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NOZW Chapter 104


Mu Yi Fan quickly pulled his hand back and took the crystal nucleus from Zhan Bei Tian’s pocket.

Looking at the nucleus shining with colourful light, he couldn’t believe that he could easily take back the nucleus from The Male Protagonist.

Mu Yi Fan looked at Zhan Bei Tian in front and got up and walked on the armrest box. He asked in a confirmation tone, “Did you really give me the nucleus?”

“…” Zhan Bei Tian licked his lips and glanced at it and he did not say anything.

Mu Yi Fan said again: “After you give it back to me, I don’t think that I will take a fatal blow when I take the energy out of the nucleus. It is very terrible.”

Zhan Bei Tian: “…”

“What to do? You are so refreshed, I am very uneasy.”

Zhan Bei Tian felt his mouth go sour: “…”

“You are saying something, you don’t give a word.” I will always think about whether you will use it against me every moment.”

Zhan Bei Tian: “…”


Zhan Bei Tian suddenly turned and directly took the crystal nucleus from Mu Yi Fan’s hand and took it back.

Mu Yi Fan stared blankly and the crystal was taken away.

He returned to reality, shouted, and rushed to Zhan Bei Tian: “Zhan Bei Tian, ​​you have already given the crystal back to me, you can’t take it back, and you can’t say no words~~~ ~~”

Mu Yi Fan struggled to wave his arm and tried to grab the crystal back.

Zhan Bei Tian’s hand dodged left and flicked right, quickly avoiding Mu Yi Fan’s hand that had been caught, and then he held the crystal, his hand extended out of the window.

When Mu Yi Fan saw it, he almost knelt down and asked: “Big brother, big brother, I was wrong. Can I still be wrong? I know that I should not have doubted you. I should not doubt your brave and faithful soldier.”

Zhan Bei Tian’s mouth smirked, the bottom lip flashed with a funny smile, he found that this man is quite interesting.

He took his hand back.

Mu Yi Fan rushed over and slammed into Zhan Bei Tian’s hand holding the steering wheel.

The steering wheel was slipping and the car suddenly made a sharp turn.

Zhan Bei Tian’s face changed, and he was about to hit the car in front of him. He quickly hugged the person in his arms and quickly stepped on the brakes.

Then, slamming, he hit a car lightly.

Mu Yi Fan looked at Zhan Bei Tian with a guilty look: “I didn’t mean it.”

Just then, a footstep came out of the building, and then a team of more than 100 people rushed from the building. Out of the street.

They were dressed in navy blue military uniforms, holding submachine guns in their hands, and as soon as they came out of the building, they were immediately armed with guns facing them.

Mu Yi Fan immediately grabbed the nucleus crystals and got up and saw: “its soldiers, you go out and see.”

“…” Zhan Bei Tian helped him sit down and pushed the car door out.

The group of soldiers heard a voice and turned quickly, pointing the gun at the voice

“Are you human or zombie?”

Someone in the building asked, and then someone came out with a shotgun.

Zhan Bei Tian saw the senior officer coming out of the building, his brows wrinkled and he whispered in his voice: “Lieutenant Colonel Fan.”

Fan Jing Long saw the cold faced man standing in front of the broken car and could accurately call out his military position. At first glance, he immediately recognized the other party: “Major General Zhan.”


Fan Jing Long looked at Zhan Bei Tian with a look of surprise: “Tian, I didn’t expect to meet you here, you know, the Committee member Zhan before told me that if I were to see you before I go to G City and they want you to go back to B City.”

Zhan Bei Tian’s eyebrows tightened: “Back to B City? Is there anything big happening in B City??”

“There is nothing, but after the outbreak of the zombie, the old military commission has never heard from you, and they were very worried. Therefore, before the army sent troops to burn the bodies of the cities, they ordered several people under their hands with an order if any of them saw you, they were to tell you to hurry back to B City, and his old man will be relieved.”

