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NOZW Chapter 106


When they entered Sun Zi Hao’s room, they saw Sun Zi Hao lying in bed and twitching, like a nightmare, special pain, and blushing, like a rogue.

Mu Yi Fan followed Zhan Bei Tian to the bed and curiously put his finger on the face of Sun Zi Hao.

He found that even with a layer of gloves, he could feel the heat from the other side.

Suddenly, ‘啪’, his back was stared blankly.

Mu Yi Fan raised his hand

Zhan Bei Tian, ​​who was squinting at his face. “What are you doing?” Zhan Bei Tian blinked at the dissatisfied person and said: “Don’t just touch other men’s faces.”

Mu Yi Fan: “…”

Everyone is a man. What happened to his face when he touched other men?

Could it be that he is indecent?

Xiang Guo: “…”

Boss, now is not the time to be jealous.

Zhan Bei Tian looked at Sun Zi Hao, said: “This is a normal phenomenon, see Sun Zi Hao can survive.”

Xiang Guo was very worried: “If you go to survive, is not he will become ……”

Having said that, he suddenly thought that Mu Yi Fan was still in this room and quickly received the sound.

Mu Yi Fan knows that Xiang Guo wants to ask if Sun Zi Hao will become a zombie and can’t help but glance at Zhan Bei Tian.

At the time The Male Protagonist, Xiang Guo, Sun Zi Hao, Mao Yu, Lu Lin were all versatile, and they did not become zombies, so they also would not become zombies in the second world.

But now the story is so distorted that he doesn’t know what Sun Zi Hao will be.

“Don’t worry, he will break through”

Zhan Bei Tian’s tone is very dull, but there is a magical effect that can calm people’s mood.

“That’s good.” Xiang Guo suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and the whole person leaned forward.

Zhan Bei Tian has a quick eye and quickly supports Xiang Guo who nearly fell to the ground.

Xiang Guo smiled weakly: “Boss, I seem to have a fever.”

After that, he fainted.

Mu Yi Fan: “…”

In his novel, if ordinary people do not have symptoms of coma and fever, then he is still an ordinary person.

But if there is a coma like Sun Zi Hao and Xiang Guo, there are two possibilities, one is to become a person with ability the other is becoming a zombie, and then there is no third possibility.

Zhan Bei Tian immediately took Xiang Guo to Sun Zi Hao to lie down, put them on the quilt, and frowned and said: “Let’s go back first.”

Mu Yi Fan looked at him with amazement: “Aren’t you worried about them?”


Zhan Bei Tian took the lead out of the house.

Just came out, and they heard someone rushing to shout: ” General Zhan, can you come and fight.”

Mu Yi Fan in the room heard Zheng Guo Zong’s voice, and quickly came out and asked: “What happened to Quack?”

Zheng Guo Zong said anxiously: “Mao Yu and Lu Lin didn’t know what was going on. They chatted with me and talked well, but suddenly they fainted. However I tried, I couldn’t wake them up, and the two of them were very hot, and based on my experience, they were at least forty degrees or more, I don’t know if there will be any antipyretics in this place to have them taken.”

Because the room is in short supply, he arranged to sleep in the big room with Mao Yu and Lu Lin, but there was no way he would think that this would happen.

Mu Yi Fan asked: “Why, why don’t you have anything happening to you?”

Zheng Guo Zong didn’t take a look at him: “You little rabbit, do you want me to have something?”

Mu Yi Fan smiled and said: “I don’t mean that.”

In fact, he really hopes that Zheng Guo Zong will become a versatile person because of the distortion of the plot. At least he will have the ability to protect himself. But now it seems that he is still the same as the original plot. Zheng Guo Zong is still an ordinary person.

Zhan Bei Tian looked at Mu Yi Fan and said: “This is normal. Don’t worry, Dr. Zheng, do you have any physical discomfort?”

Zheng Guo Zong shook his head: “No, I think the body is about the same as usual.”

Zhan Bei Tian said: “Then you stay in a room with us in the past few days, so as not to be infected by Mao Yu.”

Mu Yi Fan knows that Zhan Bei Tian is doing this, it is preventing Mao Yu from becoming a zombie and hurting Zheng Guo Zong. .

Zheng Guo Zong said: “This is not good. I am an old man who has been living for half a hundred years. I would not disturb your husbands’ love. It is really immoral.”


Zhan Bei Tian: “…”

Mu Yi Fan rolled his eyes.

He is now used to Zheng Guo Zong’s plan to make him and Zhan Bei Tian a couple, ​​and he has reached the point where he does not want to correct.


“Quack doctor, you think too much, you have to go back now and move all your things over.”

Zheng Guo Zong verbally promised, but in the end he did not move over.

Mu Yi Fan didn’t force him either. Otherwise, he would feel uncomfortable after moving in.

