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NOC Chapter 3 (Part 1)


“Bella look, it’s a ball. Say b-a-ll.”


“Sweetheart, it’s a pen. Say p-e-n.”


“Bella, it’s a flower. Say f-l-o-w-e-r.”

“Bella, look here! It’s a gun. Say g-u-n.”

Everyone abruptly stops and looks at Blue who fished out a deadly laser gun from his space ring and is now holding in front of Bella. While Ann’s eyes are as big as a saucer seeing the laser gun, the brothers are busy glaring at their immature brother. They know that he is young and sometimes does childish things without thinking about the outcome, but it’s still stupid of him to bring a weapon in front of their sweet innocent sister.

“Blue, put that thing away.”

Blake says with gritted teeth and a glare with his eyes. Blue gulps at his intense stare and hurriedly stuffs the laser gun where it came from. He gave a sheepish smile, when the brothers were about to scold him for his foolishness, a sweet childish voice resonated in the living room.


The brothers whip their heads to her so fast that Ann thinks she heard a few snaps. They thought she wouldn’t see Blue holding the gun since they were almost surrounding her and he was in the back. But not only did she see, she even pronounced it!


Blake glares at his youngest brother more intensely than before. If look could kill, Blue would have been 100 meters underground by now. Blue finches at his glare but stands his ground.

“Don’t look at me like that!” He whines. “She is still young and doesn’t know what a gun is, let alone use it.”

“You better wish.” Brian says darkly. Although he and Blue were at least three years apart, both are at odds with each other. Brian has a charming personality, and is literally a playboy as well as carefree. There’s very few things in the world that can make him anxious and his little sister is one of them. But sometimes he acts so carefree that it unnerves Blue.

Blue is obviously younger than him, but he considers himself more responsible than Brian. Blue doesn’t like Brian’s carefree attitude nor his playfulness. Blue has always competed against Brian to prove that he(Blue) is more mature and responsible than him(Brian). But unfortunately, it’s always Brian who won, even with his carefree attitude.

Ann watches as the two men are glaring at each other with a puzzled expression. She doesn’t know why they were looking at each other that way, as if they are going to pounce and start tearing each other up. Too much testosterone isn’t good at all. Ann doesn’t want a blood bath to happen where she is sitting, because she hates blood. So, she decided to call them with the sweet stimulating voice of hers.


A small milk-ish voice like a newborn kitten suddenly sounds in the heated atmosphere. Both Brian and Blue’s gaze land on her and immediately soften. They feel a little guilty for showing the bad blood between them in front of her. So they immediately stop and look away from each other. For their sister’s sake, both the brothers stop confronting each other.

Ann let out a sigh of relief when she saw them stop glaring at each other. She was busy thinking that it was good they didn’t fight, so she didn’t notice Blake and Berson’s narrow gaze at her. It isn’t suspicious but surprising. Their sister never understood human emotions, even if the whole world shook, she wouldn’t bat an eyelid. But now, not only she understood that Brian and Blue were about to fight, she even took the initiative to stop them. They are surprised and couldn’t help but think again, has their sister really become a baby?

“Brian, Blue, if you want to fight, go outside and fight. Don’t disturb her.”

Berson commands in a stern tone, while Blake is busy rubbing his sister’s back up and down. She might have been frightened so she called out unconsciously.

“Sorry Brother, it won’t happen again.”

“Yeah, sorry.”

Both Brian and Blue apologise, but Berson shakes his head and says, “You should apologise to Bella, not me.”

Both Brian and Blue look at their sister who is nestling between his eldest brothers like a stuffed toy. She blinks at them in confusion, wondering why they are looking at her again. Brian clears his throat and finally apologies, “Sorry, Bella.”

“I’m sorry too. Would you please forgive me? You don’t have to forgive him, just forgive me, okay?”

Brian glares at Blue for saying such a thing. But the other party simply ignores him and looks at Ann with an expectant gaze.

Ann blinks at him. She was stuck between two men, who are guarding her like the Great wall of China. If she could, she would have stood up and bolted out the door. But two men are standing in front of her while the other two are beside. So it isn’t easy to escape, especially when all of their attention was attached to her. She looks at the two men who look apologetic and tries to figure out what they may want to convey.

“Bella, they are apologising to you. I mean, they are saying sorry.”

Ann looks at the man who said something before bringing her attention back to the two apologetic looking men. She thinks hard, what could be the reason for their expression? They were practically glaring at each other just a moment ago. But as soon as the gentle looking man with glasses said something, they immediately looked at her, and that’s when their expression changed…..

Wait! Could it be they are…. apologising to me?

Ann wants to facepalm. She can’t help but speculate about their mental maturity. Just because they fought, no, glared at each other in front of her doesn’t mean she will get scared. She is an adult, not a kid, okay? At least have some respect

What a group of weirdos.

Although Ann is sulking inside, she still gives them a small smile and sticks out her thumb in an ‘okay’ gesture.

The brothers open their eyes in astonishment. Their sister, their sister is smiling at them. Never had she ever smiled at them so beautifully. And top of all, she is sticking out her thumb. Does that mean she has forgiven them? Is it her way of saying ‘it’s okay’? Can she understand them?

“B-Bella, you are forgiving us?”

Brian can’t help but stammer. His sister smiled at him, even stuck out her thumb at him. It means she has forgiven him, right?

Ann tilts her head and blinks at them. She can’t understand what they are saying but their expression says they are surprised. She can’t understand what is so shocking about her gesture, they seem so surprised as if she has turned into a baby in front of them.

“Bella, are you forgiving them? Forgive, as in um…”

Blake can’t understand how he should explain the matter of forgiveness and forgiving. He thought of using sign language but considering their sister’s mental capacity, he didn’t. Unfortunately, Ann does know sign language. As a famous Michelin chef, she had learned a lot of languages, including sign language. If only Blake forgot for one moment that their sister isn’t normal, and used sign language, then they could have communicated perfectly.

Ann doesn’t bother to understand what the men are saying anymore and just decides to nod at whatever they say. Seeing her nodding positively, Blake becomes surprised again as Brian and Blue breathe a sigh of relief.

“Oh my little bunny!” Brian was so happy that his sister forgave him and immediately jumped on her to give her a hug. But Blake kicks him away before he could touch her while commanding angrily.

“Don’t startle her!”

“Oh, sorry.”

Brian smiles sheepishly and scratches his neck. He is just too happy, happy that his sister, who never wanted to interact with him, smiled at him and even forgave him. He is glad that his sister is behaving like a normal person with them.

“Let’s resume our studies.”

Berson says, while pushing the glasses at the bridge of his nose. He then brings out a transparent tab and opens the password lock, the screen of the tab lits up after the password was put.

Ann eyes the tab curiously. The tab was completely transparent and clear, as clear as water. If the screen suddenly didn’t light up, she would have thought it’s made of water.

After unlocking the screen, Berson gives the tab to Bella as he says.

“It will take ages if we teach her without a goal. It’s better to follow a manual.”

Berson clicks on the screen of the tab, a wide variety of pictures immediately pops up on the screen with small letters underneath the pictures. Ann looks at the pictures and facepalm. The screen was showing a bunch of pictures drawn in a funny way. It was obvious that it is a picture book, and a children’s picture book on top of that. She screams inwardly as she looks at the colourful pictures.

I’m not a child!

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