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NOC Chapter 1 (Part 1)


In a room that is filled with white from top to bottom, and various advanced medical equipment, inside of a human sized glass container filled with greenish liquid, the figure of a small girl could be seen. In an era where the female population is one third of the male population, the girl’s beauty could be said as ‘can topple cities and countries’.

She has skin as bright as gold, as if her skin is molded from pure white gold. Her golden hair is shining like the early sun of the morning. Her blue eyes that can send anyone into a trance are closed right now. She was only fourteen years old, so her body looks underdeveloped. But her family knows once she grows up, she will be one of the most beautiful girls in the whole galaxy.

“Mi, how’s her condition?” An extremely handsome looking man in his twenties is standing in front of the glass container. His brows contorted in great worry. Similarities to the girl and him could be seen, of course because he is the girl’s eldest brother.

“She’s waking up, Sir Blake.” An advanced AI with a robotic body is standing beside the guy. The man, Blake lets out a sigh of relief at its answer and commands.

“Prepare the capsule.”

“Understood, Sir.”

The man gives one last worried look at the girl in the glass container before leaving the room.

The door of the room automatically slides open as he steps out of it. Outside the room, three men with similar features to the one who left the room are standing. Their faces have the same worried look at, almost all of them run to Blake, who came out of the room and start asking about the girl.

“How is she?” Asks one with a pair of glasses on his face. He had his golden hair slicked in on side, revealing a wide forehead. His pale blue eyes has the same concern for the girl as the others.

“Is she alright?” The one who asked this is a guy with a charming face. He can’t count with one hand how many women are crazy over his look. His foxy eyes and upturned lips always makes him look like an easygoing person. But right now, his always upturned lips are downcasted.

“When will she wake up?” The last one, who is youngest among the four of them is still in his late teenage years, with a face as innocent as baby but personality as fierce as a tiger. Out of the four of them, he is the one who looks most agitated right now.

Blake, who is eldest of the four of them looks at his younger brothers and takes a deep breath before answering.

“Don’t worry. She is fine and waking up. Mi is sending her to the capsule.”

A series of breath releasing could be heard in the white hallway. All of them wait in anticipation as the time ticks by. Finally, the AI, Mi opens the door of the room and informs them that the girl has been put in the capsule. The four brothers immediately rush inside the room through the open door.

When they enter the room, the first thing they see is a wide capsule situated in the same place where the glass container was before. As they draw closer to the capsule, they see the girl now lying inside the capsule with her eyes closed. They know that since she is inside the capsule, nothing can be wrong now and that she will wake up in a few moments. The capsule was made specifically for people like her who are at the verge of death. This capsule has all the things that a living being needs, from oxygen to medicine. It’s like a moving hospital, just being inside it is enough for a person to be treated. But the brothers are still worried for their sister.

Because this is not the first time that she is staying inside the capsule.

As they were looking at the girl with pitying eyes, the eyelashes of the girl flutters, like a pair of butterfly wings. Her fine brows furrow as her lips tremble. The brothers look at her in anticipation, is she going to wake up now?

The first thing Ann sees after opening her eyes is a bright white room. The room is so bright that she has to blink several times to adjust to the lights. Once her eyesight adjusted, she looks at her surroundings. But her eyes widen when it lands at the pairs of handsome men looking at her. Their eyes holding worry, anxious, anticipation and happiness.

Who are they?

“Bella?” The eldest brother Blake asks when he sees his sister opening her eyes. His heart, which was anxious a moment ago, calms down immediately. He and his brothers were worried when they heard that their sister, Bella has suddenly collapsed. Not only did she collapse, even her heart stopped beating. They were away for their respective jobs and there weren’t anyone besides her. Fortunately, her nanny robot Mi was with her. Mi was a very special kind of robot, made with a program that is used for being motherly to its programmer, but the irony is because she is a robot, she can’t express them properly. Although robots like Mi can’t fulfill what they were made for because they are robots with simpler programs than any other robots of this era, they are still very capable AIs. Not being able to express their care for the one that they are programmed for doesn’t mean they don’t know how to care. It wasn’t the first time Mi saw Bella collapsing, to be honest it was a regular routine for the only daughter of the Michelin family to collapse. Mi was used to it so she immediately sent her to the infirmary and revived her.

Ann, who opened her eyes right now, was so shocked that she even forgot to breathe. She looks at the four men with bizarre eyes as thousands of questions swirled in her mind.

Didn’t I just die? Then who are these people? Did they by any chance kidnapped my corpse? Are they going to hurt me?

