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NOZW Chapter 107


Mu Yi Fan didn’t dare to use too much force. He gently groaned and cautiously asked, “It doesn’t matter for you?”

The Male Protagonist felt such pain now, the genius knows how much pressure he has just used on The Male Protagonist little brother.

“Will it affect your future sexual well-being?”

In the unlikely event that The Male Protagonist will not be able to get hard, will The Male Protagonist ask for his life?

Mu Yi Fan hurriedly suggested: “Or, you can go to Dr. Zheng to show him your little brother?”


Zhan Bei Tian was tortured and painful and comfortable, and quickly patted the culprits.

Mu Yi Fan quickly rushed to his side: “Can I say a word before I shut up?”

Zhan Bei Tian turned his face and looked at him.

“Just a sentence.”

Zhan Bei Tian: “…”

He said more than now.

Mu Yi Fan saw Zhan Bei Tian’s face getting darker and darker. He quickly said: “I think you still should let Dr. Zheng look you up. What if you can’t raise the flag (JB) in the future? You can’t say because you already have one son who will passed down the ancestors’ genes, what if he was sick and sick, you…”

“Isn’t this sentence a bit long!” Zhan Bei Tian bit his teeth.


Zhan Bei Tian felt that if he would not prove himself, and Mu Yi Fan would definitely stop talking.

He suddenly turned over and pressed himself on Mu Yi Fan’s body. Then, he leaned down and muttered: “Do you still feel that I can’t be blessed in the future?”

Mu Yi Fan feels that there is something hard that’s poking against him, he immediately sighed with relief: “That’s great.”

He was really worried that The Male Protagonist little brother couldn’t stand up. Now he can see that The Male Protagonist’s little brother can still be as energetic as before. He was relieved.

Zhan Bei Tian looked at the complex person with a complex look: “Mu Yi Fan, can you be little slower?”

1]… Can you be even slower its like Zhan is wondering if Mu Yi fan can be even more clueless…. Poor Zhan…dealing with someone with emotion quotient of a toddler

A man was pressed by another man who had reacted, not only he had no other thoughts, but his body also lazed with a sigh of relief, it made him feel angry and made him feel particularly helpless.

Mu Yi Fan groaned: “How slow do you want me to be?”

“…” Zhan Bei Tian felt helpless for the first time in his life.

He was powerless on Mu Yi Fan’s body and buried his head between the other man’s necks. He didn’t want to think about anything.

Mu Yi Fan saw that the other party couldn’t keep up. He couldn’t help but say: “Then…” He didn’t think the other person was heavy, but the other party used it to be a little weird against him.

Zhan Bei Tian quickly interrupted Mu Yi Fan’s words: “Don’t talk!”

He was so afraid that he would hear what he was irritating, and he wouldn’t help but want to kill Mu Yi Fan.

Mu Yi Fan saw that The Male Protagonist really didn’t want to listen to him, and quickly closed his mouth and moved his body.


Zhan Bei Tian is really very helpless with this person.

Told him not to talk, but he moved instead.

As a man, don’t he know that the more you move, the more excited the little brother gets?

Mu Yi Fan seems to be aware of this and no longer move.

For the first time in his life, he was crushed underneath by a man, and he was still under the other’s little brother


Not right!

It should be said that it is not the first time that a man is resisted by a little brother.

He remember that when he was sleeping with Zhan Bei Tian in reality, every morning, he would be held behind by Zhan Bei Tian, ​​and then, as it is now.

At the beginning, he was still very embarrassed, and later thought that it was a man. This is normal, and there was no longer any feeling of awkwardness


However, this is not a normal morning, so he is a bit strange in his heart, but it is not excluded.

“Bei Tian…”

Mu Yi Fan was trying to say something, but Zhan Bei Tian suddenly stood up and left the room.

He also quickly got up and went out to the room. He saw Zhan Bei Tian enter the bathroom and knew that Zhan Bei Tian was going to solve the physiological problem, and then he returned to the room.

Seeing the crystal nucleus on the bed, he immediately threw the matter just behind his head and picked up the nucleus to study it.

Half an hour later, Zhan Bei Tian returned to the room, not mentioning the previous things, and began to seriously teach Mu Yi Fan how to absorb the energy in the nucleus.

Mu Yi Fan has become somewhat absent-minded.

He was very surprised that The Male Protagonist didn’t ask him how he knew that the crystal nucleus could improve the zombie rank, and how to know that there was a nucleus on the garbage field.

“Do you understand?” Zhan Bei Tian asked after the explanation.

