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NOC Chapter 4 (Part 1)


Bright sunlight pours into the room and blinds the room with light. A petty girl with her golden hair poking out from under the pink covers could be seen sleeping on the big princess bed. She is already small but looks even smaller curling on the big bed. A thin streak of light falls on her golden eyelashes and plays hide and seek with her. The girl just frowns, and turns over before continuing to sleep while burying her face in the white pillow.

“Miss Bella, it’s time to wake up.”

Mi, the robot nanny urges Bella. But Bella ignores her and covers her head with the comforter. She was always a morning person in her previous life and had to wake up at 6 everyday to start the day. Sometimes, she had to overwork and stay up late but had to wake up early the next day, but she still didn’t feel much tired or bothered. But for some reason, she doesn’t want to wake up now. Her body feels weak as if its boneless. Her eyelashes feel glued shut together and her mind refuses to work.

“Miss Bella, please wake up.”

Mi urges again but to no avail. It was when she started to ponder what should she do, the door of the room slides open and Blake enteres.

“She hasn’t woken up yet?”

Blake asks Mi with a raised brow. Mi, almost shook her plastic head, but knowing that she couldn’t since she is just a robot, she opt to explain instead.

“No, sir. Miss still hasn’t woken up.”

“Then, let me wake her up.”

Mi steps aside as Blake steps forward. He sits on the bed and pulls the comforter down, revealing the pretty face of Bella. Her brows furrowed with a tiny frown, golden hair scattered around the pillow like gold thread with her pink lips slightly open. Her long eyelashes casting a shadow over her cheeks, they shake everytime she takes a breath.

“Bella, its time to wake up.”

Blake calls gently, as if the words can hurt her if spoken loudly. He pulls the comforter down completely, revealing the curled up body of hers. Bella only shifts a little and curls up even more without waking up.

“Bella? Wake up, sweetheart.”

Blake calls again, he gently scoops her in his arms and shakes her. But Bella just rubs her little head over his chest and remains sleeping.

Bella is annoyed, it’s first time in a really long while that she slept so soundly, without waking up in the middle. But people can’t just let her sleep comfortably for once, they had to wake her up. Can’t they go one day without her? Will the restaurant get closed if she doesn’t work one day?

Blake’s gentle voice and shakes continue until she completely woke up. Bella was in a daze when she opened her eyes. She looked at the face closed to her, which she recognised as ‘her’ eldest brother Blake and becomes confused as why he is here in her room. Then she notices their position, she lying on his arms, curling up like a baby. When her mind finally process everything, her eyes widens in realisation as she scrambles out of Blake’s hold.

Blake shows a hurt expression, but quickly masks it consoling himself that she must have been startled. For her to wake up everyday in someone’s arms was normal. Rather, she would start crying and make a fuss if she didn’t find herself in someone’s arms, especially their mother. So her pulling away from himself really poked his heart a little. But he shakes these feelings away, thinking that she just woke up from sleep and must be a little surprised.

“Finally woke up, sleepyhead.” Blake coos and kiss Bella on the forehead before she could react. This wakes her up even more and she slowly but surely moves further away from him. Although she knows he is technically her brother now, along with the other three men, she still couldn’t accept the fact that they practically treat her like a baby. Besides, it’s uncomfortable and awkward to find oneself sitting on someone’s lap after waking up. On top of that, she is more than twenty years old mentally, so she can’t never accept to sit on their laps like its nothing!

Blake again sees how she avoids him but still doesn’t think much of it. He gets up with a sigh and commands Mi.

“Help her change.”

“Okay, sir.”

Blake rubs his sister’s head one last time before leaving the room. Mi, just like yesterday, helps her change her clothes.

Bella again watches Mi with still disbelieving eyes.


“Here’s your nutrition liquid.”

Berson again hands a test tube filled with milk-ish white liquid to Bella. They are now sitting in the living room with four brothers sitting around the sofa and her in the middle. Bright morning sunlight pours into the room and fills it with light. The room glows when the light touches the white tiles. But Bella frowns when her eyes lands on the sunlight. As long as she knows, the colour of sunlight is white, probably a little yellow-ish. But the colour of the sunlight in front of her is orange? With a purple hue on them. Because of this, everything around the room looks a little ethereal, as if she is in another world. Bella was trying to figure out the reason of this when she heard Berson’s voice and a test tube is handed over to her.

Bella holds the test tube and facepalms. Why is this thing again? Why don’t they give me any food? How can they keep me starving like this and give me this tasteless medicine? It seems their love is fake!

The brothers obviously notice her expression and think that maybe she has forgotten to drink it. So just like yesterday, they showed her demonstration by drinking in front of her. But Bella still stays unmoving with the test tube in her hand, her face cloudy.

“What’s wrong, Bella? Why aren’t you drinking?”

Brian asks as he rubs his sister’s head. He can’t help but worry if she’s sick. She just came out of the nutrition capsule and there’s a chance she needs to go in again.

Bella looks at the tube in her hand and at her brothers before opening her mouth.



The four brothers mutter at the same time. They can’t understand what she said since they never heard the word ‘Food’ ever in their life. Even if they did hear, it was a long time ago that they already forgot. The brothers simply think that she may be making up things. Children tend to make things in their imagination after all.

“Bella, you have to drink this. You are very hungry right now, right? If you drink this, you won’t feel hungry anymore. We can play after that. Don’t you want to play?”

Do you think I want to play!?

Bella sighs as Berson tries to coax her to drink the nutrition liquid. If she doesn’t drink it, then they will have no choice but to inject her with nutrition solution, or feed her nutrition capsule. But those things are not as good as the liquid, and their effect also lose very quickly. If she drank the nutrition liquid, she won’t need to drink anything for 24 hours. Besides, she is weak and this liquid is the only thing that can keep her from collapsing again.

Bella sighs for the second time. She finally accepts the fact that she can’t communicate with them properly until she learns their language. She takes a deep breath, closes her eyes and gulps the liquid down in one gulp before handing the test tube to Berson. She doesn’t know how long she can keep up with this tasteless medicine. She’s going to cry if they don’t let her eat food soon.

I want to eat food….

A/N: Sorry for the late and short chapter.

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  1. you have accidentally posted this chapter on NU under the series “born as the hidden daughter of a villainess and the male lead”

    1. I didn’t, haven’t. I never did. But someone already complained that it was being posted under another novel. I’m trying to fix it.

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