Fan Jing Long said here, smiled: “Who cannot know, Old Zhan is the most worrier to you this grandson, if anything happens he will worry more.

Zhan Bei Tian thinks of his grandfather who has suffered from his own pain. The cold face suddenly softened: “I don’t want to go back to B city for the time being. After you go back, just report for me, say I’m okay and I will go back after some time.”

Zhan Bei Tian turned to the topic: “What are you doing here?”

Fan Jing Long turned his head and looked at his team. He could not help but sigh: “We are collecting materials, and now the materials are very scarce for the army. If the people in the room don’t come back to collect the supplies, the people in the safe area will not be able to eat.”

Zhan Bei Tian simply said: “The people in the safe areas should come out and look for the materials themselves.”

Fan Jing Long sneered: “Let them come out to find supplies? Is it possible? However, the military is not likely to look after them for a lifetime, let them come out to find supplies, it is also a matter of time before that happens.”

He looked around: “Military general, here is not a place to talk, where are you going, I will send you back.”

“No, just find me a car and give me a good place to rest, the place where I live is a little far from here.”

Fan Jing Long said with a smile: “You want to have a car, we have more here, you just pick one, I will tell the soldiers unlock and fire it up for you.”

Zhan Bei Tian bent and shouted in the car: “Come out.”

Mu Yi Fan quickly ran with the child out of the car, embarrassed to point to Fan Jing Long and nodded.

Fan Jing Long didn’t think that there were people in the car. He couldn’t help but look at his eyes. There was even a child in his arms who glared at him.

This is really a bad thing. He found that the child was very similar to Zhan Bei Tian. He had no relationship with Zhan Bei Tian. He didn’t believe it.

However, he did not hear that Zhan Bei Tian was married, and he did not even hear that he had children with a woman.

Moreover, if Zhan Bei Tian had a child, the veteran military committee Zhan would have already spread this matter throughout B City, and took the child everywhere to show off his grandchildren.

Fan Jing Long couldn’t help but be curious. He tried to ask: “Zhan, this is your child?”

Mu Yi Fan heard this, and he felt a little weird. After all, the child came out of his stomach.

Zhan Bei Tian looked at the eye and smashed the sky: “Yeah”

Immediately, what he thought of, he said: “Grandpa still doesn’t know about it.”

Fan Jing Long laughed: “If the old military man Zhan knows that he suddenly has a grandson, he will be very happy.”

Zhan, Bei Tian had a profound meaning and said:” you go back and say to him, let him be psychologically prepared for it.”

“Sure, sure,”

Zhan Bei Tian is not much to talk about. A free car picked the soldiers and let him unlock ignition Then, he took Mu Yi Fan and drove away from G City, speeding up to where his team is currently living.

This time, Mu Yi Fan did not dare to chase again, nor did he go to Zhan Bei Tian to talk. If there was another car accident, they would not be as lucky as before.

It was not until eight hours later that Mu Yi Fan noticed that Mu Qing Tian was not quite right, and immediately worried: “Bei Tian, ​​Qing Tian has not woken up, is there any problem with the body.”

Before this big move, the child not only did not wake up, but even in the car for eight hours, did not see the child blink, if the child in the arms still wasn’t breathing, he would think that the child had an accident.

Zhan Bei Tian looked at him and said: “Don’t worry, he is not an ordinary child. The body is not so sick. I asked you, has he used any power before?”

“Sick?” Mu Yi Fan Looking at him with doubts.

Zhan Bei Tian groaned with his lips.

Mu Yi Fan recalled the things of the past few days: “He suddenly flashed for one or two seconds and suddenly appeared 50 metres away, is it not an ability?”

He thinks that the child only used the ability but as to explain why the child suddenly appeared 50 metres away, standing in front of the high-rank zombie.

“Forget it, he was born just a few days ago, the body cannot afford to use powerful abilities, and now he has been asleep, because he is tired, and when he has enough rest, he will naturally wake up.” Zhan Bei Tian explained.

