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The Tyrant Mistook Me for a Companion

Author: 구름에 숨은 달 | Moon Hidden in Clouds

Alternative Names: TMMC, 흑막이 나를 반려로 착각한다

Genres: Fantasy, Romance

Translator: Beet

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 5]

Latest Releases:

I possesses as the villain’s daughter.
I have to find the male lead before anyone else to live!

I get tangled up with the male lead, so he didn’t have to meet the female lead.
Because the male lead couldn’t recognize face except for the female lead’s who would fall in love with him.

The snarling males lead was also well raised and protected, and I only needs to released him before the imprint of the companion happen.
It was definitely a perfect plan…

“I’ll find you wherever you are.”

Somehow his red eyes felt faint.


As an adult, he had a pattern and the original work began.
The two of were imprinted unexpectedly.
I even have a red pattern that says that companions kill each other.
I’m rolling around to live.

“You no longer have a companion”
“…… What?
“I killed him first because he tried to kill you.”

He killed my companion and said proudly.

“Your companion is not me. It’s princess Janice.”
“Then we can kill her, too.”

Somehow, the male lead has turned into a tyrant because of me.
It said that he’d only recognizes the female lead more than that! He seems to have recognized me right now.
… It seems that the tyrant has mistaken me for his companion.


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