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NOC Chapter 3 (Part 2)


Ann’s teaching begins with the help of her new found ‘brothers’.

Although Ann was unwilling before starting since she didn’t know what they wanted her to do, she became happy later. Because she got to learn a lot of new words of the language. Her IQ is average so it didn’t take too long or too less time to learn something. She thinks she is going at a moderate pace, but the brothers’ thoughts are opposite. They are astonished seeing her grasping the words quickly. Because previously she was an autistic, it took her a long time to speak properly. It was only when she was ten years old did she finally started talking normally. But even so, she talked very less, even when it was necessary. So her vocabulary and pronunciation wasn’t profound. But now, it seems she is grasping everything pretty quickly. She seems to have gotten smarter than before. If this continues, then it won’t take long for her to learn everything.

“That’s it Bella! You are doing great!”

Brian rubs his sister’s head and praises with open heart. This time, Ann doesn’t stop him. Because she finally knows the four men are this girl’s, whose body she is residing in, brothers.

The way she got to know their identity was simple. When they were teaching her word meaning, a page with family relationships flashed on the tab she was holding and learning from. For her better understanding, the brothers showed her a picture of the family and began to introduce her to everyone.

The girl, whose name she knows as Bella, has four brothers. All of them, including her, have signature blonde hair and blue eyes with different shades. Like her elder brother, Blake, he has dirty blond hair and dark blue eyes. Her second brother, Berson, has bright blonde hair with baby blue eyes, which looks even lighter because of the glasses. Her third brother, Brian, has platinum blonde hair and electric blue eyes. And her fourth brother, who is the youngest among them, has yellowish blond hair with bluish green eyes.

Bella, the youngest sibling and the only girl of the family, has gold-like blond hair that flows down from her waist and gem-like blue eyes. Her skin is a beautiful shade of white, as if they were made of white gold. Her whole body shines whenever she steps into the light, as if a halo is covering her whole body. Her babyish face and plump red lips makes her look very adorable, just like a little girl. Because of malnourishment, she was pretty short, shorter than many girls around her age.

The brothers pointed at each person in the picture and introduced the person to her. Just like the siblings, their parents also have similar blonde hair. Their mother has shoulder length strawberry blond hair and her father has a little orangish blond hair. Both of them had sky blue eyes. Seeing every member of the family having blond hair, Ann thought in her heart.

It seems they are a standard blond haired and blue eyed American family.

When Ann first learnt about her relationship to the four men, she was shocked. She heard them utter the word ‘Brother’ in their language and remembered that it was this word they used when she first woke up in the lab. They weren’t a group of suspicious men or researchers, rather, they were all her, Bella’s brothers.

The realisation was too hard for Ann to accept. It’s not that she didn’t have any family and siblings. She had a pretty big family in her previous life and a lot of siblings. But she wasn’t close to most of them since they weren’t related to her by blood, or step-siblings. She wasn’t surprised to see the brothers’ love and care for their little sister, but she was surprised when the realisation that she had really died hit her hard.

So…I’m dead?

The news hit her big, but she couldn’t dwell on it much because the brothers already diverted her attention. Maybe they suspected she was sad and thought that it was because she forgot about her family, so after introducing their parents, they quickly changed the picture and another picture full of flowers appeared.

Ann was thankful to them for that. She was indeed sad, but not because of what they thought. The thing that saddened her most was that she was so close to fulfilling her dream, but because of someone’s ugly jealousy, she was dead. Although she was thankful for being reborn (?) or whatever, the fact that her dreams were shattered didn’t change.

Even though, she is…glad. Glad that she was sent to a beautiful and loving family. A family where everyone loves everyone, unlike her previous family. For some reason, the fact of accepting the four of them as her brothers seems so easy to her. As if she had known them long ago, and just returned from a big trip to her home, so she was happy. Any thoughts of leaving or escaping them flew away from her mind instantly. She just wants to spend the rest of her life with her newly gained family.

