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When the Fair Rich Beauty Becomes the Poor Girl

Author: 西淅 / XiXi

Alternative names: WFRBBPG, 当白富美成为贫困女

Genre: Comedy, Drama, School Life, Romance, Supernatural, Rebirth

Translator: LazyPotato

Editor: rainshower

Status: Ongoing

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Latest Releases:

Jiang Bao never thought she would have a younger twin sister.….. they were fraternal twins with totally different looks and personalities, and the other twin had always been wandering outside.

She was 16 when she enrolled in Massachusetts (MIT), where she lived in a manor with a horseracing track. She was the top rich and beautiful young lady in the social circle, with an overbearing personality.

Lin Can was the meal ticket for her whole family, with low self-esteem. She was arranged to work as a hostess and was discriminated against in school and by the members of her 18 line girl group.

When the fair rich beauty and the poor girl exchange bodies, everyone around them notices that the girl who always wanted fame and experienced extreme bullying and criticism, and the prideful and aloof girl are different from before……

One-sentence summary: The max-level big boss has opened an alternate account and butchered all the newbies! (* ̄︶ ̄)

TL notes:
Fair Rich Beauty is directly translated from the Chinese term 白富美 (baifumei), which is a positive term and refers to a girl who is fair-skinned, rich, and beautiful in appearance.
18 line girl group, or 十八线女团 (shi ba xian nu tuan), is a chinese term that refers to an unpopular girl group, often known to take more measures to gain traction compared to famous groups. A K-pop equivalent term would be a nugu girl group.


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