No one can blame Ann for thinking like this. Because she is sure she has been killed. She was a famous chef, a Michelin five star earned chef of 21st century. She used to work in a very famous restaurant in Italy. Although she was young and only 25 years old, her cooking was worthy of praise and money. So naturally, she had a lot of fans and people who liked her cooking a lot. But fame and infame are like the two sides of a coin. Just as many people liked her, there were many people who were jealous of her as well. And one of them was also her colleague.

She doesn’t know how she has been killed. She only knew that she was having lunch, when everything turned black and she fell to the floor. Her chest was burning like it was on fire, and the blood were flowing from her mouth like waterfall. From her blurry vision, she saw how her other colleagues and underlings panicked and were calling for an ambulance. But amongst them, the person who were the reason of her fall was looking at her with a wicked smile on his face.

That bastard! How dare he poisoned me!?

“Bella, are you okay love?”

Bella suddenly rememberes that she is in the presence of a difficult situation and quickly calms herself down. She stares at each and every men surrounding her before slowly sitting up. As she surveys her surroundings more, her eyes widens again.

The room she woke up is completely different from ordinary rooms. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought these four men were doing illegal experiment here. All the equipment in the room are so advanced that Bella can’t even name them. Seeing herself in a room filled with strange things and men, she can’t help but think, were these men experimenting on her? Did they accidentally save her while experimenting?

So many questions are running through her mind which is making her more and more confused. The four brothers on the other hand were a little surprised. One had to know their sister were very different than ordinary child. Most of her time from birth till now was spend inside the glass container. She was born weak and had some problem in her head. In other words, she has serious autism. She is the only girl in the four generations of Michelin family. From their great grandfather to their uncles, no one could birth a daughter. It was unexpected that their mother got pregnant with their sister. Of course, everyone in the family were happy and was eagerly waiting for her arrival, but something unexpected happened which turned their sister into an autistic child.

Their sister Bella was only five months old in her mother’s womb when the accident happened. Both the daughter and mother’s situation at that time were life threatening, so the doctor had no choice but to pull out the five months old fetus from their mother’s womb. But the damage had already been done. Although both the mother and daughter were saved, the precious daughter became autistic.

Just as everyone knows, children with autism aren’t as normal as normal children. Their personality is stubborn and childish. Their sister, Bella was no better than them, she would pass her days by either staring at the space the whole day or crying her eyes out. Except for this two emotions, other emotions were completely absent from her face. So seeing her looking at them with questioning eyes, it is given that they are shocked.

“Bella, little sister, are you okay?” Ann looks at the person who just talked and looks at him with her head tilted. She can’t understand what he is saying because the language she heard is completely different from what she knew. As a renowned chef of 21st century, she had learned many languages like Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese and whatnot. But she can’t understand what language the men are talking now. So she just stares at them in bewilderment.

This question was asked by the one who had a charming face. Although he wasn’t close with his sister like his eldest brother, he still loves his sister a lot. He would always boast with his friends that his sister is the cutest in the world. Seeing her tilting her head so cutely, he can’t help but clutch his chest secretly.

So cute!!!

His sister never showed much expression on her face, most of the time she was in a daze. So seeing her looking at them with her big blue eyes, he can’t help but think she has gotten more beautiful and cute.

Ann couldn’t understand what the man just said. She looks down at herself and sees that she is wearing a white hospital gown and sitting on a very weird looking ‘bed’. She doesn’t feel good being surrounded by a bunch of ‘unfamiliar’ men so she tries to stand up. But she didn’t know that this body of hers is very weak and had to use a moving chair even to cross a little distance. The moment her feet land on the floor, it gives up and she begins to fall on the floor.


Blake was quick to respond and immediately comes forward to catch his sister. They were already very worried about her. Their sister was prematurely born so her height, intelligence and physical ability is poorer than ordinary people.

He quickly catches her in his arms and can’t help but frown. His sister is very light, as light as a cloud. He knows she is thin but didn’t know her weight is so low. He puts her in the capsule again and turns around before commanding the AI.

“Scan her body.”

“Understood, sir.”

Ann was surrounded by the brothers so she didn’t notice Mi till now. So when her eyes land on the robot, her eyes show disbelief. She heard in her previous life that in many restaurants in Japan, robots are used as waiters, but she never saw one in her 25 years of life. So seeing Mi, she couldn’t help but reach her hand to touch it. But before her hand could reach over, a blue light shot forward from its eyes which made her startle and retract her hand.

The blue light scanned her body from top to bottom before disappearing behind the lifeless eyes of Mi. After finishing scanning her, Mi opens her mouth.

“No internal bleeding.”

Blake nods and further asks, “What’s the report?”

Mi stays quiet, seemingly to analyse the data received from the capsule. After analysing, she opens her mouth to explain.

“Miss Bella was hit on her head, which made her enter a difficult stage of forgetting memories, in other words, she has Amnesia.”