Mu Yi Fan returned to reality from his daze: “What did you say?”

Zhan Bei Tian: “…”

He patiently began teaching him again.

Zhan Bei Tian said it in great detail. Mu Yi Fan listened carefully and understood his meaning. According to his method, all the energy in the spar was absorbed into the body and turned into the existing one.

Mu Yi Fan immediately felt that the body was obviously different from the previous one, but he could not say where it was different.

In general, he suddenly felt that the body has become a lot easier, and he no longer hunger for the smell of living human flesh emitted by Zhan Bei Tian. As for the others, it has to be checked

That’s right!

He remembers that Mu Yi Fan in the book had two mutated abilities after absorption, one is the variable of the wind abilities, and the other is the mutated fire abilities.

Mu Yi Fan raised his hand and looked at it.

Why is he not aware of his abilities?

Standing side by side, Zhan Bei Tian saw that the crystal nucleus gradually losing its light and turned into a crystal of ordinary transparent crystal. He asked, “How do I try them?”

“I don’t know.”

Mu Yi Fan really wanted to ask Zhan Bei Tian about the ability. However, there is no such thing as the abilities. Therefore, he is not convenient to ask, but he can only slowly explore it.

Zhan Bei Tian looked at his face with a look of stared blankly eyes and asked: “Do you feel any strength in the body?”

Mu Yi Fan knew that he was asking questions about the power and shook his head: “No.”

Wouldn’t it be that after changing a core, there is no power?

That is too pithy!

Zhan Bei Tian does not believe it.

In the last world, Zombie King Mu Yi Fan has two powerful mutating abilities, and how Mu Yi Fan can have no abilities.

However, it is obvious that the energy of the crystal nucleus can be absorbed. It is because there is an ability to do it. How can it not feel?

Finally, he concluded that Mu Yi Fan is too stupid to know how to use abilities.


Mu Yi Fan did not feel any strength in the body, nor did he feel anything special about the body. It seemed to be no different from before.

Zhan Bei Tian stared at Mu Yi Fan, who kept looking at his body, and his eyebrows twisted.

He suddenly found a big problem. As a person with abilities, he couldn’t detect that Mu Yi Fan was a zombie. However, there were some inductive things before that he could hone on, and suddenly there was no such thing.

Is it caused by absorbing crystal energy?

Zhan Bei Tian took a knife from his pocket and grabbed Mu Yi Fan’s hand and stroked it gently on the back of his hand.

At the moment, a black blood mark appears on the back of the hand.

Mu Yi Fan groaned: “What are you doing?”

Zhan Bei Tian flashed with a touch of loss.

Just now, he actually thought that Mu Yi Fan might change back to an ordinary human

Mu Yi Fan looked at the wound in a depressed mood: “You didn’t know the zombie’s wound is not a good thing?”

His words just finished, the wound scratched by Zhan Bei Tian, ​​miraculously healed, and, without leaving any scars.

Mu Yi Fan said with excitement: “Bei Tian, ​​you see, my wound has healed automatically.”

A zombie that heals a wound in a short period of time without leaving a scar is enough to show that he is already a zombie with 3rd rank or higher or a high-class zombie.

In the zombie caste, it is divided into low-rank, intermediate-rank, high-rank and highest-rank. In the low-rank, it will be divided into first-low-rank, second-low-rank, third-low-rank, fourth-low-rank and fifth-low-rank. The other intermediate and advanced ranks are also the same.

The King of Zombies is unique, and all zombies have to listen to it.

Zhan Bei Tian raised his brow: “Not bad.” At least he will no longer worry about being injured, and that the wound no longer heal.

Mu Yi Fan was happy for a while and then couldn’t smile.

If he only has the ability to heal, there is no use at all. In the world of abilities, if there is no ability means that one has no self-protection ability.

Mu Yi Fan looked at his hand again and still didn’t feel any strength.

It’s weird!

Why is this happening?

Just then, the black rain outside suddenly stopped.

Zhan Bei Tian quickly walked to the window and saw the dark clouds quickly disperse, and the sun shone on the black ground.

He quickly took out the gun and walked out of the room: “You look after the child here, no matter what sound you hear, don’t come out.”


Mu Yi Fan knows very well that after the black rain stops, a new zombies will be born and a group people with of abilities.

If you are just zombie, of course he is not afraid, but the people with abilities are different, because the abilities can be from the alertness to the body, to sense whether the other is zombie.

Therefore, he can’t go out, otherwise he is likely to be identified as a zombie and then killed.

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