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NOC Chapter 2 (Part 2)


Although Blake was surprised, he still respected Bella’s decision. Since Bella now doesn’t like to sit on his lap, Blake has no choice but put her down. After sitting beside them, Blake signals Mi who immediately comes forward and hands something in his hand. It is a medium sized test tube with its mouth sealed with a cork. Inside the test tube, clear milk-ish liquid could be seen. Blake hands the test tube to Ann who is looking at it with a confused gaze.

“You are hungry, right? Drink this.”

Blake removes the cork from the test tube and hands it to his sister. But Ann just stares at it and tilts her head in confusion. What is this thing? What should she do with it? Is it some kind of drink?

The brothers all notice how their sister is looking at the test tube in confusion. They again realise that their sister has become a baby, and the previous gestures of her to put her down must be a coincidence. She couldn’t even recognise the most important thing that keeps them alive. So, they have to demonstrate to her how to drink it.

“Bella, you have to drink it like this.”

Berson takes another test tube from Mi and gulps it down. Ann looks at his action with furrowed eyes. He drank the thing inside the test tube not even bothering to know what was inside. But seeing him drinking the liquid gave her a vague idea of what it could be. It seems the liquid inside the test tube must be some kind of nutritious liquid, and they want her to drink it. But she can’t just drink it without knowing the exact work of the liquid. It certainly could be poisonous, she was already poisoned once, she doesn’t want to be poisoned twice. What if something happens to her after she drinks it? What kind of liquid people keep in a test tube? Should she drink this? Will something happen to her if she drinks it?

New more questions are now swirling in her mind. She couldn’t understand if she should trust them or not. While she was contemplating her decision, the brothers sigh. It seems like babies, their sister is also a picky eater. So they have to take the matter in hand. To be honest, this is not the first time she refused to drink nutrition liquid. There were times when they almost had to force her to drink it. Nutrition liquid is the only thing that keeps them alive, if she doesn’t drink it, won’t she be sick again? They have to make her drink it anyhow.

“Bella, you have to drink it.” Blake urges and pushes the test tube against her lips while the rest of the brothers nod. Ann sees their behaviour and can’t help but ponder, if they force her to drink it, there’s nothing that she can do. They are four healthy adult men, and she…she doesn’t know. If they wanted, they could simply hurt her, no need to work so hard to make her drink something suspicious. But she can’t feel any malice from them, maybe they are good people and someone who knows what is going on with her now.

Bella firmly takes her decision. She has to take a risk and trust them. She will give them one chance and see if they are worthy of her trust. If she sees even a tiny seed of malice on them, then she will escape, anyhow.

The brothers thought that their sister may throw another tantrum again. But to their surprise, she takes the test tube from Blake and drinks the nutrition liquid in one gulp. Blake becomes a little surprised but quickly comes back to his senses and rubs her back in a soothing manner while the rest of the brothers encourage her. They can see how her face contorts in disgust at the taste of the liquid, so they praise her immensely even knowing that she can’t understand them.

Ann on the other hand felt that whatever was mixed in the liquid must be because they hate her. The taste of the liquid was so bland that she wanted to hide her tongue. She was a chef before and always ate delicious foods. Her taste buds had higher expectations than normal people, so although the liquid didn’t taste that bad, she still doesn’t want to drink it ever again. She feels that even if the liquid doesn’t do anything to her, she will simply die just by its taste.

What a tasteless thing!

“That’s a good girl.” Blake coos at his sister while Berson immediately takes the test tube from her hand in case she hurts herself with it. After drinking the liquid, Ann concentrate her whole attention to every corner of her body, just to see if her body shows any abnormality. After a moment, she does feel something, but rather than making her surprised, it shocks her to the core.

She starts to feel a little energetic and…full, as if she just had a big hearty meal. Her limbs that felt heavy and like she had no strength began to feel lighter. Even her eyesight became clearer, which was a little blur because of the dizziness. Light bulb lights up in her mind when she understands the situation. Could it be, the liquid she drank was actually nutrition liquid? Did they give her the liquid knowing that she was feeling weak?

Ann is confused again. The behaviour of the four men in front of her is very weird. From the beginning, they looked tense, anxious and worried for her. She has been suspecting them before that they want to do something weird with her, but they rather gave her medicine to make her feel better. Who are these people? What is their relationship with…the girl whose body she is in?

While Ann was thinking about their behaviour, the brothers were preparing to give her lessons about life. From their interactions with her up till now, they can understand that either she has gotten smarter or sillier. Some of her actions say she has gotten smarter, like how she looked straight into their eyes while interacting, frowned when they were bothering her, how she stopped Mi so that she could observe herself in the mirror, or how she gestured Blake to put her down. But seeing her not recognising the nutrition liquid makes them think that she might not be completely healed. Maybe there are some things where she is still lacking. And as her brothers, it is their duty to teach her.

Right now, their first and foremost duty is to either bring back the former Bella she was before, or a new Bella who is smarter than the previous one. And for this, they have to teach her the language first. Although their sister didn’t speak much before, she wasn’t someone who didn’t completely understand what they were saying. At least she was better than now. And they have to do it before their parents come back. Both their father and mother have gone on an important business trip, trusting their sister’s responsibility to them. Who knew something like this would have happened, if they come to know that their precious daughter had an accident, there’s no way in hell they will let the brothers interact with her again. The brothers have to face the wrath of their parents at that time. To prevent it, they have to teach her everything as quickly as possible.

“So, shall we start?”

A/N: Sorry for the short chapter.

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