time had passed. It was still the same as before, and it has not changed.

Zheng Guo Zong took him to the second floor room: “This is the room that the Major General arranged for me.”

Mu Yi Fan looked at this room where Zhan Bei Tian lived and was surprised: “He let you stay alone?”

In the current situation, the room should be very compact. How can it give up a room to Zheng Guo Zong to live alone, and this treatment is even better than Lu Lin.

He remembered what he described in the book. Because the rooms in the safe area are compact, the same room can be shared for five or six people.

If their ability is relatively strong or the identity in the team is relatively high, then there is a chance that two people will be in the same room. Like Zheng Guo Zong, there is a room for treatment. Currently only The Male Protagonist is the only one sleeping alone.

Zheng Guo Zong closed the door and took him to the bed. He said: “Yes, I am alone here. I don’t know why. Anyone who sent me here is very kind to me. They arranged a single room for me. After I arrived, I inquired about it. Others are sharing six or seven people in one room. If there is a big room, it is ten people or fifteen people.”

“How did you get caught? Did the son come along?”

Zheng Guo Zong sighed: “You had not left for long before Major General Zhan took a group of people and came to my house, I was afraid they would hurt my son if he came here with.”

“That does not matter at home tomorrow”?

“Should not there be things for him to do. Before we left, the Major General guaranteed to me that during my stay here, he would not hurt Jia Ming.”

Mu Yi Fan listened to this and he was relieved: “You can rest assured, since Zhan Bei Tian has promised you, he will definitely do it. I will never go back.”

Zheng Guo Zong exhaled a sigh of relief: “You are listening to believe that you are a man.”

Mu Yi Fan rolled his eyes: “What am I, man, don’t just use the words casually, I told you that I am just an enemy to him now.”

“I don’t believe it.”

“Believe it or not.”

“If he takes you as an enemy, would he take me here to take care of me?”

” ……”

Zheng Guo Zong did not finish talking, the door was knocked.

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