Mu Yi Fan breathed a sigh of relief, after remembering that the child was trying to help him grab the crystal nucleus to use the power, and the heart was both happy and distressed.

It is no wonder that the child did not make a sound afterwards. Until Zhan Bei Tian appeared, he said three sentences. After that, he was sleeping.

Mu Yi Fan looked at the child’s sleeping face and couldn’t help but bow his head and kissed him on Little-ancestor’s face.

At two o’clock in the middle of the night, the car drove into a small village, and the headlights in front of the front of the car quickly caught the attention of the patrolling people in the village.

They saw the car move into the village, and quickly took a team of people to have a look and when they saw Zhan Bei Tian back, excitedly the village fence of people shouted:. “Major General is back, Major General is back”

This one thing made the people who were at the entrance to the village happy and cheered.

Zhan Bei Tian drove the car into the village and stopped. Immediately, three people greeted the house quickly.

“Boss, boss, you are finally back.”

Xiang Guo and Lu Lin saw Zhan Bei Tian coming down from the car, don’t mention how happy they were, but they were worried that they could not sleep.

Although they know that the boss is a person who has his own way of doing things, it is a dangerous thing to find someone in the G city full of shells and bombs, so how can they feel at ease.

Zhan Bei Tian came down from the car: “Nothing happened after I left?”

Xiang Guo said with a smile: “Nothing happened, we didn’t even see any zombies. It was very calm.”

At this time, Mu Yi Fan came out of the car.

Zheng Guo Zong, who came out with this, saw Mu Yi Fan come back safely and happily took the child in his arms and asked: “Mu-Mu, are you okay?”

Mu Yi Fan smiled and said: “I’m okay.”

Xiang Guo coldly screamed: “If he had something, he also asked for it. He knew that the army would bomb the city of G. He still had to run around with his child. If you want to go, just say it, we will not stop you, what are you doing? To sneak away with the child, the boss had to risk his life to find you. If the boss encounters something, I will not be able to spare you.”

“Xiang Guo, don’t say it.” Lu Lin said.

Mu Yi Fan apologised: “I am sorry, I have made you worried.”

Xiang Guo said: “Who said I was worried about you.”

Zheng Guo Zong said quickly: “So late, don’t stand here and chat, let’s enter the house and we can speak again.”

When Zhan Bei Tian entered the hall, he said to Mu Yi Fan: “You have to go upstairs with Dr. Zheng. I have something to say with Lu Lin.”

Mu Yi Fan nodded, and Zheng Guo Zong went to the second floor.

Zheng Guo Zong took him to the last room: “This is the room where you were arranged for by the Major General. The Major General said that we would stay here for half a month and then go north.”

He pushed the door in, put the child on the bed, and covered the child. After making sure the child was covered with the quilt, he asked in a hurry: “Mu-Mu, have you seen my son?”

Mu Yi Fan shook his head. “I didn’t see him. When I went to the apartment where you lived, your son was not at home, but I left a note for him. If he returns home, he will definitely see the note I wrote. Quack, don’t worry, there will be nothing happening to him. Maybe after hearing the radio broadcast, he will leave G City early.”

Zheng Guo Zong still frowned and said that he was not at ease.

Mu Yi Fan turned to the topic: “Doctor…. When did Zhan Bei Tian find out that I left?”

When it came to this, Zheng Guo Zong slammed his hand on the head: “I don’t know if you have important things to do, otherwise, I want to hit you. Do you know how worried the General was after he found out that you sneaked away? Of course, he can’t express his thoughts on his face, but I was standing near him. He was worried about you in his heart. However, the entire team was waiting for him to arrange, so after he took the people to settle here, he hurriedly drove back to G City to find you, sleepless. I don’t know why he would do this unless he cared about you. Do you think such a person really treats you as an enemy?”

Mu Yi Fan couldn’t speak for a long time after hearing this.

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