Four days and four nights passed, the black rain outside did not stop, but it was getting bigger and bigger. Some places in the village had already started to flood, and even some black water started to enter the house, so that the first floor was connected to the ground floor and now everyone had to move on the second floor.

As the rain kept getting bigger and heavier the humidity was getting heavier and thicker, and more and more people are suffering from coma fever. Everyone is gradually getting into panic.

Fortunately, Zhan Bei Tian is in the town, and everyone will not be confused.

Mu Yi Fan couldn’t go out to play because it was raining. It was boring to sit in front of the window and take off the black gloves in his hand and play the black water falling from the window.

These black waters are caused by a chain of reactions caused by the burning of smoke from the zombie bodies which were burned, the smoke causes the rain to turn black and contain viruses, which cause humans, zombies, plants and animals to mutate.

Zhan Bei Tian saw Mu Yi Fan was bored enough to play with the black water dripping down the glass window, he put down the book in his hand and asked: “Were you not saying that you want to use the crystal nucleus to upgrade your grade? Why not do that now?”

Every day, he saw him taking the nucleus when he took it out and he just played with it, but didn’t absorb its energy, he would make anyone think that he wants to use the crystal nucleus as a nightlight.

Speaking of this, Mu Yi Fan immediately vented: “I don’t know how to use it.”

He has been distressed for several days, and tried a variety of methods. He still doesn’t know how to suck the energy in the nucleus. He did or did not put the nucleus into the mouth and chewed it in the mouth.


He felt strange, it was quite easy to describe the humans and zombies who absorbed the energy from the crystal, how to get him to do it was difficult.

Zhan Bei Tian asked: “Why don’t you ask me if I know how to use it?”

Mu Yi Fan opened his mouth and wanted to say what else. Finally, he chose to close it.

Zhan Bei Tian blinked: “Are you worried that I will teach you in the wrong way, and finally, will you die?”

Mu Yi Fan: “…”

“Or, you are worried that I will stare at you.” When you absorb the energy of the crystal nucleus, will I give you a fatal blow and steal it for myself?”

Mu Yi Fan: “…”

Zhan Bei Tian’s tone was getting colder and colder: “Or…”

Mu Yi Fan quickly stopped him from saying: “Don’t say it again, it’s not what you said. The reason I didn’t ask you is just because I think that if I asked you, you wouldn’t tell me.”

At first, when he took back the nucleus, it was indeed the idea that The Male Protagonist was going to harm him.

Thinking about it later, The Male Protagonist written by him is definitely not a sinister person, unless the bad thing he has to do is the last resort, The Male Protagonist will not use the villainous means to harm people.

Therefore, he was worried that The Male Protagonist would not tell him because he was Mu Yi Fan.

Zhan Bei Tian’s voice gradually recovered his original temperature: “Why are you so sure I won’t tell you?”

Mu Yi Fan didn’t want to say: “Because I am Mu Yi Fan.”

Zhan Bei Tian stared at his head

Mu Yi Fan stood up and said, “You see, you see, you hear my name and you’re not happy.”

Zhan Bei Tian said faintly: “You finally know how awkward things you have done before make things awkward.”

“Know that fart, those are not me…”

Mu Yi Fan immediately retorted, but when he said half of it, he received another voice and said: “Can you not mention the previous things?”

Those things were formerly the original Mu Yi Fan did, but he now took up the original body and he can’t get away from them.

Zhan Bei Tian heard the fretting, voice dropped a few degrees when he said: “Come.”

Mu Yi Fan, worried that he will beat him, suddenly shook his head.

Zhan Bei Tian licked his lips and said nothing, went straight to the bed and took Mu Yi Fan’s crystal nucleus under the pillow.

Mu Yi Fan saw it and rushed to the past: “What are you doing? What do you want to do with my crystal nucleus?”

Zhan Bei Tian didn’t think he would be so excited. If he was unstable, he would be knocked down on the bed, then he gasped.

Mu Yi Fan threw himself on him and quickly grabbed the nucleus. Then he found that Zhan Bei Tian’s face was not right as if he was suffering from severe pain.

“You don’t hurry up.” Zhan Bei Tian gritted his teeth.

“Zhan…Bei Tian, ​​what’s wrong with you?”

Mu Yi Fan was a little confused, he had never seen The Male Protagonist so uncomfortable.


Mu Yi Fan quickly lowered his head, only to notice that his knees were pressed against The Male Protagonist’s little brother.

He quickly pulled down his legs and turned to the side, apologising: “I’m sorry, sorry, it was not intentional.”

As a man, he can deeply understand how painful it is to be hit below in that place.

“I will give you a break.” Mu Yi Fan was very guilty and didn’t want to put his hand on it.

Zhan Bei Tian: “…”

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