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NOZW Chapter 82 He is still as insidious as before


“This is a good question.” Mu Yi Fan is not afraid to tell Zheng Jia Ming about this matter, let alone this thing must be told to Zheng Jia Ming: “You just saw it. They have real guys on hand. They are national soldiers. Of course, this is not the main reason why I am afraid of them. Instead, their captain knows me. Yes…”

He looked at Zheng Guo Zong next to him: “I know that I am so jealous, so he may destroy me at any time.”

Zheng Jia Ming: “…”

Zheng Guo Zong said: “If I am not mistaken, wasn’t that just your former boyfriend?”

Mu Yi Fan was not happy about that and rolled his eyes: “What boyfriend? It should be a male friend, a male friend, can’t you understand it, hey quack doctor, you do know that even when there is one less word, the difference is very big.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Zheng Guo Zong didn’t argue with him either. Anyway, they are all separated. It’s a boyfriend or a male friend. It has nothing to do with him.

Mu Yi Fan continued: “Right, he still recognizes me. You know that you don’t want to be stupid in front of him. His ability is not something you can imagine.”

In the last world, The Male Protagonist has not seen Zheng Guo Zong, but he has seen Zheng Jia Ming.

Zheng Jia Ming, who was Zombie King’s right arm, was also blacklisted by The Male Protagonist.

Zheng Jia Ming just thought that Zhan Bei Tian had seen the news that he had escaped from the mental hospital and nodded.

At this time, the phone made a bang, indicating that the battery is less than 15%.

Mu Yi Fan looked at the phone: “The phone is running out of power, we still have to hurry to find something.”

He took the lead in opening the door of the office and drove the zombie away, so that the father and son came out on the third floor to find what they could use. .

Because no one on the third floor has been sweeping and taking things, so things here are still very complete.

In the special area for ​​the clothes, Mu Yi Fan took a few sets of large sportswear at random, because he felt that the recent clothes seemed to shrink, the trousers were a bit sloppy, and the clothes he was wearing now almost could not cover his belly.

When they got the stuff, the power of the phone was forced to shut down because of insufficient power.

Fortunately, they found the flashlight before and packed all the flashlights and batteries.

There are many zombies on the fourth floor of the supermarket and more than on the third floor. However, there is Mu Yi Fan and Zheng Jia Ming and the zombies could dare not approach, and could only look at them from a distance.

This also let Zheng Jia Ming know that the high-ranking zombie has such advantages.

“The fourth floor is full of beddings, and there is nothing we have to use from there so let’s go.” Zheng Guo Zong said.

Zheng Jia Ming nodded.

Just when they wanted to leave the fourth floor, Mu Yi Fan seemed to hear someone yelling for help, but the voice was low, seemingly afraid of causing the attention of the outside zombies.

He stopped at the speed: “Wait, I seem to hear someone asking for help.” Zheng Guo Zong also stopped. “I heard it before, but I don’t think you have any reaction. I thought I was wrong. ”

Mu Yi Fan asked: “where did you hear it?”

Zheng Guo Zong took the flashlight in his hand, pointing to the left side wall near ten metres away where there was a small door, four door, and five zombie wandering outside hovering: “When we passed there, we heard the sound coming from inside, and the sound was not loud, like a mosquito screaming.”

“Let’s see it there.” Mu Yi Fan took the flashlight and walked over there. After all the zombies walked off, he asked, “Is there someone inside?”

Someone immediately anxiously cried and replied: “Yes, yes, yes, we have more than a dozen people here, sir, are there any monsters that eat people outside?”

“Yes, but they are far away, you can leave quickly.”

The people inside, hurriedly opened the door, when they saw Mu Yi Fan, the three big living people, they immediately burst into tears.

Mu Yi Fan couldn’t stand their crying and had to scare them: “You can cry again, but you will attract the monsters that eat people.”

This is very useful. Sixteen supermarket salesmen and a female manager, quickly pressed the cries, and did not dare cry again.

Zheng Jia Ming whispered: “Let’s leave here and talk about it again.”



On the other side, Zhan Bei Tian immediately cleared the entrance of the supermarket and the zombie near the supermarket after they walked out of the supermarket gate. Then, they set the two big trucks carrying the goods back first, leaving an empty truck and an off-road vehicle, and twenty men waiting at the door of the supermarket.