“Are you tired, sweetie?” Berson asks, seeing her yawning. Now that Ann, no, Bella knows a few of their words, she understands what he asked and nods in agreement. She is indeed tired, the fact that she died and suddenly a new family popped out was too shocking for her to accept so easily. Besides, her new body was pretty weak, she once tried to stand up, but before her buttocks left the surface of the couch, her legs immediately gave up, and she remained where she sat. She was dejected for having such a weak body, but the brothers coax her, saying that she will be alright in no time and can walk in a few days. She just has to take proper rest and medication, and she will be alright in no time. Hearing this, Bella sighed. Well, what else can she even do anyway?

Bella is feeling terribly sleepy. Her head starts to drop like a broken doll and her eyes closes automatically. She subconsciously leans back at Blake’s side, who is sitting beside her.

Blake chuckles at his sister’s behaviour. She is so adorable that he can’t help but kiss her on the cheek as he commands in a hushed tone.

“She is sleeping now. You all go now, I will carry her to her room.”

With that, he was about to carry her in his arms when Blue started to whine.

“Brother, can I hold her please? I haven’t held her the whole day!”

Blake glares at him but Blue stands his ground. He has waited all these times just to hold her once, but they aren’t letting him hold her. This can’t go on! Although he is the youngest among them, he is still her big brother, and also loves her a lot.

“You can’t carry her. You are weak.”

“No, I’m strong!”

Blake tries to reason but Blue immediately protests.

“I’m the strongest freshman warrior in my academy. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my friends.”

“You are as weak as an ant.”

Brian mocks and Blue glares at him. He simply ignores his archnemesis and again whines at his brother.

“Brother~ please. Please let me hold her. I won’t drop her I promise! I know she isn’t even heavy.”

Blake frowns but doesn’t protest any further. He knows how light his sister is. He has carried her countless times and each time he felt as if he was holding a flock of clouds. Even sitting on his lap for hours didn’t give him any discomfort in his legs. So he sighs, and reluctantly hands over Bella to Blue.

“If you drop her, I’ll personally kill you.”

Blue nods enthusiastically, as Blake threatens him in a hushed tone and passes Bella’s sleeping body to him. Bella was completely sound asleep, when they tried to move her, she shifted a little feeling a little discomfort.

The brothers freeze, as all their movements stop. They look at their sister wide eyes and silently pray in their mind for her not to wake up. It seems God heard their prayers. Because Bella shifted only a little before rubbing her head on Blake’s chest and continuing to sleep.

The four brothers let out a sigh of relief upon seeing her not waking up. Blake removes his hand slowly once Blue holds her fully.

“Go lie her down in her room.”

Blue nods, and looks down at his sister in his arms. Although he was only seventeen years old, because of his frequent training as an Intergalactic Warrior, he looks sturdy and tall. Muscles have already started developing on his body, and he is much taller than his peers. The petty Bella in his arms only looks like a ten years old girl. Seeing her sleeping in his arms so soundly, Blue suppresses the urge to squeal loudly and rub their cheeks.

The fact that he can’t hold his sister is a complete lie. She is as light as air, not at all heavy. And his brothers said he is weak! Humph!

Blue slowly lowers Bella down once he reaches her signature pink princess room. Feeling herself moving, Bella’s delicate eyebrows furrow, but they smoothen when she is completely settled down on her bed. If it was the previous her, Ann, she would have woken up long ago. She had trouble sleeping and had insomnia, her sleep was always restless and incomplete. But now, she is sleeping like a kitten.

“Good night, sister.” Blue mutters as he kisses her on the forehead. He looks at her a little more before getting up and leaving the room. Only Mi, Bella’s robot nanny, who silently followed Blue like a shadow remained in the dark room to watch over Bella. Since she is a robot and doesn’t need to sleep, it’s her duty to watch over Bella and help her if she has trouble sleeping. She can charge herself without any electricity by resting for a while. Just four or five hours of rest once a week is enough for her to be recharged.

That night, Bella has a dream in a long time.

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