Mi replies in her usual emotionless voice, but people who knows robots like Mi, they would know that there’s a touch of sadness in her voice. The brothers on the other hand gasp at the information. Their sister has Amnesia, which means she has forgotten everything.

“Anything else?” Blake asks, hiding the anxiety in his voice.

“Miss Bella…seems to forget everything, even how to live like a human. She even forgot the language of ours so we have to teach her everything from the beginning.”

Mi finishes abruptly, as if sighing in helplessness. The brothers on the other hand stares at their sister as they pondered, she forgot everything? Even how to live as a human?

One have to know that their sister didn’t know how to live as a human to begin with. All her daily activities would either be done by Mi, or their mother. From feeding to bathing and even sleeping, she has to be coaxed in every single things. So teaching her everything again and not doesn’t change anything for them. They would try, but if they don’t see any sign of improving, they have to give up. Forcing her will only be bad for her.

The four brothers sigh, they love their sister but sometimes they couldn’t feel but resent her situation. Why couldn’t she be born like a normal girl? But thinking how much their mother sacrificed for her, they can’t help but let those resentment go away. It’s not her fault that their sister is like this, even being in such a high-tech era, they can’t help but feel it as a play of fate.

Blake reaches to his sister Bella and crouches down in front of her before asking, “Little Bella, do you recognize me? I’m your eldest brother, eldest brother, Blake. Can you say Blake?”

Ann looks at the man in front of her who is saying God knows what in his language. She is already confused as hell, seeing and listening to them makes her even more confuse. Although she can’t understand what he is saying, the word ‘Blake’ sounds very familiar to her. Is it his name? Should she say it?


Bella becomes startled the moment she heard her voice. It’s not her voice! Her voice was very gruff. No way in hell that such a childish voice belongs to her. The voice was very…simulating. It’s as if a newborn kitten is purring. She can’t help but feel a little embarrassed. Why did my voice change? Did they do something to my voice?

Blake, who just heard his sister saying his name is stunned. Never in his life did he ever heard her saying his name. Not only he, but other three brothers are also shocked. They thought their sister never called them because she didn’t know how to speak. But she actually spoke!

The brothers got excited, one by one they approached her and make her try to say their name. Ann, who was still contemplating what should she think of the situation didn’t get the chance to think of a solution and got interrupted by another handsome men with gold rimmed glasses on his face. He is a little gentler looking than the one whose name is ‘Blake’. He gives her a gentle smile and says something in his language.

“Darling, I’m your second Brother Berson. Say it, Brother Berson.”

Ann blinks at him a few times before opening her mouth. This time too, she can’t understand what the other party said except the name ‘Berson’.


Ann’s ears turns red at her own voice. Why is…why is her voice so…simulating?

Berson smiles more happily after hearing his sister calling. He was about to say something else but got pushed away by someone and had to stumble away.

Ann wants to dig a hole and bury herself into it. But the group of men have no intention to let her go. After the gentle looking man got pushed away, another man with a little coquettish look steps forward and smiles at her.

“Bella, I’m your third elder brother, Brian. I’m Brian. Say my name, Brian.”


“Aw my little cutie! I love you to death!’

Ann almost got choked by the sudden bear hug. She wants to push the guy away but this weak body of her doesn’t have the strength to stand, let alone push away. She can’t help but scream inwardly, let go of me!

The youngest of the four, Blue comes forward and shoves Brian away. He successfully saves his sister from him before doing the same thing as his brothers.

“Do you know me? I’m your fourth brother, blue. Say my name, B-L-U-E.”

Ann looks at the enthusiastic looking guy in front of her and opens her mouth somewhat helplessly. It’s just calling their names, nothingness shameful.


“Yes! Yes! You are right! Say it again. Say Blue.”


“Yes! Can you say it again?”

Ann looks at the guy in front of her and finally frowns in annoyance. She is already in so much confusion and uncertainty. She has no idea where she is and who the people in front of her are. But these men had to appear annoying. Are they all stupid? Can’t they see she can’t understand a thing?

Of course, the brothers notice the change of her expression. And to say they are suprise is wrong, they are thrilled! Their sister is finally showing human expression on her face, so it’s obvious they are happy. It seems it’s good that she has amnesia.

A/N: Hello everyone. This is my first ever story I’m posting as a writer. I’ve wrote previously before but as my hobby. This time I’m thinking of persuing my career as a writer so I hope everyone will support me.

This story of mine has been once posted on wattpad but I’m posting it on moonlight novels now. The plot of the twos may be same but the chapters are completely different. You can say this story is the updated version of my previous story. If you are my old readers, you may notice.

Anyway, please support me so that I can present you with more amazing work. If you find any mistake, don’t forget to point them out. Thank you.

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