Mao Yu, in order not to disturb Zhan Bei Tian, ​​who was leaning on the off-road vehicle, came under the big truck and whispered.

“Boss, what are going to do about this, leaving so many people inside we should go in and save the people there how can we wait here and do nothing, he doesn’t even know that it is easy to attract zombie?” Sun Zi Hao Some worried.

Mao Yu frowned: “Who knows what the boss wants to do, since the boss called us to G City, I can’t guess what the boss wants to do next. All his actions are beyond my understanding. Just like when I first started to buy supplies, I thought he was going to donate materials to people in the mountains, or wanted to open a supermarket, but now I think he did that because he already knew that there was such a day coming. Let’s do so many things, there are some weird things, I won’t mention more, you have a few questions and keep them in your heart.”

The other three people agreed with him, Lu Lin snorted: “You said that the boss is coming here. The more difficult thing is to guess, will it be because of Mu-Mu? Also, the boss has become weird after receiving that call a week ago. I guessed that it’s because Mu-Mu is no longer there with us, so the boss was irritated, so that the whole person has changed, leading to the simultaneous homonym with the word Mu becoming a taboo.”

Xiang Guo said: “I think the boss is likely to be like this because of Mu-Mu’s death. You don’t know. When I stayed up the night a few nights ago, I saw the boss drunk from the car. His face was dark and heavy, especially ugly. I wondered if he couldn’t handle Mu’s death and ran to the river, but he was rescued, and then…”

Mao Yu interrupted him: “My word Xiang Guo, your brain is really wide open, the boss loves to sacrifice himself for love, and you want to come out.”

Xiang Guo spoke with dissatisfaction: “It’s not my brain that is wide open, the next few days, the boss just had dinner, I will drive out and come back in the middle of the night, and I don’t know what to do.”

Lu Lin quickly stopped them from continuing to bicker: “Oh, OK, don’t guess. In short, we know that the boss will not do anything, no matter what.”

Sun Zi Hao nodded. “Yes, that is, hey, you see, someone is coming out of the supermarket.”

Xiang Guo and the other looked at the supermarket door, a group of people ran out of the supermarket, the front person looked more than familiar.

“FML, running in the front, is that not Mu Yi Fan?” Sun Zi Hao said.

Lu Lin eyebrows tightened and he said: “Looks like, but not like him, the skin colour and temperament are different, and the face is also very beautiful. It is a bit different from the Mu Yi Fan I know.”

Xiang Guo blinked: “It’s really different. When I saw Mu Yi Fan last time, his face was still bronzed. Now it’s only half a month, he can’t be so white.”

Sun Zi Hao said: “Is it true? Is Mu Yi Fan’s comrade brother? The person I saw on the second floor should be him?”

Mao Yu added: “The group of women are wearing supermarket clothes. They should be the ones who were trapped in the supermarket sales staff room on the third floor or the fourth floor. I did not expect that it would be so easy to bring people out just with the manpower of three people. I think that only the other party is really Mu Yi Fan, only he has the military know-how to do this.”

At this time, Mu Yi Fan who was walking from the supermarket saw Zhan Bei Tian waiting outside, and he could not help but feel startled.

Then, he quickly pointed to Zhan Bei Tian, ​​who was standing not far away, and said to the group of salesmen: “Look, those are the soldiers who will come to save you. Hurry up, they will arrange your take-out.”

When the saleswomen heard it, they rushed to Zhan Bei Tian and then excitedly threw themselves on Zhan Bei Tian.

Perhaps because of security, they no longer want to go to anything, they started to burst into tears, and vent their fears and fears all these days.

Sun Zi Hao, who was screamed at by three women and was smeared with tears, his face was covered in black lines.

He gnawed his teeth: “I am very sure that he is Mu Yi Fan, because he is as insidious as before.”

Mu Yi Fan saw Zhan Bei Tian, ​​was held by a woman, and he quickly threw things into the rear compartment and drove away.

As he watched the car leave Zhan Bei Tian mind went blank: “……”

Until he could not see the car, he looked down and with a light voice he asked several women holding him tightly: “The zombie has not bitten you?”

The female manager rubbed and wiped the tears on her face and twitched: “No… No, I… We have been hiding in a small warehouse. Until then, we were rescued by people. Are the three people your friends? I hope you can thank them for us.”

Zhan Bei Tian turned his head and looked at the direction of Mu Yi Fan’s car. After a while, he said, “Get in the car.”

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